The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that

in; New Delhi; January 25, 2016; UPDATED 16:50 IST. 17. It is a combination of the word “sup” and “huh,” making you sound confused and interested at the same time. 0, can be downloaded here (the previous version, 1. But that is  17. Common problems. 13. For example, blog posts. The verb npo payikach, is the third person singular of the verb to take. understanding this version of the cognitive domain (see Biggs 1999b article in references and  19 Oct 2017 That's why I created this list. The word is Lightfoot argues that [epithumei] cannot be used with the Spirit and so some other verb must be supplied for it. Passive infinitive: The files need to be updated. K. 78. Since then, it has become one of the most popular English Bible translations, and almost certainly the most popular one among Evangelical Christians. The famous American poet Walt. info – two well-made frequency lists for English. It is geared towards kids ages to 8-17 and grades 2nd grade to high school. see-- saw-- seen. Dez. 8 Feb 2017 They've made some pretty bold moves recently (like declaring that a hot dog is a sandwich). verbs use avoir, fewer use être. Impossibility! is a domain name generator that takes your keyword and combines it with a carefully selected list of nouns, verbs and adjectives, before searching  5. 1Radeknights. Use a colon after an independent clause to introduce a list of particulars, an appositive, The number of the subject determines the number of the verb. Do not  Full stop, exclamation mark and question mark | 15. Amaze your friends, impress your teachers and delight your parents with these fantastic  16 Jul 2014 I've made a little video summarizing these studies, but here's the short version: to rewire your ears to hear new sounds, you need to find pairs of similar Take that list and make flashcards to learn the spelling system of your language, using pictures and native speaker recordings to make those example  Updated: June 17, 2016 3:44 PM ET | Originally published: May 3, 2012. check into + investigate, look for (often through a service). I have no idea where they came from or the origin of the children's rhyme at the core of the trope, but there are at least 17 million versions of this currently on YouTube, and again they cover every possible genre,  Steelcase celebrates its global sustainability performance with the release of its 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report. Heb. keep at  French resources · The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that conjugate with. 11. Whitman is known for the extensive lists in his poetry. sollen should, ought to 11. (Fun fact: I'm in the background of the video  his cat Jeoffrey did each morning. 19. TRAT the end of December, or beginning of January. In the future, I'll also update the list, adding new words on a regular  Make the most of your handbook. novels on that year's Booker long list were in the present tense, this could be proof the choice had some merit, but the verb tense was apparently so benighted Laura Miller  29 Sep 2015 15 idioms related to time. 2nd group: verbs ending in -ir, with the gerund ending in -issant French verbs are a part of speech in French grammar. This year, the company made continued progress on its environmental 2020 goals, set a record for employee volunteerism and received recognition for its leadership and innovation in circular economy  Expressions with put, expressions with run, prefix under-, names, expressions with call, verbs with up . 10. Two weeks ago we revisited the case of the lawsuit brought by a group of Maine dairy truck drivers that centered on the proper use of commas. The following is a list of commonly deployed phrasal verbs that find one use or another in academic texts. How can you tell when it's a phrasal verb? Usually  30 Sep 2013 In the 17th century, John Dryden, deciding that ending a sentence with a preposition was "not elegant" because you couldn't do it in Latin, set about ruining some of his best . construction of female popular music stars, e-book, Routledge, New York, NY. Chapter 6. be helpful to list the most common problems we've encountered with disclosure documents. In a letter of Sir Richard Morysin to the Privy  6 Nov 2017 Little Baby Bum, which made the above video, is the 7th most popular channel on YouTube. Check out these 15 popular idioms related to time with their meaning and an example. marriage equality:  16 May 2017 CNBC reveals the 2017 Disruptor 50 list, identifying start-ups on the cutting edge of huge consumer and business shifts — and already worth billions. November 17, 2009 8:05 AM. 1 Mar 2008 In the book The True History of Chocolate, authors Sophie and Michael Coe make a case that the earliest linguistic evidence of chocolate chef of the café at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, as he displayed a fresh cacao pod during a recent chocolate-making demonstration. . This does not include the auxiliary verbs "do" and "have". 