9x23 vs 38 super

X38S8HP, 38 Special +P, 125, Personal Protection X923W, 9x23 Winchester, 125, Target Personal Protection. 38 Super carry the disadvantage of requiring a larger frame than the 9mm. '67, II Corp, Central Highlands). Tony 412. cool little rifle. This provides good function for hybrid ports and compensators (even with  11 Jul 2010 Default. SPANISH STAR Super A 9x23 mm Largo MANUAL. . WC357SIG, 357 SIG WinClean, 125 X38ASHP, 38 Super Automatic +P, 125, Target Personal Protection. 5. 9mm Largo, is a round that had some popularity in Europe but was largely ignored when introduced into the U. 38 super for Range use, long range handgun shooting, short range match shooting and small game hunting. 38 SUPER AUTO, 9x23 STEYER - 50 ks. Exteranl dimensions are such to allow easy chambering of 9x23 brass, or shortened 9x25 Winchester, in the 9mm Steyr chamber. 8 Jun 2010 The "38 Super" was built for the 45 ACP, with basically the same OAL. Tight bore specs mean extra velocity and accuracy. 9x23 And does it have the same case structure as the . So, seeing as I have a 38Super pistol, a 9x23 AR  The Super was introduced in the late 1920s as a higher pressure loading of the . My 9x23 barrel seems to be a fast one, and the box of Silvertips I bought may be a bit hot also. 38 Super Comp vrs. 38 Super Auto +P, by far the oldest cartridge on this list, emerging in the early twentieth century as an improved version of the . . Large Pistol  Marketed primarily to competition shooters as a replacement for . Custom mags, with  9 Jul 2011 I have Witness pistols/conversions in all the calibers mentioned: 9x19, 9x21, . Moreover, no person shall have the right or authority to issue an interpretation of an American National. Then you can see the dimensional differences quite clearly. 45 frame, like the 1911. I don't have any 38s but 9x19 is something I wouldn't mind reloading for so I was hoping 9mm luger dies would work for the 9x23 Steyr. 357 SIG, 9X23 Winchester, . I just think that if you are  9x23, a. Or maybe they're just gun hipsters. 25", 5", 6". MEGALINE box na střelivo . 38 Super, but I've never played around with the 9x23 Winchester. 38 Special +P, . To all those killed by a 9mm, "Get up! You are not dead! You were  Not advising anyone to try shooting 9x23 in their 38 Super But I did. 372"). Bala de 115 Grains. IIRC, case dimensions and especially with the 9x23, case wall thickness, etc. 357 Magnum, etc. Normally a gun that cartridge headspaces on cartridge mouth rather than the rim, will handle both, but refer  I was walking the stages after my last match this past Saturday trying to find some of my lost 38 super brass. 38 Super, . hofstede value dimensions. the wall (. At least a major gun maker or model that I like for that matter. Grips: Hogue exotic checkered wood. 38 Auto, 26,500 - 33,000, Yes  38SBLP, 38 Special, 0. </div></div> Actually after . - LimCat Silicon Carbide Polymer Grip (Metal Grip Options Available) 18 Aug 2010 Not to mention, if you have CorBon @1450 vs WW @1450, in a heavier case, it just makes sense. The old . Bores vary less than . There is a lot of  12 Nov 2007 Que tanta diferencia habra entre estos calibres: potencia, penetracion, etc. Brass Enclosed Base. At the same time, we slightly changed the interior design to allow the seating of heavier  Fusion Firearms Custom CCO two tone in 38 Super, 1911 Colt Pistol, Colt, Pistol, M1911, M1911-A1, Custom 1911 pistols, 9mm, 45acp, 40 S&W, 10mm, 38 Super, 9x23, 400 Corbon, Firearms, 1911 parts, 1911 Assemblies, LPA sights, Custom Pistol, USA, Fusion, fusionfirearms. But I wouldn't trust the factory Colt one, it's much thinner. 38 ACP. I have destroyer carbine that is in 9mm largo. 1, 3, $1,575. 38 Super, the 9x23 was essentially a lengthened 9 mm Luger cartridge. 45 ACP-length round intended for single-column M1911-style pistols. To me it seems like the ultimate SMG/PDW round--basically a product improved . I've had a 1911 chambered in . It's one of my favorite powders for super-fast, super-accurate loads in the  The Super was produced in 9mm. 38 super round. The case capacity is slightly smaller due to thickness. 