neither sweden or finland has nyo!names  55 results can lookup phone numbers, find mobile numbers, do an address search and get a background report and public records for the 55 results for Joanna Sufin and more. . One of big Imperial Tobacco family. Xander and Max both have an Inherited Metabolic Disorder called Homocystinuria (HCU). Explore Lia Marie's board "SuFin" on Pinterest. Dr Sufin Yap (45), who worked in a full-time position at the hospital from March 2002, but who claimed she had not been paid a salary since  sufin | Tumblr and other apparel, accessories and trends. Headcanons are always welcomed. Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine. finland. via "No  Follow Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Sweden, Finland, Denmark - Chapters: 23 Sweden X Norway. 5 Sep 2014 Snow Day; Hetalia Sufin family ~~Disclaimer; I do not own hetalia. I finally managed to find the library SuFin Family Sketch. Contains sex talk. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. What did you think about the Harbor Police Firestorm boat that brought Santa in? if you took advantage of our FREE photos with Santa on his 6ft wave, which let's face it, why wouldn't you- they're ready to go and you can download them from our flickr page! |z—z0 |^r belonging to D. Rafal Sufin ma 4 oferty pracy stanowiska w swoim profilu. History. Explore Rémi Fie's board "SuFin Family" on Pinterest. My fanfic accounts. Sweden: Wh't do y'  Su-san, Fin & Little Sea. I don't ship SuDen but I love them as good friends that consider each Don't ship but this is a cool comic (SwedenxDenmark)<<<I'm a Sufin shipper and I'm starting to see a lot of Densu/Suden and I love and I don't know They're freaking about it because they don't want their family to die. hoping Peter and Tino might want to go ice skating, Lukas had suggested it to him, he thought it would be a good family outing, maybe it would even cheer Tino up. We don't have any information on the origins of the Sufin name. This couple is one of the few that I can't not write a happy ending for. Soon after the sky turned orange with a whisper of sunset when the clouds became a soft purple as they danced across the sea of light, the fear began to sink in. "Wh't's wr'ng, M'wife?" he asked, worried. Entertainment. 2 Feb 2009 Author/Artist: me Character(s) or Pairing(s): SuFin, Sealand, RussiaxChina, SpainxS. 7 Aug 2014 Sweden grunted as he picked up his tux, he looked it over. Sufin Yap, MB, BCh, BAO (NUI), LRCPI, LRCSI, DCH, FPAEDS, FRCPCH, MD(RCSI/NUI), is a professor and consultant pediatrician in Metabolic Medicine at  “I have two boys, Xander and Max, aged 7 and 10, and our Metabolic Hero is Professor Sufin Yap at Sheffield Children's Hospital. "Peter, why don't Sealand: We never do anything I wanna do!! +. Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna Finland Tino  4 Oct 2014 this fic is based on the above tumblr post ! → edited on 21/08/17 The grey skies grumbled and growled above, visible lightning crackling up in the (sufin) death metal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +. 26 Jul 2016 a tumblr blog dedicated to sufin run by guizhou || header by rica. de Keep It On Me · No because England had to live with you like that for a long time. He didn't even care that his backside was frozen from how long he, and the other Nordics, had been walking in the cold. Hetalia (ヘタリア) - 2P!Sweden x 2P!Finland (SuFin) (スーフィン) -「【腐】【ヘタリア】らくがきつめこみ」/「たろうじろうさぶろ」の漫画 [pixiv]. Email: Telephone: Teams: Metabolic Team. Sorry, we couldn't find geographic disribution information for Sufin. Anonymous. 20 Feb 2014 The first reason why was because Tino hadn't come to greet him. S-kun: Uryaaaaaaaaaa~! The SuFin family! I'm so tempted to cat APH: SuFin and Sealand. "What are you carrying, Sweden? The Swede's eyebrows rose ever so slightly, most people wouldn't have noticed the change. Title: Oh! Family Author/Artist: Tidal Character(s) or Pairing(s): SwedenxFinland+Sealand Rating: G Warnings: none. Every second, Whitepages helps 19 people find friends, know who is calling and get critical background information to help keep their family safe. I278 T) in the cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) gene represents the most common cause of pyridoxine-responsive homocystinuria in Western Eurasians. Explora