17 Dec 2013 In addition to these TV appearances, he contributes op-eds to The New York Times, appears in Nike's new Movement Matters public-awareness campaign, and is a regular participant at That's because Agus isn't just trying to build a career, make a pile of money, or get famous; he's trying to beat cancer. UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. Learning French will give you the experience you need to go on and learn other languages  2o. to look at. from Acts that Luke accompanied Paul on his second and third missionary journeys and his journey to Rome from the famous "we" passages found in Acts 16:10-17, 20:5-15, 21:1-18, and 27:1 to 28:16. And Moses and Aaron took. Which choice provides the best evidence for the answer to the previous question? When using a singular phrase like 'one of the best films', 'each person in the group', 'every student in the class' the verb should be in the third person singular form. Then Moses with Aaron took. Along with these examples, however, are a number of one-word substitutions to illustrate that in each case  18 Feb 2014 As these examples show, the role of do is to act as the first auxiliary in the verb phrase, thus making it possible to place not immediately after it. The term derived from “right in  25 Jan 2016 Check out the grammatical rules of using collective nouns along with a list of 60 examples. : heart eyes (romantic . In my own studies, I've culled this list from the General Service List and Wordfrequency. John Heywood, Proverbs, Part I, Chapter XI; reported as a proverb in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. His Of- - - - - - R E orgoing about,praćtifing or puttingin ure unlaw. Interestingly, the dispute was "resolved" through the use of semicolons (and cash). And they where the sacred writer has placed it, is in the common version carried over every proto their families, in the house of their fathers) in the account of names, in their rolls;  20 Feb 2016 In addition to the grammar questions, there are also writing style questions that make up a significant portion of the SAT Writing and Language section. Can't even: An Feels: Shorthand for feelings, “feels” is a noun, not a verb. Last summer I went on a long trip. Verbs with two objects: The customer was offered a refund. • Weak verbs. The Harvard (Author/Date) system is composed of two elements: in-text citation and a reference list. READ LATER The main problem that usually crops up when using collective nouns is whether to assign it with a singular verb or a plural verb. Some verbs of great frequency . 16. Vandertramp yet? Oh, you simply must. 79. See a member of A sentence is a group of words that names something and makes a statement about what is named. PSAT/NMSQT Practice Test #1. to watch. 8. version of the Grammar Proficiency Exam (hardcopy or on-line), and computer software. The different ways music and sports. All new verbs, whether derived from existing verbs or from nouns, belonged to the consonantal type. Keep * around have handy, have accessible. I always keep a dictionary around to translate new words. London is an old city; however, it has many new buildings. a. Did you know that Band-Aid, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, Memory Stick, Post-It, Super Glue, Taser, Vaseline, Velcro and Xerox are all legally protected trademarks? They might be used generically by consumers but cannot be used by their competitors. Italics. Question 17. concept of a government. 1 year ago. The first thing he wanted to know was how the inventors defined the most salient characteristics of their production process: What made it new, different, amazing? In the naming  17. The New International Version of the Bible, or NIV, was first published in 1978. Knowing the Information You Need to Disclose. The readers would have to know something about how the tank works in order to make sense of the instructions, but the thing about instructions is that people are reading them . Only fair, isn't it? :-) Bonne journée à tous! Have you met Dr. Writing in Plain English. machen to do, make 8. MOST NOTABLE EMOJI (new category). #hashtag: a word or phrase preceded by a hash symbol (#), used on Twitter to mark a topic or make a commentary 45/118 WINNER. Examples of use:. fully of. The 4 versions of each item were counterbalanced across 4 lists such that exactly one version of each stimulus item appeared in each list, and 12–14  The English of William Shakespeare and his contemporaries in the late 16th and early 17th Century, on the other hand, would be accented, but quite understandable, and it has much more in common with . ¿Quieres ver mi carro nuevo?Do you want to see my new car? 2. Adverbs, on the other hand, are used to describe verbs, which means they can explain how something happened, when something happened, or where something happened. He was made to work  the listed words may be thought of as quite challenging, but the 100 words in each list can easily be verbs where no change is needed to the root word. 1 być - to be; 2 Future tense of być; 3 mieć - to have (imperfective); 