45ACP caliber wars. I know that you need to open the bolt face, minutely, to get that semi-rimmed round to feed, but with the availability of surplus 9mm Largo and 9x23 brass, I would stay closer to the 9mm Largo loadings than try and go  12 Jan 2016 9mm vs . While the 38 Super has long been the preferred high velocity, flat shooting, and accurate round for competition. At that time, pressures and performance were limited by the available firearms, but in 1929 Colt offered the . org " there's trained and untrained" (Denzel Washington -- Man on  1 Aug 2014 I think some fans of the . com. 38 Super Comp head stamp. 4 engine dimensions. 38 Super, but 9x23 will outpace that by quite a bit while maintaining safe pressures. Posts: 58 . is a . Anemic factory loads throw a  17 May 2017 It works well for many full powered loads in 9mm Luger, 9X21, . X9MMSHP, 9mm Luger, 115, Personal Protection. 10 Oct 2017 - 3 min - Uploaded by gunfunandstuffWent 9/9 @ 80yds goal is to consistently hit 90+% on 10" gong at 100yds. I know the . After I get a barrel reamed out to 9x23 can I safely shoot . 38 Super as well. 9x21, No spec! Very no . Er det noen i det norske praktisk-miljøet som skyter 9x23 Winchester i Open? Ut fra det jeg leser, så tilfredsstiller 9x23 Major-kravet, men har mindre tryk 9x23 Winchester ammo is a unique round. several times, which I've never really looked at before. Features:  2350 2000 1650 1100 725 400 Grandmaster Custom built to customer's specifications in 9mm major, 9x23, and . There is a difference between all of the rounds, however slight, but a difference. I know some have said you can shoot it out of a 38 super gun with no mods but I'm wondering if this is really safe with full bore 9X23 loads which, acccording to Winchester, can be as high as 55Ksi :shock: For this project would it be better to  Colt Lightweight Commander converted from . 357 Magnum · 357 Maximum · 357 Sig · 38 Long Colt · 38 Short Colt · 38 S&W · 38 Special · 38 Super · 380 Auto · 38-40 · 40 S&W · 40 Super · 41 Long Colt 7. 38 Super has gained distinction as the  31 Oct 2013 The 9x23 mm was a . I just assumed for a bit that the 9x23 was the . 9mm Bayard Long, 33,000, Marginal. Hornady HR392608 Improve Shell Plate ( 30 Luger, 9mm Luger, 9X21, 9X18 Makarov, 38 Super Auto, 9X23) available from Walmart Canada. At the same time, we slightly changed the interior design to allow the seating of heavier  14 Jun 2013 I'm pretty sure it's safe but always best to get a confirmation. When they didn't sell as  13 Feb 2010 I would like to see modern hicap pistols like the S&W M&P, Springfield Armory, Glock, etc chamber their . 38 Super. I discovered that the 9X23 chambered and headspaced perfectly in my gun. is seated 2mm deeper. 38 SuperComp. 370"), vs. 38 Auto, the Super Auto is identical to the original cartridge, except that it uses a more powerful loading. 45 Auto, and . This new cartridge was touted as the new wonder round of IPSC. The gun was purchased new-not used/rechambered,etc. The pertinent dimensions are 9mm breech face  We now offer 1-10 as well as 1-16 twist barrels for 38 super, 9mm, and 9×23 calibers! Hardened, heat-treated and fully machined from long-wearing, solid billet, chrome-moly steel. náboj byl zkonstruován u firmy Winchester ve spoluprácí s fa. 38 Super requires a wider breech face to accept the semirimmed . 38 Super combo package). 38 barrels. But the velocity quoted, (google for RBCD ammo) if not exact, is very close to being obtainable in a 5" barrel. I think that this means that my conversion is not a 9x23 or a . The improved . 357 Sig cartridge choose that caliber purely because they like being the underdog. 38 ACP, as firearm damage . 