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The system is remotely controlled and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle compartment. S. 00, 2d 23h +. Air Force Central Command Public Affairs office. Below is two videos. Designed specifically for the anti-tank role, the Avenger delivers very powerful rounds at a high rate  19 Jun 2009 I have noticed some problems with the cannon ammo. Aircraft Gun Ammunition. I'd seen this before  inert US 155mm M107 HE How Projectile Shell Round. The 30mm Mk264 MP-T/SD provides several advantages over the 30mm x 173 Mk266 HEI-T, including armor penetration,  Demilitarized 30MM GAU-8 Cannon Round Black - No serious collection will be complete without the addition of this demilitarized 30mm GAU-8 cannon round. High explosive dual purpose (HEDP) rounds also were fired from an Automatic Self-Powered 30mm cannon into a metal target to demonstrate the capabilities and lethality of the HEDP projectile. Total weight (130 rounds):. Ammunition used by such a weapon includes the NATO standard 30×173 mm and 30×113 mm B rounds and Soviet 30×165 mm rounds which are widely used around the world. All the objects are correctly scaled and sized. Ammunition Research and Development. The new 40 mm cannon takes up about the same space as the 30 mm it replaces, and allows more storage space for additional ammunition and more cabin space for the crew. GAU-8/A Gatling gun on the U. The acronym 'RARDEN' stands for 'Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment eNfield'. Acquired by. 25" tall and professionally anodized in matte black, a set of 3 anodized black Shot Glasses made from 100% authentic A-10 shell casings, and a handmade  AEI Systems' deactivated ADEN 30mm gun is supplied totally complete with a London Proof House 'certificate of deactivation', together with 5 linked ballast/dummy rounds partially loaded through the feed mechanism. The Iraqi my binos were trained on disappeared in a cloud of blood and flesh. 30mm cannon air burst rounds walked through an infantry position. Caliber: The Mark 46 Mod 2 GWS includes the Mk 44 Mod 2 30mm cannon, a single barrel,  5 Oct 1972 Dynamics GAU-8/A Avenger 30mm cannon, mounted in the nose of the aircraft. A bigger Bottle Breacher; is the round fired out of an attack helicopter or air craft. The GAU-8 Gatling gun fires 30mm x 173mm ammunition at a rate  It met a later RLM requirement for a new aircraft cannon that could knock down enemy bombers with the lowest expenditure of ammunition and stay beyond the range of enemy defensive fire. Give them the  The A-10's GAU-8 Avenger cannon can fire three different kinds: PGU-13/B HEI High explosive incendiary. 1 sec. The ADEN cannon requires 26-volt direct current electricity for  2 Aug 2009 I don't have a sense for the explosive power of the 30 mm high explosive incendiary round used by, say, the chain gun in an Apache chopper or the A10 Warthog's Avenger gattling gun (I'm not even sure the rounds are the same for both platforms). 158 kg. 13 Jun 2016 The 30 mm Bushmaster II is derived from the proven 25 mm M242 Bushmaster automatic weapon. Nammo also showcased MP/T [Multi-Purpose] rounds, along with a variety of training munitions for the 30 mm cannons, including TPDS-T sabot rounds and plastic P-SRTA-T rounds, used in case of the “force-on-force” training operations, within which both of the involved sides may use the above-mentioned ammunition. ABSTRACT (Continue am reverse side it necessary and Identify by block nurmberl. Available in black, red, blue and silver. 30×113mmB. Australian aircraft fitted with the 30mm gun included the CAC Sabre (1950s-60s; 2 x 30mm Aden cannons), Dassault/GAF  How to Aim 30mm Cannon Guns in MiG 29 Fulcrum Flight Sim. Department of Defense. Dispersion. Air Force's AC-130W Stinger II gunships would be forced to use alternative rounds that would be unacceptably inaccurate and dangerously unreliable. 19 Dec 2012 A soldier with the Army Air Corps loads 30mm cannon rounds into an Apache attack helicopter at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. MK 108 cannon (German, aircraft, World War II). A 30mm cannon round travelling at 1,000 metres per second turns a human body to shreds. Constructed of once-fired A-10 Warthog cannon shell casing, the 30MM Shot Glass will is a great way to top off any drink. Ordering Instructions: 1. Ammo. The PROTECTOR MCT-30 provides highly accurate firepower for wheeled and tracked combat/armored vehicles. It has a nose-fuzed (PD) streamlined steel-walled projectile containing explosive payload fixed with brass case primed electrically. The 30mm  If I'm not mistaken both 20mm and 30mm are larger than . back in ww2, 4 rounds of 30mm cannon ammo could take down a b-17 but in WT It takes 70 and it would take 1 round of 30mm to kill a fighter. 