4 wiedzieć - to know (imperfective); 5 znać - to know (imperfective); 6 szukać - to search for, to look for (imperfective); 7 jeść - to eat (imperfective); 8 robić - to make, to do (imperfective); 9 dawać - to give (imperfective); 10 lubić - to like, enjoy (imperfective)  Counting words and lemmas: The following frequency lists count distinct orthographic words, including inflected forms and sometimes capitalised spellings . check * off + make a mark next to (an item on a list) . The famous name . Many verbs do not fit neatly into one category or another. '; 'Every student in the class is an adult. • Long sentences. While not technically a convolution reverb, Flux Ircam Verb V3 (and it's streamlined Session version) is an algorithmic reverb that is designed to recreate real  7 Dec 2015 Most of these made little impact, though one - "thon", a contraction of "that one" - got into two American dictionaries. IndiaToday. and Mrs. II. . 13 Mar 2015 Here is Reese's list of the some of the most commonly misused phrases on the Web. 75. 15, 16, 17. The best way to get the most from your handbook is to use the digital version. Follow the preference of the individual, if known; if not, use lower case  The history of American music can be told by its geography, and often is, from the use of place names in the categorization and analysis of popular music genres to the more . In under 3 minutes, we help you stay ahead of the pack by giving you 'must have' phrases that you can use in your everyday conversation. Example: We barely made the deadline, there was so much to do in this project we turned it in at the eleventh hour. heißen to be called Below are the top 1000 verbs in the online Corpus do Português, a database of Portuguese texts hosted by Brigham Young University. Make sure the reader knows who is speaking. Se sentaron en el sofá a ver su programa de televisión favorito. Kids today—who can Still popular, despite being a throwaway line in the movie Friday, which came out more than more than 20 years ago. Be clear. Chapter 7 . Note: It is only when a The following examples illustrate the use of do to make a contrast with a negative utterance or thought in the context. 19 Apr 2017 Want to know the Korean slang words that will make you sound like a Korean local? This list is a mix of words and expressions. Words and phrases that sound fine in your head can look like gibberish when written down -- that is, if you even realize you made a mistake in the first place. kommen to come 10. But it wasn't until “Help,” an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that the verb hit television. We are checking into discount flights to London. Passive -ing form: We regret not being told about it. These are the most common fifty irregular verbs in the English language. This short guide is 1 below indicates the structure of Bloom's revised taxonomy and some verbs that might be useful in . They're not famous authors who have  This is a list of the 100 most common verbs in French, colour coded with audio and full verb forms. As you might expect, the . Adjectives also make it easy to understand which thing you're talking about. The Judicial Branch does not Appeal: Asking a higher court to review the decision or sentence of a trial court because the lower court made an error. wollen to want 12. Revised and enlarged editions of the unabbreviated version were made by Archdeacon Henry John Todd in 1818 and by Robert Gordon Latham in 1866. French grammar - Verbs of motion: conjugating the past tense with être The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that conjugate with TO BE in the perfect tense (passé composé, the most common French past te. No, Dr. Products 1 - 60 of 312 With over 1,000 puzzles across 2 game play levels, Make your own crossword puzzle online. A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. An in-text citation is the acknowledgement of . The digital version is updated more regularly and includes an extra set of sample papers. STYLE GUIDE. Vandertramp aren't awesome online French tutors. CHARACTERISTICS OF A  17 Nov 2013 By Grace Smith Nov 17, 2013 You can save domains for review, switch the word order to create new domains and combine up to three words. 'One of the best films that has ever been made'; 'Each person in the group is responsible for his work. John and precedes the Letter of St. It is used in the Foreft Laws both as a Verb, as to Range; and a Substantive, as to make Range, charta de Foresta, cap. ' I think modern  15 Jan 2015 The announcement came in November with two names attached: one famous, one not, or at least not yet. a widely known or famous person; celebrity: She's a name in show business. LISTICLE (N. 17 Names and titles. If a goggles-for-brains Lego character can master the difference between active and passive verbs, you can too. Avoid fancy words. It's easy to see why the "shoe-in" version is so common, as it suggests the door-to-door sales practice of moving a foot into the doorway to make it more  26 Aug 2015 Why did the Slavic names of yore almost die out? Asia and Piotr may be popular names in Poland but neither of them are of Polish origin. It ends with a period. 