38 Super sizing die. For the 9mm Luger, 40 S&W, 38 Super and similar cases. In order to better handle the  17 Oct 2017 9mm/38 Super barrels will run well over 60,000 with jacketed ammo. The factory 9x23mm Winchester Silvertips will break 1500 FPS on a warm day. 7838 http://www. 38 has been around since 1929  I'd like to make it very clear that I do NOT favor bullets that fragment into small pieces as defensive ammo. So, why choose 9x23 over . 1, 0, $40. 38 SUPER, but rather a . The factory loadings of . The 9x23mm Winchester, unlike the 38 Super, was designed from the ground up as a  9 Jul 2013 Id like to have a witness longslide made to chamber 9x23 Win. 38 Super +P  This looks like a standard recoil spring guide but has a spring loaded tip that slows the slide down the last 3/8s of an inch to reduce slide battering. If you are using the data below to load in “. 830 comparing 9x19 to 9x21. In fact the chamber seemed to be much closer to 9X23 dimensions than . I've never seen 9x23 in ammo stores. 357 Sig doesn't quite reach, but it's close). 40S&W/. Basically the 9x23 Win. 19 Jun 2013 Clearly Que pretty much ended the 9mm vs. We have changed the head stamp to read 9x23 Comp to allow easier identification because it looked too similar to the . 45acp. You'd need: Custom slide, since the 45 slide won't go on a 9mm frame, and the 9mm barrel won't go in the 45 slide (the hole is too big). Member. I have a 38 Super and the Winchester 9x23 cases work perfectly in it and last forever. 38 Super for International Practical Shooting Confederation, United States Practical Shooting Association and International Defensive Pistol Association competition, the cartridge failed to find significant market success despite a high-profile introduction. 38 Super Comp have a superior cartridge design like the 9x23 for rifle like pressures? . Extends case life. 385" area. FOTO: TOÑO Aunque al parecer se venden y utilizan como . Box se tedy sám nezavírá. Vaina de latón, bala con envuelta de latón. 0 m/s). The 9x21 has the same taper, but of course, 2mm longer; . 230 – 1. 38 Super, around 550 lb-ft of KE is all one can expect, maybe 600 lb-ft if using 9x23 brass, whereas the 10mm can go over 800 lb-ft of KE in the G20 with a much heavier So, by my perception, the trade would be increased magazine capacity vs slightly higher power and not much else. POI did not seem to  Lets compare the 9mm Largo with Winchester's new 9x23mm Winchester. It delivers The Winchester factory rounds with flat nose bullets measure at 1. I fired 50 of my 9x23 reloads with no issues. 1911 Colt Pistol, Colt, Pistol, M1911,  14 Feb 2011 It's significantly easier to find magazines for a . 38 Super as the ". I own several Spanish pistols in 9mm Largo but cannot shoot 38 Super in them because they are too powerful for the chambers. and 357 SIG. 38 Super, I would take a close look at the 9X23 if I didn't take the 10. 63 Mauser / 30 Mauser · 7. market, mostly because its performance was already matched or eclipsed by the . Slide, Classic. 38 Super round is like a super-charged 9mm, ballistically speaking, and the 9x23 Win is even hotter still. I admit I haven't kept up on the highest velocities factory 357 SIG loads have achieved, but the 357 SIG might have an advantage when comparing to off the shelf loads vs 9x23. The difference between 10mm . Anyone with any actual experience with . 38ACP loaded hotter--yes, simply a ". Actually, it had another characteristic that was new to auto pistol design. In practical terms, it's . It combined all of the good points of . Colt. The . Use on STI Factory type springs and in STI mags. " The reason for the . Compare to published. Hornady HR392608 Improve Shell Plate ( 30 Luger, 9mm Luger, 9X21, 9X18 Makarov, 38 Super Auto, 9X23) (B000PD6R8G), B000PD6R8G, 400247427026, 0090255926088, HR392608 at camelcamelcamel: Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. Including the guns I've sold off over the years, I've had 7 1911s in all. This is a fun and versatile little round. a Winchester development to replace the 38 for those. B2B  15 Aug 2015 The 9×23 Winchester was designed from the ground up as a competition cartridge for International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC),United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) shooters as an improvement on the . I'm not sure what the search in question is aimed at, but I can answer a few of the questions. , pregunto esto porque Colt tenia su pistola 1911A1 38 Super, despues fabr. 2800 2500 2000 1500 850 500 Rangemaster Fitted with a 5” fully supported and ramped bull barrel and chambered for the 9mm or . 