02 sec. The third of the WW2 Japanese trio of 30mm aircraft gun rounds, this time for the Navy's 30mm Type 5 cannon. Shop with confidence on eBay! 30mm cannon is an anti-vehicle weapon. 27 Jun 2017 DULLES, Va. with airburst ammunition). High Explosive (HE) ammunition is often used to maximize damage against armored targets. It is electrically fired and gas operated with a rate of fire of between 1200 and 1400 rounds per minute. Is the bullet just solid lead or depleted Uranium? I ask Incidentally, I'd note that the Soviet Union apparently made the same decision when they released the BMP2. | See more ideas about Firearms, Military guns and Gun. It was used in many For the Me109 / Fw190 wing bay mounted gun an average of 55 cartridges/gun, the Me163 could take 60 rounds/gun in the hull mounted guns. Military shell casing has been meticulously refinished to like-new condition for authenticity. Now it's ready to retire and serve on your desk as a paperweight. As for 30mm HEI, highest probable effective kill radius is within 15', with decreased effect such as overpressure injury(collapsed lungs and concussion), and loss of  18 Mar 2014 Bushmaster III is a electric driven, link-fed automatic cannon that can be employed either as a 35mm or with changing the barrel and forward feeder assembly . All parts have been thoroughly cleaned, repainted and lubricated and the gun professionally  GENERAL : 30 MM Ammunition is fired from 30 mm automatic Gun 2A42 mounted on infantry combat vehicle BMP II as the main armament. 30mm ADEN Cannon round from the British Harrier Weapons System. The practical rate of fire is  A genuine 30mm GAU-8 shell casing, fired by an A-10 Warthog/Thunderbolt; Each shell casing is inspected and expertly powder coated in black; There are no live primers, powder or any explosives, these are completely inert and safe; Great for Fathers Day, Groomsmen Gifts, Anniversaries, and Stocking Stuffers! Most believe that the Apache helicopter has a 30mm cannon equal to the one mounted on the A-10A aircraft the USAF has. Made in the USA. Measuring 3” tall each 30mm cannon round has been cut down to the size of an actual shot glass and has been produced under special  29 Aug 2007 The Mk108 gun was developed during the early 1940's and it was the standard 30 mm cannon in fighters from 1942 untill 1945. Primex is developing HEDP rounds for the  This round is one of 30mm Aircraft cannon ammunition range being fired by GSH-301 aircraft gun mounting on MIG-29 fighter. , recently developed the SideloaderTM  Description: The Aden cannon is a fully automatic, single-barrelled, five-chambered rotating cylinder gun. The cannon can be mounted in two variants – fixed or moving. Magazine Capacity: 400 rounds (dual feed, 200 per side). 30×92mmRB. Hey all, I'm curious about the ammo that is used in the Apache helicopter 30mm Chain Gun. 30mm Bullet. In layman's terms, that's a big can of whoop-ass. Ammunition History. defenceimages. png. 75” in dia. With the 20mm ammo it took about 20 round to knock out a b-17 but in WT it takes 300. Each of the automatic cannons is provided with up to 500 rounds of ready use ammunition. Yet when I hit the same BMP's with the  5 Mar 2015 It's certainly true that the 30mm PGU/14B DU round for the A-10 Warthog gunship was originally for destroying tanks. The M-230A1 30-mm automatic cannon on an AH-64A Apache. The projectile is the 2 piece Blue Painted Practice Round (may be overpainted with yellow marker paint). mod. 30×90mmRB. Related activitics. . Power. The ZTM-family  Demilitarized 30MM GAU-8 Cannon Round Black - No serious collection will be complete without the addition of this demilitarized 30mm GAU-8 cannon round. 25 kg. With a firing  28 Nov 2017 The MK 103 was a German 30 mm autocannon developed for aircraft mounts, used as a dual-purpose role of a ground attack and anti-aircraft weapon. Yes. The State Enterprise Research The cannons deliver high-explosive [HE] or armor piercing rounds loaded from belt magazines stored in two ammunition boxes. The General Electric GAU-8/A In its heyday, this puppy could pierce armor at a rate of more than 4,200 rounds per minute. Overall length: 1,590 mm. 30 mm Ammunition. (Author) the former fired from 16- and 32-round pods (UB-16 and UB-32 respectively) and  17 Jan 2018 30mm Bullet. The shot glasses and flask are 100% safe to drink from  21 Jan 2016 The . ly/1f6O9XH. If you couldn't  The following data reflect firing the standard HE-I ammunition. The MiG-29 fulcrum is one of the The 30MM-Gsh High explosive, armour piercing& incendiary flash rounds are quite affective at hitting a target, your enemy can feel the vibration if you're firing against him at close range without hitting him even. PGU-14/B API Armor Piercing Incendiary (DU) 12 Jun 2017 30mm Cannon Ammunition. 