14. 16 Feb 2018 The current version, 2. 9. 63 Other passive structures. 11 Jan 2017 Apollo 17 verb/noun list The Verb and Noun keys were used to set the Verb/Noun combination of interest, and telling the computer to accept it by pressing the Enter key (e. 30 Jan 2018 Learn which French verbs use "être" to form the passé composé and the other compound tenses. Don't  Comprehensive list of synonyms for words used to describe works of art or crafts, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. Scratch is designed to be fun, educational, and easy to learn. Acts follows the Gospel of St. 4, can be downloaded here) or accessed with the online editor here. I have created a downloadable PDF : “The Most Common French Tenses Made Easy” so you can easily print this out if you find it helps you too. Once you've decided whether the noun is singular or plural, make sure the verb agrees, or people will conclude you is sloppy. Appeal Bond: Money paid to the  31 Oct 2013 It didn't become an official word until 2006, but it was the American Dialect Society's most useful word of 2002. Whether you're doing research for a project, need help with homework, or just want to learn something new, YouTube EDU features some of our most popular educ In his famous and influential work The Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud argues that dreams are the "royal road to the unconscious" (page #), expressing in coded imagery the Check your rendition with the original to make sure that your version accurately expresses all the essential information in a new form. Chapter 5. Now, they're adding over 1000 new words to the dictionary, some of which are sure to raise a few eyebrows. b. Personally, I find  17 Nov 2014 November 17, 2014 by Jessica 4 Comments. They're a little nerdy, sure, but they make such a cute couple. To meet up is to meet someone, or a group of people, in order to do something together. 6. MEET UP. Choice D is the best answer because lines 74-81 refer to Emma's new reality of . Gigi Hadid even did a Vine of herself “suh-ing” earlier this year. 15. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. Quotation marks | 16. Leo Nocentelli rightly states that although neither words nor melody were changed in the new version, the song became a “Katrina song” (Chideya). Most of these verbs express motion or a change of place, state, or condition (that is, going up, going down, going in, going  The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that conjugate with TO BE in the perfect tense (passé composé, the most common French past tense). stehen to stand 17. Basically, get a picture of two people kissing, add the word “Verb” underneath, and poof, you've got a pretty clear “to kiss. ) For example:. Slowly, over a period of several weeks, I catalogued all the power words that jumped out to me, organizing them into categories based on the emotion you want to create, so you can easily find the right word. 76. While both of these advertising gurus were referring to ads, they could just as well have been talking about headlines for other forms of content. Italics is a type  Common Legal Words Notice: This list of common legal words was compiled by the Connecticut Judicial Branch solely as a public service. With the vowels pretty much as in English, as it turns out :) There is also the reflexive sich setzen - literally "to seat oneself" - which  Nouns and adjectives; Pronouns and determiners; Verbs; Modal and auxiliary verbs; Gerunds, adverbs, and conjunctions; The sentence As in modern English, the only regular noun inflection was the -s ending of the genitive and plural: irregular plurals were mostly the same as those that have survived into recent English. First, let's review some simple definitions. Overall, though, Baron calls the gender-neutral pronoun an "epic fail" and reckons that new pronouns such as "ze" may not survive. wissen to know 14. Reorganizing the Document. French verbs and their conjugation seem to be the most exasperating part of French grammar for students. They sat on the sofa to watch their favorite television program. 대박 is an exclamation that's meaning has changed from  UPDATED: Reverb fiends that we are, we've gone deep once again into the audio production landscape to bring you a fully updated and definitive list of the very . 27. This is a new, improved version of an older list of 400 words. Correct: London is a city whose many museums, palaces, and monuments make it a popular tourist destination. 18 Nov 2016 Check out this list to make sure you're not slipping up. It has the tools for  Indian Version: By Compromise, By Bribery, By Punishment, By Blackmail one can make his job done. A declarative sentence makes a statement. 272. Here's a list of the adjectives and adverbs you'll see the most:. Transliteration: Saam Daam Dand Bhedh. Martin is working at the library this semester, but he isn't there now because today's Sunday and library's closed. 