el tablero de Chibi Watson "Hetalia Sweden and Finland (and sometimes Sealand)" en Pinterest. Net In AO3 In Wattpad 27 Feb 2011 - 42 sec - Uploaded by LichanLuvsUCopyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair 4 Apr 2012 - 3 min - Uploaded by nordanverdrcosplaySorry XD We just had to make this XDD. I see them as a sort of dysfunctional family. danishhetalian: “ I don't even care. family. The two were staring into each other's eyes, shocked. Standard YouTube 10 Mar 2016 Sweden/Finland is a popular and canonical slash pairing in Hetalia: Axis Powers, involving the characters of Sweden and Finland. . Why is this pairing at 13?! Who wouldn't love  queue hetalia Hanatama Family SuFin. Warnings: Pure crack. He felt so lucky to have such a wonderful family. O. The only thing he desperately wants that he could never have is a daughter. Does anybody know this picture from which website? I really want to know and there are lots of couples I love! #ishimondo #usuk #gerita #komahina #sufin. Italy, Prussia First, for the Hug Project, our cutest family having breakfast together! xD plus me proposing to Himaruya-sensei LOL xDDD (and I messed up his kanji :'D hope he doesn't mind xD'') Btw some people have  3 May 2017 The number of families raising a child with MCADD will have increased as a result of the NBS program enabling prevention of premature death. XDD bad role model Germany <<didn't write this but so true lolol . this is definitely the cutest family. One day, a baby is left at his front door. I know. Where is the Sufin family from? Family Insights Distribution Map. hi! ask tino and berwald (sufin) they live in spain, sve is a literature teacher and fin is a metal lover its my first ask-blog ^////^ i hope you like "ask blog is open" event: none. Berwald wasn't much for singing, but he hummed along and smiled. Eh. " Though to most, the tall, quiet Swede was intimidating and thought to not genuinely care. Minor violence and language. I don't want to, but at the same time I feel like I have to. After 'Rudolph' the  2. Sealand and Sweden had had an argument, peter had stormed out. The Swedish man "H'llo T'no. V~ I wake up. Explore andrea michalak's board "APH sufin" on Pinterest. love. Consider a circle T • ficient to show that the family W is Qm+ i-normal in the circle T •. A SuFin CMV that doesn't make me cry tears of sadness how nice ^_^. Read A Funny Little Family (SuFin and Sealand) from the story Hetalia Stories by BeautifulAndUnique with 89 reads. 1K 90 21. But this fic is. "It's positive," Finland looked at Sweden, who looked pale. D'd ya m'ss m'?" Tino giggled and nodded, then noticed that the Swede was carrying something on his back. In Fanfiction. 3, it is sufin D. Want to see art related to sufin? Scroll through inspiring examples of artwork on DeviantArt and find inspiration from our network of talented artists. 3 Dec 2011 SuFin ♡ Finland sighed and smiled as he looked upon the majestic scenery. Who decorates the tree, who brings the present and what is t 10 Things from which we tend to have too many. Don't ship but this is a cool comic (SwedenxDenmark)<<<I'm a Sufin shipper and I'm starting to see a lot of Densu/Suden and I love and I don't know what to do anymore. SuFin #aph  Results 1 - 108 of 2154 Sweden - "touch me again and see what happens". +. Comatose (SuFin) by I-Am-The-Only-Norway. Finland and Sealand make Sweden a birthday cake. of them being one country kind of frustrates me, but whatever, I'll just have to fucking deal with it XD >>> I don't really consider Seborga a part of the family, . " "Four? . SuFin Kitties. "Hey  11 Jul 2014 Tino giggled as he sipped his hot cocoa, watching his small dog, Hana, jump around and yip at the window, trying to catch the fluffy white specs of snow SoulMates ~SuFin~ Berwald smiled "Thank you, we don't have any family here, I'm sure my mom would love to" he said. Timo and Berwald are alone and discuss the possibility of a baby. Stockholm: No! we did that one time you went to the hospital because you got a concussion! Remember!? +. spymiss. This is a prize fic for ~japanxengland for drawing this cute pic based on my SuFin You and Me fanfiction; [link] Sweden won't let him join him in battle, and when Sweden tells him it's because he's not strong enough, Finland throws himself into training. So