18 inch) Shell: 30x173mm. This video was released on January 24, 2018 from the U. It took a solid 5-6 seconds AFTER the impacts had stopped for you to hear the "Whirrrrr" of the gun spinning and spitting out the rounds. This round is the Target Practice type of 30mm  12 Jan 2014 30x173 mm NATO cartridges compared with a . The fit of the projectile  The 30mm DEFA autocannon is almost exclusively an aircraft cannon, mounted as the internal gun on some fighters, attack aircraft, and helicopters; however, a few antiaircraft guns, like the Giat Type 30 M 781 use the 30mm DEFA round, as well as some antiaircraft guns mounted on ships. This report summarizes much of the research  July 4, 2010: The U. 2 30mm Bushmaster II cannon, a single barrel, open bolt, dual feed, electrically  5 Jul 2014 The damage with the german cannons is unrealistic. Like the Army's Ho-155, this emerged so late in the war that it saw hardly any service. 7 Dec 2013 - 1 min - Uploaded by FUNKER530 - Veteran Community & Combat FootageThe A-10 is not being retired, full story here - http://bit. The A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog” first took flight in 1972 and was designed around its primary armament of the GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon. Gamemode. Rate of fire: 1,200—1,400 spm. Compatible Gun. 30×113mm rounds being loaded into an AH-64D Apache Longbow. This is truly a unique gift that includes a wall mounted ammo box with a 30MM whiskey flask (standing at 11. If you were the target you'd be dead before you heard the gun going off, it's like a sniper. Combining high firepower and low weight, the KCA cannon is a gas-operated system with a linked feed system. Muzzle velocity: 790 m/s. Type. The main armament is a 30mm automatic cannon equipped with a link less ammunition handling  The Scimitar's new laser aiming and ranging system was deadly accurate: I could see the rounds exploding on and around the Iraqis. The HE-T round which is supposed to be used against unarmored vehicles, infantry, and aircraft seems to go through armored BMP-2's like they were nothing. The cannon can fire a range of ammunition,  28 Jan 2017 Technically speaking, it's more of an airplane question than a tank question, but whatever: Does anyone have any info on the penetration values of the PGU-14/B 30mm API ammunition fired from the GAU-8 Avenger gatling autocanon used by the A-10 Warthog? I know the gun itself won't do much against  So why does it take less bullets to destroy an aircraft with the russian cannon? Is it because of the 30mm round? Does the bigger bullet make that much of a difference?? Bigger is better, just look at the German aces during WWII, but in Lockon a 1 or 2 sec burst is enough to down any fighter whether you're  Explore mando's board "30mm ammo" on Pinterest. PGU-15A/B is a low-cost training round ballistically matched with the PGU-13D/B. They went from a 73mm cannon on the BMP1 (which I have to believe is even more powerful with the right ammunition than the Bofors) to a 30mm cannon on the BMP2. All three of these Japanese cartridges are extremely rare and the collector is unlikely to find any of them on a bargain stall – or  Applications. The demilitarized round  8 Feb 2018 But one thing that cannot be argued is the lethality and spectacle of the A-10's GAU-8 Avenger 30mm, seven-barrel Gatling-type cannon. png  Caliber: 30mm (1. 500. • 30MM Cannon Casing • Anodized Finish • Made in the USA • Once-Fired Military Grade  The cannon was fired from a ground-mounted test stand into a cardboard target. It uses a 2 hp electric motor to fire 30 mm linkless ammunition at a rate of 625 (±25) rounds per minute. The M230 is mounted on the chin turret. Barrel length: 1,080 mm. Total weight: 87 kg. Such ammunition includes NATO standard 30×173 mm and 30×113 mm B rounds and Soviet  The major tasks were : development of an aluminum cartridge case for the close air support gun sad development of the cashless round for the air-to-air gun system. Army is using over half a million 30mm cannon rounds a year for its AH-64  16 Jan 2000 The AN/GAU-8 30mm Avenger seven-barrel gatling gun, mounted only on the A-10 attack jet, is a 30mm, 7 barrel gattling gun used primarily in the air to ground role as a soft target A typical combat load for the GAU-8 would include 1,100 rounds of 30mm high explosive or armor piercing ammunition. The 30mm ADEN Mk 4 cannon carries a reliability rating of 15,000 mean rounds between failures. 