1. finden to find 18. It caught on fast enough. For example, you  This free PDF has fifty frequently used English phrasal verbs, with definitions and Some phrasal verbs have the opportunity for you to practise using them in your own made up past participle made up. Instead, I've used forms of it as main verbs, and I've made sure that my subjects agree with my verbs and that I've used the right verb tense each time. Passive reporting structures: He was believed to be innocent. 18. The best way to learn about this topic is to study phrasal verbs. ) An article consisting of a series of items presented as a list. 639. And they where the sacred writer has placed it, is in the common version carried over every proto their families, in the house of their fathers) in the account of names, in their rolls;  20; 17; 16; 14; 14; 14; 13; 11; 10; 9; 8; 8; 7; 6; 6; 4; 4; 4; 3; 2; 1015. or pronoun subjects just after the verb (after a mandatory linking hyphen, that still does not make a compound word but denotes the inversion of the subject rather  23 Apr 2015 Date updated: March 27, 2017. Let's call it a day and come with new ideas tomorrow. John Cheke even made a valiant attempt to translate the entire "New Testament" using only native English words. Test your skills with a variety of word and number games including world famous crosswords and six styles of Sudoku! Come back each day for new challenges to keep your skills sharp, and 1 Mar 2016 The . A detail of Samuel Johnson's  Using verbs correctly involves knowing more than just how to express action in a sentence. (to observe). 59. with no progress. A corrected version of this sentence would be 'Jamal is studying for his test. take-- took-- taken. geben to give 9. More "popular" people also talk less about their families, are less emotional overall, use fewer past tense and present tense verbs and words related to time. –ing and –er always add an extra syllable to the word and –ed sometimes does. A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence because it lacks a subject, lacks a verb, or is a dependent clause. Here's a list of marks that have been registered as trademarks and are actively. • Passive voice. sehen to see 15. 20 Oct 2014 Verbs that help with author prominent referencing . Paul to the Romans in the New Testament of the Bible. Prepositional phrases and phrasal verbs are two of the most complicated grammar forms to master in English. He got caught. 5:16 Ye shall Bad sense here as usual in Paul, but not so in 1Th 2:17; Php 1:23. In light of that legal case, we thought it would be useful today to review the different. It contains grammar guidance, with thousands of verb conjugations, research and hundreds of activities. a distinguished, famous, or great reputation; fame: to make a name for oneself. Do not use dialect unless your ear is good. I like to go look at paintings in the museum. g,, a typical sequence could have been: Verb 16 Noun 65 Enter). Vide Kodeknights. bleiben to stay, remain 19. It's easy for little Normally, the object of the sentence appears at the end, following a verb. Complete list of grammar and rhetoric rules/concepts tested on the multiple-choice writing section of the SAT and the English section of the ACT. Reading Test Answer Explanations. It starts with the cat inspecting his front paws and ends with the cat going in search of breakfast. Different kinds of sentences have different purposes. setzen = to set (something somewhere), to seat (someone); sitzen = to sit, to be sitting. An interrogative sentence asks  17 #StayWoke: exhortation to remain vigilant and informed (used by #BlackLivesMatter movement). out decision. It is also one of the Visitors are welcome to make additional suggestions in the comments. As for its first official usage, that came in a 1998 mailing list from Google co-founder Larry Page. But both he and Sally McConnell-Ginet, a Cornell  The English We Speak is your chance to catch up on the very latest English words and phrases. It works very well for a multilevel group once you explain any new vocabulary. The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that conjugate with TO BE in the perfect tense (passé composé, the most common French past te: The updated version I made of the famous list of the 17 verbs that conjugate with TO BE in the perfect tense (passé composé, the most common French past te The passé composé of 17 verbs is formed by combining the present tense of être (je suis, tu es, il est, nous sommes, vous êtes, ils sont) and then adding the past participle of the verb showing the action. Me gusta ir a ver los cuadros en el museo. (13) Mother: Lisa  31 May 2010 Also Check: 500 Most Common Korean Adjectives 100 Most Common Korean Adjectives 100 Most Common Korean Verbs 가다 to go 가르치다 to to hang out with 놀라다 to be surprised 높이다 to make something high, to increase 놓다 to lay, to put; to release, to let go 놓이다 to be put, to be laid; to feel. You may well have heard this one a million times before, but it is still popular and widely used. 25 Oct 2016 The Republican presidential candidate, lately famous for coarsening public debate and attempting to delegitimize the democratic process, has also perpetrated a crime against the English language. 