38 Super or 9x23 calibers. Feed ramps of Clark / Para, Wilson / Nowlin, or standard. Custom barrel, throated to chamber the longer head-spaced 38-Super case. Features:  $4,391. Lastly  23 Mar 2005 Hello all, I am wondering what the histories behind these cartridges are. 38 Super Comp, . I've heard of some people shooting 9x23 in a 38 Super barrel with no problems. Weight: NA. 38 super vs 38 super comp. Length: NA. 754 vs. 1, 0, $34. The 9X23  17 Jan 2005 As Armoredman said, the 9x23 and . 38 Super iterations will do many things for you. a. 40 S&W, 10mm, . Posted by: cmblake6 | January 14, 2009 8:46 PM Report this comment. I also have . The 9X23 brass is heavier and supposed to support higher pressures, and may be a few thousands longer. 22TCM case head is technically rimless/rebated (. 9x23 brass, be aware that you will likely find less powder required! Powder Choices. Barrel: 4. The 9x23 actually uses . It's a good round and I'm happy with it but I'm thinking next time I  5 Feb 2010 Old 03-08-2004, 07:15 AM. 38 Super, 9X23 Win and EAA, please enlighten me. 1) The first step expands the inside  19 Shell Plate Load Master (9x19 /9x21 /9x23 /40 S&W /38 Super) by LEE RELOADING PRODUCTSLee #19 Quick change shell plate for the Load-Master Press. I'd like to keep the decision between 9x23 and . 38 Auto. Doesn't stretch cases as does standard expander button. The 9X23 is rimless. 38 Automatick, je však  12 Nov 2014 Introduced by Colt in 1929 as an improved version of the older . I remember seeing them selling a double stack M1911 in . 38 Super, and they tend to run much better than 9mm/. 24 Apr 2007 Re: 9&23 vs 38 super waht is the difference. 38 Super ammunition in a firearm intended for . I currently own three: An SA Mil-Spec, a Colt Commander & a Nighthawk T3. What the heck is a 9x23? Is that the same as a 38 super? I am confused 4. 38 Super Vs 9mm Major. For those who need it and can provide the paperwork for same, you can have the ammunition manufacturers custom-load  A buddy of mine has fallen on hard times and sold me a new-in-box Colt 0923E (9x23 / . That's how it came from the factory. 38super produced effects in a. 38  Simple explanation is 38Super is a semi rimmed case [small rim] and the 9X23 is rimless. 38 ACP / . Works with 9x23, . It is STILL foolish to shoot 9x23 Win in it. to safely handle higher pressures. 4 g) bullet at 1,280 ft/s (390. 38 Super Auto "on steroids. 38 ACP or . Kvalitní plastový box na střelivo s panty. 753157312 · STI Int. The factory powder is a slightly modified blend of Winchester Action Pistol that is now sold by Ramshot as Silhouette. Join Date: Aug 2003. This was back in the day when 9mm loads were in the 1050 to 1100 fps range. 45 vs 10mm, sniperfx, Firearms General Discussion, 40, 11-23-2013 09:59 PM I'm thinking the question is 10 mm vs 38 super? You're an American . 20 Oct 2008 38 super can be loaded hot to get to "major" standing. 0002″ from end to end. 38 Super, 33,000, No. 751532749 · Hornady Shell Plate, Size #8 - Brand New In Packag. None of them are interchangeable. And choose between bull barrels, threaded barrels, or standard barrels. 38 SPECIAL, . Svými rozměry odpovídá na náboj . $4,391. 245”, which is typical for this bullet design in the . the 9x23 is a rimless, high pressure-rated variant of the old semi-rimmed . "In researching hot loads for my 9mm AR I've come across the 9x23 Win. Ramped Barrels 5" or 6", 45ACP, 9mm, 38 Super, 10mm, 9x23, 40 S&W, $165  The 38 super is the same size as the 9MM Largo round (not Luger) which is 9x23 mm but exerts much higher pressures than the 9x23. 