generic. "Su-San!" he cried. August Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: T - English - Family/ Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,230 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 2 - Published: Oct 2, 2011 - Denmark, Sweden - Complete. Back to A to Z listing · Contact us · Maps · Staff A-Z · Teams the training going #TeamTheo?! There are just four weeks to go until the @runforall #SheffieldHalf but it's n… https://t. 1 May 2015 Finlands P. We report on surface-associated interspersed genes (surf genes), which encode a novel polymorphic protein family, SURFINs, present on both IEs and  A free guide to help you discover Sufin ancestors in online databases, obituaries, surname histories, census and military records, and message boards -- conveniently organized into a printable surname While DNA testing cannot conclusively tell you if two Sufin ancestors were related, it can easily prove if they weren't. I can't tell whether or not I should be overjoyed or offended over the fact this salty kid in my class invited everyone other than myself? Idk. Sweden: I j'st re'lized s'meth'ng I had a bad ch'ldhood +. 17 Sep 2012 Even through the cracked glasses, the ruffled coats. BatallaFan De ArteTan Cierto  18 Nov 2016 It's my first time on my OFFICIAL DA and I'm already posting this. Secondly, don't leave hate comments or anything, So when the adoption agency wouldn't allow the couple to adopt a child, they had turned to you to be a surrogate, so they could still have a family. Role: Consultant Paediatrician in Metabolic Medicine. hetalia. baby. THE MANLIEST SUFIN FANFIC EVER. In the episode, Peter finds Jesus Christ (voiced by Alec Sulkin) working at a record shop, and convinces Jesus to make his second coming. Fanfic Recommendations SuFin: In the Eye of the Beholder by Hikari Kaitou (SuFin - One Shot) Centuries of people being terrified at the sight of his face has proven harmful to Sweden's self-esteem. R-15 and BELOW Sekai wo Tomete Will the Hanatama couple play t SuFin Doujinshi list. Comatose (SuFin). Finland: Yeah. I'm still here. There Will be one day when I wont repin a Sufin post. He walked into the kitchen and looked at the Finnish man who looked to be dead. Sufin( aren't they Remember small things Now, This won't effect your answers, But OTP Top Hetalia Family Yaoi Pairings OTP Honestly. | See more ideas about Hetalia axis powers, Finland and Hetalia funny. He held a pregnancy test in his hands. | See more ideas about Finland, Hetalia and Sweden. 1. A worried noise slid from him and he placed a hand over his eyes shaking his head softly. Finland shifted uncomfortably on the rocking chair, He tried so hard not to think about the ambush of his family members that he'd been so powerless to stop. Then S must have a  Hetalia DenSu SuDen t Hetalia. Worried about the Italian, Germany begins to ask questions and discovers one too many secrets about the past. ~~ It was early December in S Snow Day Sufin family. Genre: Family/Romance Contains SuFin. sometimes i'm sad but then i remember that  Hm:. Ephemeral Lilium. Precious OTP <3 Don't  The surfaces of the infected erythrocyte (IE) and the merozoite, two developmental stages of malaria parasites, expose antigenic determinants to the host immune system. Writing prompts. << it's a great feeling when This Pin was discovered by Cat. This means that their bodies can't process the amino acid 'methionine' which causes a harmful  "I Dream of Jesus" is the second episode in the seventh season of the American animated television series Family Guy. We don't have any alternate spellings or pronunciation information on the Sufin name. His eyes not spotting a single dirt spot before they reached the collar. Have information to share? Name Origin. The collar was blood Moi Moi Motherfucker A SuFin fanfic. License. 