1, 0, $500. The shot glasses and flask are not  The 30mm AK-630M automatic gun mount is designed to engage air and surface targets, such as anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters, other types of air strike It features AO-18 automatic gun with a revolving, continuously cooled six-barrel cluster, automatic belt feed, and a breech block mechanism to ram the round and  Been watching a video called "2 APACHES KILL A PLATOON OF TALIBAN" link removed is including the title okay? What are those rounds actually doing to those poor blams? I spent a good half hour trying to find data or even just non black and white gun cam videos of the affects of the 30 x 113 mm  Finally, the original formula is for objects weighing one pound. Barrel weight: 12. Rate of fire. Ammunition – 30 mm high explosive incendiary and armor-piercing tracer  The M230 Chain Gun is the Area Weapon System on the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter and is also used on the MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator (DAP). The cannon fires  Each 100 oz Silver Bullet is made from 999 pure silver and is modeled after the ammunition for 30 mm (auto) cannon. Automatic Cannon Caliber Ammunition. These munitions have been used from WWII to the present. 30×165 MM (TP). The shot glasses and flask are 100% safe to drink from and contain no chemicals or toxins. The 15 Sep 2014 [–]fuzzum111 9 points10 points11 points 3 years ago (0 children). Related, activities. Here are my estimations of the performance of the 30mm HV cannon round with a 15mm APDS penetrator vs. 1 Jun 2007 The General Electric-built GAU-8/A 30mm Avenger gun system could hold up to 1174 rounds and could fire aluminum-cased ammunition with either armor piercing incendiary, high-explosive incendiary, or training practice rounds. Time to stop. Each of the seven 30mm barrels is a simple non-repeating rifle, with its own breech and bolt; the cocking and firing mechanism is built into the bolt. Air Force A-10 close support aircraft. 25" tall) and 3 30MM shot glasses all made from once fired 30MM cannon rounds. 11 Oct 2014 There are regular small arms rounds that will go straight through a body without doing much harm, and 30mm actually isn't that wide caliber-wise (less than an inch), so it depends on alot of factors (what it hit, does it I'm co-writing a fanfic with a friend and the main character uses two 30mm cannons. 0. Army has established a second source (General Dynamics) for 30mm cannon ammunition. Combat mix is a sequential mixture of DU and HEI rounds in which 1 HEI round followed by 4 DU rounds are fired by the AN/GAU-8 gatling gun. The Mk-46 GWS includes the Mk-44 Mod. 14 Jun 2014 In the situation I was discussing earlier, we shot a CSAT autorifleman 3 times with the 20mm cannon on the blackfoot using HE rounds. Rifling: progressive RH parabolic twist, 16 grooves. Would such a round explode with the power of a typical  The GSh-30 30mm twin-barrel gun, integrated into the Su-25 in the form of the VPU-17A gun pack – seen here equipped with the late-style single-piece muzzle – was provided with 300 rounds and sported a rate of fire of 3,000rpm. jpg from www. Now keeping this information in mind, the graph below shows the penetration capability of 25mm, 30mm and 35mm Armor Piercing Sabot rounds:. The ratio of API to HEI rounds in the Combat Mix is 4:1. In short, the MK 108 was a blow-back operated, rear-seared, belt fed 30 mm cannon using electric ignition and was charged and  This is truly a unique gift that includes a wall mounted ammo box with a 30MM whiskey flask (standing at 11. They're not replicas, made from actual spent 30mm shell casing fired from an American A-10 Warthog. a FB projectile @ the muzzle, 500m  The 30mm Rarden cannon is the main armament in the British Army's 'Warrior' armoured fighting vehicle. 20 mm Ammunition. 30MM The 30mm x 173 GAU-8/A ammunition was among the most effective ammunition used in Operation Desert Storm with proven performance against all targets, including tanks, armored and light vehicles. For a projectile which weighs . --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, provided its customer and partner base a live demonstration of its MK44 Bushmaster® Chain Gun® firing a variety of both 30mm and 40mm ammunition during the company's Bushmaster  Description. ------------------------------------------------------- © Crown Copyright 2013 Photographer: Cpl Jamie Peters RLC Image 45154993. 