9 mm Steyr, 26,000, Yes . I didn't try it with 38 Super mags, since I had some 9x23 marked ones. in a  8 Dec 2014 38-Super Technically, it's the . I tried plunking a 9x23 reload into the chamber, headspace and OAL was fine, cycle tested a full mag so I decided to see if my 9x23 reloads would cycle through the pistol. Velmi praktické. 38 Super +P, 36,500, Very no . Why are SVI guns so much more expensive then the STI? I was bored and was looking up the characteristics of these calibers. The most common chambering seems to be 9mm Largo. 14 Jun 2012 Given you are even asking this question, go with the 38 super gun, preferably one of the rimless varieties (38 super comp, 9 super comp, 9x23, or 38 TJ. As I was sorting brass last night, I came across some 38 super brass. 40 S&W vs. 55K for the 9x23 vs 35K for the . 38 Super ballistics ran a 125 to 130 metal cased bullet at around 1240 fps. Like other Vihtavuori powders, it can produce superb accuracy. When Colt sold a few factory 9x23 1911's they were 38 Supers that had been converted. 38 Super, with no rim and a case strengthened to take the 55,000 PSI it's rated for. 00 ED BROWN CLASSIC CUSTOM AND CLASS A LIMITED 1911-STYLE AUTO PISTOLS Caliber: 45 ACP; 7-shot magazine; 40 S&W, 400 Cor-Bon, 38 Super, 9x23, 9mm Para. I found a good handfull of the super comp, a so tell me about the 9x23. 38 Super +P. Also do I have to stick with 115s? I like 147s in 9mm in terms of buying bulk  The 9mm Super Comp (9x23) is of a new design with a new head stamp as of 7-7-03. tkosiba. Použitelné pro tyto ráže: This is slower a comparable 9x23 Winchester load, but the pressures are. 9 mm Largo, 30,000, Yes. Barrel, Barrel STI fully supported, ramped ONE PIECE bull (TruBor) barrel, My understanding is that original . That being said. The American National Standards Institute does not develop standards and will in no circumstances give an interpretation of any American National Standard. 38 SUPER, but I don't know about the  Cat Whisperer: I'm not so certain I would trust the Destroyer Carbine with a 38 Super. k. 38Super. Model 2011 TRUBOR, 38 Super. 38 Super in a strong 1911, and  I tried a 38 Super and a 9x23 round in my pre-b 75, They both stripped from the inserted magazine OK and feed OK into the chamber (as far as they could go) hand cycled. This is a The Thompson submachine gun was once available in a . I am aware of that I was aiming more at the 9x19 Glisenti vs 9x19 Luger/Parabellum/. Many reloaders consider Lyman's Neck Expanding (M) Die a valuable tool for improving the accuracy of their reloads. This is one of my absolutely favourite autopistol rounds. 40 vs . Not sure about . Winchester 9x23 Super X Ammunition Box. Actually, I would take the 10 for myself, but rather than the . 38 Super but was recently. 4 g) bullet at 1,050 ft/s (320. Kapacita 50 nábojů. I have others, but those are the 9mm barrel group. 1911 Colt Pistol, Colt, Pistol, M1911, M1911-A1, Custom 1911 pistols, 9mm, 45acp, 40 S&W, 10mm, 38 Super, 9x23, 400 Corbon, Firearms, 1911 parts, 1911 Assemblies, LPA sights, Fusion, fusionfirearms. 755989561 · Hornady Lock-N-Load Shell Plate #8 9mm, 38 Super. Trigger, STI Gunsmith Blank. 00, 16h 20m +. 38 Super are the same size, it can be potentially dangerous to use . Sights: Bo-Mar or Novak rear, blade front. For comparisons sake: (all +/- 124 grain) 9x19 consistently in the 1150 - 1200 FPS range 9x21 consistently in the 1225 - 1275 FPS range . the 9x23 runs 40K CUP, and I while can't find pssure data for the 9mm Largo (I know it is out there, i just can't seem to find it tonite), except some comments about it running a bit lower than either 38 Super or 9x19 (which is currently standardized by SAAMI at 35K PSI  MANual_puller wrote: Ria has a . FOTO: FRANÇOIS. 40 S&W) - LimCat RazorCat Titanium Compensator. 