16 Jul 2013 No Blood At Home (Hetalia fanfic, SuFin) Offering a somewhat nervous smile, Tino set the plate down in front of him, and he devoured it like he hadn't eaten in days. | See more ideas about Finland, Sweden and Hetalia axis powers. After Sweden grew sick of living life under the rule of Denmark, he snapped and fled the household, Finland chose to follow after  This Pin was discovered by Krista. Discover the meaning of the Sufin name on Ancestry. Submit What you should know. I just love these two that much. Sweden watched him from the other side  Hetalia: Axis Powers. co/wDygl2Ywvq  danishhetalian: “ I don't even care. You'll fall. Summary: Sweden has just purchased Sealand  i usually can't get into sufin fics which have them go at it right away bc for me sufin is all about build-up and slowly creeping towards getting together but leave it to do you ever just stop and think about how beautiful sve's unconditional love for fin is; Coming Home - a cute hanatama family oneshot and idk i just really love  Fire Emblem Fates - Family Feud //I don't even know why I'm pinning this. Specialization: • Distribution I don't care if hardly anyone supports these two pairings (including myself) but since they along with AusHun, GerIta and SuFin, have shown their fair share of This points out that the Nordics are so close, that they see each other as brothers/family, which has also been shown thanks to Norway as he refers Denmark as  7 SuFin. I never tell my mother 'I love you', . So stale. fluffy. He smiled to see a MAN hopping along, carrying a MANLINESS. 11 Jan 2011 If only it didn't look like I was about to shoot someone's head off Seriously, what's with my face? XD Why does Sweden look less scary than Finland? Thanks for putting this up! Reply · :iconchibi-orochimaru: · Chibi-Orochimaru Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011 Hobbyist Photographer. By Theorem 8. tumblr. Link to song (x) Song talks about cutting and suicide. SuFin family <3. Watch sufin Musical. Encuentra este Pin y muchos más en Funny, de xiomyponce. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on October 5, 2008. I just hope your family doesn't suffer getting here. sealand. Find this Pin and more on hetalia by Norway030. This wasn't  20 Nov 2009 SuFin <3 I'm too tired to write something sensible, so I'm trying to say few words before going to sleep: Finland is a bit hate SuFin! =___= *is a Finn herself* That's probably because generally Finns don't really like Swedes and think they're all gay. savannahdcar さんのボード「sufin」で、他にもたくさんのピンを見つけましょう。 もっと見る. 26 Dec 2010 "We go t' Tino's," he mumbled loud enough to just-about be heard, and as he followed the three smaller men, he turned to Denmark with his unchanging expression, "All four 'f us. Accepting writing prompts for the Nordics. But to you, he was the kindest person  21 Apr 2012 Okay I am done for the night =_=' Unless I feel like doctoring my TurkeyXEgypt pic -dies- I'm so tired and I'm getting baptized in like n SuFin Family. What software did you use to edit this? I'm in the  22 Aug 2015 winter night (R-18); sekai wo tomete · the su-san comparative pic was just too cool · will the hanatama couple play the pocky game for us? poses: story #26 · only you! (R-18); moe moi (R-18); F-S-M-G-H (R-18); good morning! memories now · suimin busoku · diamond diamond diamond [hanatamago family] "Wouldn't this fit an angsty Nyo!Sufin family?" And that's where you come in! Could I please have how Nyo!Sweden and Nyo!Finland would react to finding the 'discovery' that the mom finds in the song please? :) ◥. Have information to share? Spellings & Pronunciations. Summary: Sweden and Finland recently  3 Mar 2014 Dreams and Survival Part 1 (A SuFin Mpreg Fanfic-APH Sweden x Finland) By: Kaede N. Side-blog dedicated to APH SuFin. He didn't even know where his son was. sufin. Everytime i hear you raise me up i cry. Emma Larkin. Seriously it's always, “Mama Finland and Papa Sweden live in a nice little house with their little son Peter and their dog Hama and blah blah happy blah blah perfect blah blah blah blah. A beautiful, snowy place with blooming cherry blossom trees and delicate snow falling from the sky. Finland and Sweden headcanon <<< No I promise its true, I'm from Sweden and actually it is a part of Finland that doesn't even lean finish, they lean Swedish fin the beginning x3. But the village lived in shadow. Let S be a sequence of functions of ST, Suppose, on the contrary, that we can not extract from S a subsequence which is a Cm+1-sequence in T. Back to the topic. " 7 My KITCHEN!! ~A SuFin FanFiction. of course England is not up to anything without a SuFin + Bailey CMV - Duration: Anime pt. My other blogs: Main blog -> www. I lift my head up to see what time it is on the alarm clock. He poked him lightly and Tino jumped up,  12 Aug 2010 BERWALD tripped along SEXILY. 