4 kN mean. 13 Oct 2011Gun cam shows US Apache helicopters engage snipers with 30 mm guns as they 're taking This is part of the Russian Ammunition Page and deals with Russian military ammunition in 30mm caliber. Proven capable against armor targets, GAU-8 ammunition (PGU series) is currently in use with the 30mm. 1,400 rd/min. 757346342 · 105mm HIGH EXPLOSIVE howitzer INERT M1 shell round · cannon artillery ordnance cartridge Vietnam War. The U. Cannon Turret, Cannon Turret (CV). "Ammunition. The aircraft features a seven-barrel 30 mm Gatling gun that fires about 65 rounds per second. " Using the cannon, the A-10 is capable of disabling a main battle tank from a range of over 6,500m. 25 tall) and 3 30MM shot glasses all made from once fired 30MM cannon rounds. Creative. 20. These rounds are typically used to eliminate tanks and armored vehicles as well as fortified ground based targets. Ordnance engineers at The Boeing Company in Mesa, Ariz. The cannon has a single-barrel recoil type automatic mechanism. This is to insure there are no interruptions in deliveries, and some competition when it comes to production quality and price. "The A-10 has 11 stores pylons, providing an external load capacity of 7,260kg. — Initially the GAU-7/A development program was accomplished under PE 63601F : Conventional Weapons Technology. The 30mm API is mixed with 30mm High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) at the factory and is called Combat Mix Ammunition. 50 BMG cartridge was developed for the Browning . This authentic 30mm collector cannon round was fired from an A-10 Warthog and it's GAU-8/A Avenger barrel Gatling type cannon system. The bolt rams the shell into the breech and locks into position; a cocking pin compresses the  26 Jan 2017 Modes of fire: single round, five-round burst, or fully automatic. 30 mm x 173 KCA. This once-fired U. 50 Caliber machine gun in the late 1910s, we now take these recycled/once fired rounds and make them into the best man gifts on the market! 20MM. Time to rate. 22 May 2013 - 9 min - Uploaded by Chris FeeneyFor best results, play some music in the background. Australian/Allied aircraft. 23 Mar 2016 Loading a new round ejects the spent tube outside the vehicle and the rotating breech allows for significant savings in space. Why does this game  Тhe 30mm ZTM-1 automatic cannon and the ZTM-2. The gun had double belt feed system, one belt with armour piercing tracer round and the other with both High Explosive Incendiary and HE Tracer rounds generally in ratio of 4:1. 1, 1, $375. Enjoy 2. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The 30 mm caliber is a specific size of autocannon ammunition. 1, 0, $450. The 30mm  The A-10 Warthog 30mm Shell Flask holds 7 ounces of liquid and crafted from a real 30mm cannon round with a machined screw top that replicates a bullet, measures 6. It is qualified for installation in aircraft, and can also be used in ground-based air defence systems (e. Its application on the GPU-5A gun pod is designed to provide antiarmor capabilities to the A-7, F-4, F-5, and F-16 aircraft. Hughes M230 Chain Gun (US, 1975–)  Using Authentic 30MM once-fired Military Grade Cannon Shell Casings, Lucky Shot USA has handcraft everything from shot glasses to REAL Bullet Beer Taps. g. Gun may be fired locally at the gun mount or remotely from the Combat Information Center. Holy fuck sticks. The A-10 Warthog Bar Set is the perfect addition to your home bar or man cave! This bar set includes a genuine 30MM Gau-8 shell casing turned Flask- standing at 11. The brass case has clear makers and date stamps and the primer has been struck. The 30mm lightweight family of ammunition was developed to  30 Jul 2009 - 25 sec - Uploaded by wargasm1210This is me doing a test fire on the 30MM cannon on the AH-64D Apache Logbow. Feeding is two-sided from a cartridge belt. 3 ounces of Freedom with these A-10 Warthog Shell Shot Glasses. In June 2017, the Army approved a plan to purchase up to 200,000 PGU-46/B 30mm cannon rounds from  Families of 30x165mm AD ammunition were developed within the framework of developing of world famous, advanced, whole new generation of medium-calibre cannon based weapon systems for ship borne AD weapon system, for modern combat aircraft, for many types of IFVs/APCs, self-propelled AD systems, as well as  PGU-13D/B uses the M505 fuze, providing a high explosive round that has been extensively used by the US Air Force. Calibre: 30 mm x 113 mm. 30 mm Type 2 cannon (Japanese, aircraft, World War II). One burst from my cannon with HE blows them up. This next-generation member of the Chain Gun® family applies the same design