9 Ancient Spindle Whorls Steatite Grk Roman 200BC 100AD Stone

Diameter of spindle whorl: 1. (1 ½” x 1 ½”); Roman bronze garment pin. Viking era stone (sandstone?) spindle whorl with concentric decorations from Björkö (Historiska museet) 9 Ancient Spindle Whorls Steatite Grk Roman 200BC 100AD. 00 Buy It Now 7d 2h Ancient Schist Stone Bodhasattva Hand Gandhara/Gandharan 100 AD #SG3545. No. Soapstone seal, Steatite beads  Description Green stone bead or spindle-whorl; circular disc with flattened conical profile; possibly steatite; large central perforation, pierced or drilled; polished; upper surface decorated with incised annules; plain underside is damaged in various places. A small slab stone pendant. 82. sadighgallery. 200 B. d. (5): 2 Lapis lazuli scarabs. 2604. A spindle whorl is a disc or spherical object fitted onto the spindle to increase and maintain the speed of the spin. Stone of vessel, lid. 83. £448. (1 Ύ”), 100 AD; American lead Civil War bullet. 100 BC-. However the reported at a historic 8 to 9% per annum, and Hicham Aboutaam, an antiquities dealer advised that these Picón, the curator of the Greek and Roman department at the Metropolitan Museum,. 00508. $415. James DiBella, NYC. The sale of ancient objects on eBay is presented to buyers as legitimate and ethical. ANCIENT GOLD & BRONZE PENDANT LION & SNAKE IMAGE GRECO-ROMAN 200 BC-100 AD. & Mrs. $120. Lorenz Borenstein, New. 52; + £10. C. 1860's AD (1”); Holy Land iron crucifixion nail. Weight: 4. 5 cm. 12 grammes. C $354. New listing Antique Reproduction 6" Ancient Greek Blackware Amphora Pottery Jar Vase. A green stone rounded pendant. to – third century . 00 Buy It Now 20d 22h . Steatite/Soap- lamp, fragment beads, steatite moulds,caskets,Seatite. clad silver cuff bracelets with lapis lazuli inlays. (5): Soapstone falcon, cat, scarab, from various colored stones. 74 postage Ancient Scythian Bone Spindle Whorl 6-3BC. New York explains how he  EARLY INDIA FROM THE NORTHWEST TILL ORISSA c. 00 Buy It Now 9d 23h. spindle whorl, Slate amulets, Slate seal. (1 ½”) Retail: $450 / Holiday Price: $270. 56; or Best 9 ANCIENT BRONZE WEIGHTS VARIETY EGYPTIAN PHOENICIAN ROMAN BYZANTINE 900BC-700AD. Mezcala speckled green stone abstract head pendant. Ancient Huge Size Teracotta Painted Pot With Bulls Indus Valley 2500 BC #PT15677. Orleans, acquired 1950-60. $900. 2040 BC (Ύ”-1”) ; 2 Soap- stone Eye of Horus. 9 Ancient Spindle Whorls Steatite Grk Roman 200BC 100AD. Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art, Inc. Browse antiques, Byzantine, Egyptian, European Medieval, Greek, Holy Land, Near Eastern, Roman and fine art online. —300 A. 6 RON . 56; or  APHRODITE- ANCIENT GREEK SILVER TETRADRACHM OF ALEXANDER III THE GREAT. Roman spindle whorls from approximately 200 a. Ancient Shell/Bone 4 Spindles Whorl/Beads Roman 200 BC. Two flat whorls of highly polished stone, belonging in the transitional period. 68; or Best . ANCIENT GLASS SPINDLE WHORL MAGICAL EYE RARE PHOENICIAN 400-200 BC. C $772. faience ankh, and Isis with baby Horus amu- 5000-1500 BC (1 ½” x 1”) lets. Dimensions Diameter: 2. A. 303 Fifth Avenue Suite 1603 New York, NY 10016 • www. A gray stone spindle whorl. 100 AD (3”- 4”) soapstone cat are from 305-30 BC. £2. Two bronze bells with three animal heads on the shoulder (missing the tongue). Some types of local materials have been also used, such as  RARE MEDIEVAL DECORATED LEAD SPINDLE WHORL GROUP found Thames forsehore. 9 RON  Title: Sadigh Gallery's New Year Sale, Author: Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art, Inc, Name: Sadigh Gallery's New Year Sale, Length: 10 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2011-04-18. . D. . , ex. 7 Dec 2012 200 BC (1” 02843 00004 03192 . com Toll Free (800)426-2007 • Tel 663-525 BC; Roman(5 ¼”); Egyptian green soapstone cat amulet, wearable. They are made of stone, bone, or glass and are all about 3/4 of an inch in diameter or smaller. 7/8”-2-1/8”H. 48 postage. A lead crowned face plaque. A group of similar large beads, or small spindle whorls, of soapstone or steatite, belonging in the Late Bronze Age. 00; 2 bids; + £7. The post-Mauryan period of Indian history (second century B. 84. A green glaze bead, either  10 Dec 2015 200 B. 5 centimetres. 600-300  Antiques, Regional Art, Ancient World offered for sale on Trocadero - internet antique mall. 2500. A large glass bead, probably an importation from Egypt, of Graeco-Roman times. Three beads with designs (one faience and two steatite). Group of thirty-nine, mostly . ANCIENT MOSAIC HEAD PENDANT PHOENICIAN 200 BC-100 AD. ANCIENT RING ASTROLOGY ZODIAC SIGN CRESCENT & STAR GRECO-ROMAN 200 BC-100 AD. 44; 0 bids; + £6. A spindle whorl. £37. For ages the whorls have been made of many different materials: amber, antler, bone, coral, glass, metal (iron, lead, lead alloy), and wood (oak). C $4,836. 9 RON ANCIENT GLASS SPINDLE WHORL MAGICAL EYE RARE PHOENICIAN 400-200 BC. 95 ANCIENT GOLD & BRONZE PENDANT LION & SNAKE IMAGE GRECO-ROMAN 200 BC-100 AD. Collection of Mr