5 He who gathers crops in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps during harvest 17 Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray. if you download this handout to use it with your classes, please rate and drop a little comment, thanks. English irregular verbs arranged into lists that make them easier to remember. think-- thought-- thought List#2 "Copycat" Verbs made by adding a prefix to an irregular verb usually follow its form (the same past and past participle endings. All sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark. 4 May 2016 This is the 2016 version of that. The digital version contains links which take you straight to related pages if you want to find out more. “Cat Bath” on page 132 is a very simple version of the poem about Jeoffrey. Because this new version of SAT Writing is very similar to ACT English, I'm linking each rule to our corresponding ACT English article that provides more  18 May 2015 There is an assumption of an implied plural when the singular versions of these words are used in this way; relatively few people would be brave enough Having said that, you are likely to hear pair of glasses treated as both a singular and a plural: the Oxford Dictionaries New Monitor Corpus (a research  People use status updates to share what's on their minds, to tell others what they're doing, and to gather feedback from friends. And they're about to become your new French best friends (and not the false kind!). those Slavic names, followed by an overview of the foreign given names that made their way into Polish culture, as well as an survey of how these current trends are  This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at intermediate level and above explores the theme of phrasal verbs. 7. an unpleasant or derogatory appellation or expression: Don't call your brother names! Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. 62 The passive: form and use. num. names with preflxes. Both The New York Times and the BBC have made this error. It has its roots in this viral video. ”. The current British government is a coalition. Just by learning these fifty, your students will have prepared themselves for 87% of irregular verb use in English! There is another page showing the usual list of irregular verbs in English. 대박 – Awesome. liegen to lie, be lying 20. The following is a list of verbs (and their derivatives) that require être: This is perhaps the most popular mnemonic device for être verbs in the United States. 3. You are indeed wrong. To generate this list I searched only 20th century sources, representing about 20 million words in total from academic, news media, literature, and oral sources from both Portugal and Brazil. The Clear key was used to correct user typing errors, while the Reset  I'll try to include the answer in future versions of this guide, and if I us need to practice, interact with many different people, make mistakes, observe what other people . 4 Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. 25 Jun 2012 The clause-boundedness hypothesis suggests that agreement computation is only sensitive to information within the current clause (Bock & Cutting, . By the end of the 16th century, trump had its current meaning: a transitive verb that meant to win, to defeat. 5 Aug 2015 Phillip Pullman did much the same, his op-ed citing the verb tense's use in Bleak House also, as well as, occasionally, in Jane Eyre. 20 Jan 2010 have achieved or have made progress towards achieving on completion of a module. So what works? Which words help to make posts  18 Apr 2016 This was the test item (the students were supposed to circle the correct form of the verb inside the parentheses): implicitly introduces relevance to the present moment: British speakers will favor We've already done that, while American English speakers tend to prefer the preterite: We already did that. tell-- told-- told. General titles | 17 . 18 Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is  Chapter 4. To Range also  There is a famous story of two snakes that grabbed each other by the tail and each swallowed the other. present progressive (for most verbs). a) I'm depending on you, so don't make any mistakes! b) Is this total including the new students? c) Excuse me, but do you wait for somebody? d) These At the moment of speaking the plans have already been made. Students focus on the meaning of those phrasal verbs through a vocabulary and meaning matching exercise. The past tense of some verbs may sound as if made, came, same, take, safe e–e these  Miss Taylor, the two characters who raised her, did not result in her being . '  20 Aug 2013 If you're a fan of verbs then Burnett has more than 100 that are worth bookmarking. gehen to go 13. These (and others) can be acceptably used in academic texts. 2009 7. lassen to let, allow, have done 16 Siz Izlagan Portal