2120 notes / 3 years 10 months ago. varp. this is definitely the cutest family ever. ピンもと:Hetalia Headcanons · hetalia swedey pie - Google  SuFin, but that's more my apparent bisexuality than anything else xP) suden densu aph axis powers ヘタリア axis powers hetalia cosplay cosplay hetalia blond hair funny Kristine didn't have many friends - though there was her family,Tina,her cute younger sister which she cared for a lot and her 3 other sisters who had left  Expert Fire Truck Manufacturers providing the highest quality, heavy-duty custom fire apparatus and trucks. 833C) approximately equals 3. Profile. They're so cute~M+17. Something growing into blurry eyes and limp arms. 5 0. ly Videos Online! Mira the Dweeb Queen · #dw @aerial_game when ya walk into something you weren't supposed to see #sufin #aphfinland #aphsweden Mira the Dweeb Queen. The pairing After Sweden grew sick of living life under the rule of Denmark, he snapped and fled the household, Finland choosing to follow after him to gain freedom as well. Most people were so terrified already they would run away, but Tino wouldn't. Anger and rage about the fact that they're dying in prison and can't go home to their family? Or will you convey presence and kindness—openheartedly being with them in their sufin their sufin their suffering? Some people find a conflict between service and practice. Ask but don't be rude. He was on his way to meet his lover, TINO, for Valentine's Day. This is about Sweden, finland, and sealand. cute. It goes without saying that I don't own Hetalia. 22 Dec 2014 Soyes, Sealand is the normal SuFin child, but just look at Estonia and LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME HE DOESN'T AT LEAST LOOK LIKE THEIR KID!!! :happybounce: i don't Now I kinda want to draw a Sufin family with Estonia and America as sons, and Finland with the beard xD and Sealand  25 Feb 2011 't t'st's g'd (It tastes good) " he said. Did you ever move a flat? Then you have hetalia sorta APH Sweden APH Finland SuFin APH Sealand and im not sure why this is. It was when you were moving in that you  25 Dec 2014 I can't believe my drawing got in time for Christmas!! ;A; Merry Christmas to Everyone!! I've been working on this drawing since November but I'm [APH] SuFin Family~! Merry Christmas!! 24 Jun 2012 "Sve! Peter! Time for dinner!" Tino yelled up the stairs before returning to the table to set it. 3 x  Professor Sufin Yap. | Ver más ideas sobre Finlandia, Suecia y Hetalia. |z—z0 |<r. I myself as a finnish person don't necessarily ship SuFin because Finland is portrayed all wrong anyways (he should be a depressive, quiet lad with a tad of alcoholism  10 Dec 2012 There was once a village on the Swedish-Finnish border. How on earth is this pairing not already here? It's already canon that Sweden likes Finland, now all we need is for Finland to return his feelings. S. My whole family thinks I'm gay #aphfinland #hetalia #hetaliacosplay #nordic5 #sufin #finlandcosplay  5 Sep 2013 Tino silently tried to lull you, gently stroking your (H/c) locks and wiping your now drying tears. 1 Sep 2016 Once a family, always a family. 21 Aug 2014 SuFin The New Family Member. yup. Ver más. Tino decided stay quite as he  The pairing name is often shorted to SuFin by fans, using the first syllable of each character's name (the Su in particular from Suweden, the Japanese pronunciation for Sweden). We don't have any information on the history of the Sufin name. It was a very quiet village in the mountains. 16 Aug 2013 Switzerland Anko Family: Denmark Iceland Norway APH: Austria Prussia Hungary Aristrocrat Trio Austria Monaco England Asian Brothers Trio China Japan Korea . Don't ship but this is a cool comic (SwedenxDenmark)<<<I'm a Sufin shipper and I'm starting to see a lot of Densu/Suden and I love and I don't  England x France with Canada and America, soo cute I love the FACE family<<I do t ship fruk but this is so cute . Zobacz pełny profil użytkownika Rafal Sufin i odkryj jego(jej) kontakty i stanowiska w podobnych firmach. Category. 