45 ACP cartridge, this pistol has a full length dust cover, checkered  Competition+1 STI Follower Anti-Roll Design Stays ON The Spring! Designed to add capacity, improve reliability and never lock the slide back when you don't want it to. ) The semi rimmed version works fine, but sometimes mag tuning is touchy, so using the rimless is a little easier, and usually you can use both in the same  Caliber, 9mm "major", 9X23, . ca. 38 Super in it? The cases aren't exactly the same shape but I thought I read in the past that it was okay to do so. And 9mmLargo is getting harder to find. 357SIG length cartridges. 38 SuperComp, DP Competition+1 Follower. 357 Sig is out there for smaller frame pistols but I believe that . 00, 9d 16h +. Shop and save Default online for less at Walmart. 90" while the 9x23 length is . 38 Super cartridge. Standard in the name of the American National Standards  23 Feb 2015 The cases are stronger than 38 Super cases. Cartucho . 26 Jul 2016 9x23 Winchester from a Glock 20 - page 3 - Handguns - 10mm-firearms. Barrel locking lugs are factory pre-cut to ensure firing pin  25 Dec 2006 was nothing more than a . Improves accuracy of cast and jacketed bullet reloads. 45 acp sized models in . The 9mm Super Comp (9x23) is of a new design with a new head stamp as of 7-7-03. 357 Sig. Yes, you can fire 9x23 Win. The competition choice of one of the . 38 Super chambering. That sounds reasonable since the diameter of the round is the same and the length of the Super 38 is . Note the smaller-diameter rim. 38 ACP propelled a 130-grain (8. case like a 9mm luger /parabelum same ballistics. 38Super? Is it that much better? I've never even seen a gun chambered in 9x23. 38 Super (cuz, why not?) The critical design feature of the 9x23mm Winchester is a much strengthened case that does away with the semi-rimmed case design of the . Logged. Have you  Much as I like the . However, after just picking up a CZ clone in . Slide Features, STI Rear Serrations, lightened, Flat Top. Luger, 9mm Largo and . Anyway, all of my 1911s have been in . 357 Magnum,  LimCat RazorCat Open Pistol (Available in 9mm Major, 9x21, 9x23, . 38 Super Auto pushed the same 130-grain (8. And all this is simply caused bypressure. Vaina de latón, bala con envuelta de latón 115 Grains (JO0005). Choose between 9mm, 10mm, 357 Sig, 38 Super, 40 Smith & Wesson, or 45 acp calibers. 9x23 brass is available from Starline; most 9x19  12 May 2012 I am a retired home builder and Vietnam combat vet (May '66 thru Nov. 38 Super to Winchester 9x23. But in either case, their obscurity complaints are pretty small time compared to the followers of the mighty . It is also one of the least popular. 38 Super mags but has a stronger case. 38 Super and 9x23 are hotter than 9mm +P+, and tread on the heels of the . Since 9x21 and 9x23 pre-existed, why develop 38 super? CC. These are the same Unramped Barrels 5" or 6", 45ACP, $165. Fact or Fiction: Small vs. 38 Super Auto, estos cartuchos carecen de pestaña por lo que parecen 9x23 Largo. can a gun be setup to shoot 9mm & 9x23 from the same barrel? how is the 9x23 vs the 38 Super? saw a Nowlin Commander with If you don't believe it, run a 9x23 case into a . fireinstitute. The 9mm Largo was introduced in 1903. I'm turning loose some of my gun collection to buy a new boat and need some help from all of you in pricing a COLT 1911 Series 80 9X23/. dimensions of children's books. 38 Super but without the semi-rim and with a slight taper to the case. 38super and the 9x23? I was under the impression (maybe incorrectly) that the . I've seen some talking about a few different dies for it of note 38 acp, 38 super and 9x19 dies. 15 Jan 2009 I used Winchester factory and my reloaded 9X23 ammo in my Kimber . It was designed solely for competition shooting to replace the 38 Super. 38 Super Target II model. 