simplicity, positive round control, ease of maintenance and constant velocity ammunition feed of the battle-proven Bushmaster  15 Dec 1998 Loading ammunition for the next generation AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter's 30mm cannon has been simplified thanks to an innovative loading system that cuts the time and effort needed to do the job. Stackability. Buy A-10 Warthog 30MM Cannon Round Shot Glass - Blue at Amazon UK. Recoil load: 31. A warehouse, mortar positions, weapons storage bunkers, a 120mm artillery piece and a mobile anti-aircraft gun were all among the targets attacked with DU by US A-10 gunships acting . Photo courtesy U. 756489649 · AAI 30mm APFSDS round shell 30x173mm experimental. It is credited to the 94th Airlift Wing which, oddly enough,  Shop for 30mm cannon round on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. Air target belts allow for even more destructive power against aircraft, with each Minengeschoß having roughly the same power as a 37mm round. Crafting, Looting Cargobox, Mob Drops. 66lb, as the 30mm does, just multiply by . The GSh-301 is designed for the MIG-29, SU-27 and other modern aircrafts. 51" and don't use loose powder for proppellant which makes them a cannon for nfa purposes. The 30mm High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) is a projectile fired by the automatic guns of numerous. Forgo the typical gift ideas and gofo gunner! Lucky Shot USA offers a wide range of Military gift ideas, Police, Firefighter, retirement gifts and more. Because of its modular format, overall size and weight limitations, the GPU-5 had a rate of fire of about half that of the GAU-8, or about 2,400 rounds per  12 Oct 2017 Without the ammunition, the service said the U. Since the gau is also full auto and none were ever registered pre-86 as a civilian transferable meaning your right to keep and bear arms was infringed you  ON SALE TODAY! Don't miss this new low price for aluminum 30mm apache bullet shot glass made from authentic cannon round grooms gift gift for him. Shared by hw97karbine. <2 mil. One shows a new turret that the Russians developed for armored vehicles that mounts a 30mm cannon that fires the same round similar to the 30mm cannon  14 Nov 2017 Post with 2349 votes and 6498 views. The 20mm cannon  The basic GAU-8/A gun closely follows the philosophy of Richard Gatling's original. 5 Apr 2016 The Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) is a great example for the positive and negative impacts of larger calibre ammunition, due to the larger amount of different guns adopted on it. The externally-powered system, 30MM A-10 Warthog Cannon Round Bar Set w/Flask and 3 Shot Glasses. 66 This will yield Kinetic energy in Ft-lb. 30mm DEFA ammunition is  Find great deals for 30mm A-10 Warthog Cannon Round Shot Glass in Black. 30mm ADEN Cannon Round - Training. 5” tall and 1. uk Use of this image is  1 Jul 2014 Part of this effort saw the A-10's huge GAU-8 Avenger 30mm cannon shrunk down into a pod that could be carried by sexier fighters, primarily the F-16. The Rarden cannon is a manual-loading, clip-fed development of the 30mm ADEN aircraft cannon. Cocking System: Pneumatic. The single Aden cannon operated by the Hawk Mk 120 is housed in an external gun-pod assembly bolted to the  The major tasks were : development of an aluminum cartridge case for the close air support gun and development of the caseless round for the air-to-air gun system. Survival. The cartridges travel from a magazine above the gun down a feed chute to the chamber. Typical installation: RCWS30, Viggen Aircraft  18 Aug 2011 Affectionately known as the "Hawg," the A-10 Thunderbolt II is essentially a flying gun designed to provide close air support to troops on the ground. Guidance System: A forward-looking infrared sensor, a low-light television camera, and a laser range finder provides inputs to a closed loop tracking system. -Initially the GA U–7/A development program was accomI lished under PE 63601 F : Conventional Weapons Technology. The CV9040 uses the 40 milimetre Bofors L70 gun, the CV9035 the 35 milimetre Bushmaster III autocannon, the CV9030 the 30 mm  9 May 2016 The General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger is a 30 mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type autocannon that is typically mounted in the United States Air Force's Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II. The magazine holds a maximum of 1,200 rounds, and the gun can fire 600 to 650 rounds a minute. This unique 30MM Cannon Round Shot Glass makes a bold statement. 50 bmg bullet and with an one dollar banknote