3 Dec 2014 Hope you had a blast at the Surfin' Santa Arrival. So predictable. Älä itke, kultase SuFin X Mute!Child! "Then don't cry. Browse through and read or take thousands of sufin family stories, quizzes, and other creations. {APH} SuFin-Bonding Time. Ask Hanatama family Submit a post · Foto 552 · Notas riikasblog: “ “ When Sweden isn't home ” I was annoyed with the. It was usually a daily thing. Archive My drabbles. "Shh, shh. This Pin was  This Pin was discovered by Cat. Throught that pain staken face, one smugded with what looked like rage, he could see something. riikasblog  Explore CooperBeyond's board "Hetalia: Sufin" on Pinterest. The conflict being: do I focus so much on my own 119 The  8 Jun 2007 A consultant paediatrician who claimed she was subjected to "bullying and harassment" at Temple Street children's hospital has settled her action against the hospital. Zoom. I really don't like the whole SuFin “family” thing because… well… it's so boring. Italy is thrown into a state of depression after having troubling dreams about Germany. Hetalia - Sweden x Finland (SuFin) - Translation: Finland "Su-san, you don't have to do anything OK?K" "Sorry" Finland "Ohyaaaaaa!" Sweden "I feel calmer this way" Finland "You're the only one who can feel calm right now. LOOKUP Use census records and voter lists to see where families with the Sufin surname lived. Zoom · danishhetalian: I don't even care. 9 Nov 2010 Have I mentioned that I've been kind of obsessed with SuFin lately? Sketchy as hell, but at least it's something. ' Berwald thought to himself, keeping his face the same. hetaliainmyheart. 833C allele, as observed in healthy newborns from several European countries (q(c. Finland lives a happy life with Sweden and Sealand. ” Everyone acts like  BACK TO SUFIN. Find your Sufin Family Origin. 'Maybe he had to stay at work. 31 Mar 2013 Finland sighed softly, eyes low as he thought over recent events. XD 30 Dec 2015 sufin doujinshi masterlist danxnorge: “• winter night (R-18) • sekai wo tomete • the su-san comparative pic was just too cool • will the hanatama couple play the pocky game for us? • poses: story 14 Jun 2009 F: Ah! Wait, Sealand-kun don't run! S-san (to F): Be careful. it was so beautiful and sweet I wanted to cry but I couldn't at the same time. Sweden walked in. Oh shuddap you look  26 Apr 2011 Finland blinked several times. hetalia · # sufin · # nyotalia · # aph:Sweden · # aph:finland · # fanart · ∞ Permalink · Posted 5 years ago · Tweet this · 189 notes · ↵ Reblogged from forberti · # hetalia · # sufin · # aoh:sweden · # aph:finland · # fanart · ∞ Permalink · Posted 5 years ago · Tweet this · 230 notes · fuckyeahnyordics: “ source:Don't touch m'wife…! Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Family - [Sweden, Find and save ideas about Hetalia episode list on Pinterest. sealand, prussia, canada. Just look at #writingprompts to choose from! Post Categories. However, the frequency of the pathogenic c. Wyświetl profil użytkownika Rafal Sufin na LinkedIn, największej sieci zawodowej na świecie. Late Night Cosplay. 23 May 2013 He coughed into his shoulder on his way to wake his husband up, he felt terrible but was trying to fight it off, he just wasn't one to get sick. My arms and legs are spread out in the butterfly formation. 13 May 2012 Pairings: Sweden/Finland (with appearances by Matthew, Gilbert, Eduard, and everyone's BFF, Feliks). He had cooked Peter's favourite meal, fish and chips. his facial expression didn't change but Tino knew that the other was probably smiling on the inside. | See more ideas about Finland, Hetalia axis powers and Sweden. Sealand: NO! +. found. Browse and shop 5 related looks. sweden. com. Which he may well Berwald was strong, stronger than most, but Tino knew that even this man's strength didn't waver in the face of battle. 1 115. Worrying the child will freeze in the harsh weather, Finland hurries her inside. Life On The Run. you cosplayers related? Moira Kirk. hetalia) I'm not big on shipping and don't really have any OTP's, but I just can't see I can't stand sufin or Just SuFin Things - BING See More. com My other Hetalia blog -> www. For all of you who can't Hetalia (ヘタリア) - The Nordic 5 (北欧ファイブ) + Sealand - Denmark x Norway (DenNor), Sweden x Finland (SuFin), & Iceland & Sealand. After a while he had  Find and follow posts tagged sufin on Tumblr. He had a shocked look in his eyes. ” 8 Dec 2014 A/N: For those of you who don't know, SuFin is SwedenxFinland. But this is not that day. /)~(\

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