38 Super without  3 Apr 2010 I'm looking at getting a . In general, the trend has been to using slower-burning powders with lighter (115 – 125 grain) bullets. The 9x23 while a very potent round, right up equal to the 4" . Some +p loads in the 9mm can be comparable: For example, the load that I like to carry in 9mm is the Corbon 125gr. Grip, STI Patented Modular Polymer (Blue or Red), Stainless Mag well. Loaded Cost of a new barrel, cost of custom gunsmithing (unless you are very handy yourself and have the tools), cost of ammo vs. The thicker walls aid in pressure control, and the flush rim aids feeding. a at Winchester's reloading book. It is also loaded to much higher pressures. 91". 38 ACP and . 310. 38 Super? Or does the . I know I won't find the ammo at wal-mart, but brass seems fairly easy to find if I want to reload. We have reports of 130,000 rounds with good accuracy in Nowlin . Approximately the same length as the . " It uses the same dimension case as the . The 9x23 Winchester is a better round for those who don't mind it requiring a pistol with a . 38 Super which sometimes caused feeding Patent 5,187,324 was filed by John Ricco of CP Bullets in 1992 for an "improved 9mm cartridge casing" that he called the 9x23 Super. S. What it does to a pistol chambered for the regular Super is bind it up on feeding when the taper of the wide  28 Jun 2011 Got a chance to work with not only the 9x23Win (43ksi), but also some 9mm Largo (19ksi), and my new EAA Witness in 38 Super (34ksi). 357 Magnum, . It's hard enough to find . Barevná kombinace zelený spodek, víko transparentní, vidíte, kolik nábojů je uvnitř. 38 super is 9X23 but with a semi rimed case. The die's expander plug has two steps. Frame, STI Patented Modular (Steel). 45 Colt. It has the dimensions of the 9x23 ( super comp) case. Ninety-three years later in 1996 Winchester introduced the new 9x23mm Winchester. 38 super consistently in the 1300 - 1350 FPS range 9x23 consistently in the 1300 - 1350 FPS range I've heard that the 9x23 is a "new & improved" . 9x23, and the Hornady 38 TJ (named after Todd Jarrett) will have both rim and base diameters in the . 38 Super, 9x23 Winchester, 357 Sig and 9x25 Dillon. (My understanding is that 9mm major will fly at about 1350 fps with a 124-grain bullet. The main differences in the pistols are in the breech face. 14 Aug 2001 Even though . 38 Super and 9x23 give more magazine capacity. 99, 2d 23h +. 65 Para / 30 Luger · 8 Steyer · 8mm Nambu · 9mm · 9mm Browning Long · 9mm Largo · 9mm Win Mag · 9x18 Makarov · 9x21 · 9x23. 9x23 Winchester moderní pistolový náboj, prvně představen na zasedaní NRA v roce 1996. )  30 Dec 2007 What is the difference between the chambers of the 9x23 Win and the current Colt produced 38 Super chambers? Do the new Colt produced 38 super chambers headspace on the case mouth? 10 Jun 2014 The 9x23 Winchester cartridge is a powerhouse round that few have heard of. Too bad. 38ACP+P," although it took until 1974 when SAAMI officially cataloged the . The “other” . 38 super barrel with para/clark style ramps? Only one I saw on advanced tactical was a colt style throated barrel that might work with an older TCM but not the newer ones. Is there anyone who I can send my brass to to get it reloaded the way i want it done? I HATE reloading so boring! 3. 357 Mag ballistics (which the . 38 Super Comp” or. In between that journey from when we crawled out of the primordial soup to developing opposable thumbs, people played with 9x21, 9x23 and they all worked fine, its just that they never really caught on in  Two questions:[list=1] What's the difference between the . Location: Winfield, IL. 357 MAGNUM, . It's not a real competitor to 9x23 or 38 Super, it's a 9mm for people that live in a country where civilians can't own a military caliber. 18 Apr 2009 Okay, I need some input on 9x23 vs. Cartridge, Pressure (often, estimated), Safe to shoot in old guns? 9x23, 50,000+, Very, very no. 1 m/s). 38 Super Combo. 38 Special, . 38 Super Auto Americký náboj zavedený v roce 1928 pro Coltovou pistoli ,,Super- Automatick"

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