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6. Drive (an AC VFD drive system) and IEC I-Drive. A. PAD. Drawworks : 2720 hp or 2,000 kW. Electrical Switch gear, SCR fractional to 3200HP, VFD fractional to 4000 HP, Control interface, Generator controls. Drive mode. come from the grid or diesel generators on site, and conversion from AC to DC is done at an SCR system. J7. (32 Ft. Derricks. System Configuration. Main products are as follows: AC VFD drilling rigs (2,000~9,000 meters), DC drilling rigs, mechanical drilling rigs, truck/trailer-mounted drilling rigs/work-over rigs (1,000~4,000 meters), drilling rig components (mud pumps, rotary tables, crown blocks, traveling blocks, hooks, and winches), and other specially designed  We design and supply full rig packages: AC Drive Drilling Systems; DC Drive Drilling Systems; Pipe Handling Control Systems; Top Drive Control Systems; BOP Control Systems; Camera Systems; Communication Systems; PLC/HMI Control Systems; Generator Controls; Remote Access & Monitoring; Alarms, Anti-Collision  152' x 30' 1,000,000#. Energy Storage. 1000 HP ELECTRIC DRIVE /SCR-DC. Hook, Load (tons), Drilling depth by 4 1/2" DP, Drilling Depth by 5"DP. Our skid-mounted drilling rigs include diesel electric AC/VFD or DC/SCR drive rigs, mechanical drive rigs, and combination drive rigs, from 1,000 HP to 6,000 HP. F-800×1. A. 1,900. HOOK LOAD LAND DRILLING RIG. Description of Machine. Power Limit Controller Test Fixture manufacture, production, marketing and service of onshore and offshore rig control Superior Quality---utilizing high-end qualified AC, DC Module from USA. Based on years manufacturing experience, CP International, Inc. Top drive: Tesco TD-500HS 500 ton hydraulic top drive,  Electric-drive drilling rig: The drive mode of DC electric-drive drilling rig is AC-SCR-DC, while AC electric-drive drilling rig is AC-DC-AC; it is equipped with a complete diesel generator as the power source. e. It consists of the complex drilling control system,mud pump control system,MCC & power supply system,TV monitor & talkback system and management computer system. PLEASE EXCUSE THIS WEB, it is a work in progress. Swivel: 300 Ton Rotary Table: 27. . 2500 (250). Max hook load (lbf). We supply We offer innovative rig structures, drilling equipment, electric power systems, SCR drives, AC variable frequency drives, and more. F-1600×2. ESM Software. (HP), ft, mtr, ft, Mtr. Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace - Electric VFD Drilling Rig - New built - 2700 hp for sale  Model, Type, Horse Power, Max. Travelling block. The practical exercises are  Auxiliary loops. As the industry continues to upgrade its fleet with more powerful and more efficient rigs, we anticipate that these  A draw-works is the primary hoisting machinery that is a component of a rotary drilling rig. We have certified all of our low voltage industrial AC drives and some of the general purpose low voltage  YJ13 And YJ13A motor are squirrel cage variable frequency speed regulating asynchronous motor developed for AC-DC-AC electric drive oil-drilling machine. MAST: (N) Model: 142' x 750,000 lbs BHL Self-Elevating Mast Racking Capacity: 15,000 ft. 22. Preventing Centrifuge Failures Due to. Cantilever Triple. Modern drilling rigs have a variable (AC or DC) drive of all the main mechanisms. 1200 HP DIESEL ELECTRIC TRIPLE BOX ON BOX SUBSTRUCTURE 5000m 4–1/2″ PIPE 20′ FLOOR HEIGHT 16′ SUB CLEAR HEIGHT. IEC designs and manufactures its Centurion Vari-. IEC provides motor control centers, driller's. 24-27. • Self-propelled, trailer or skid. GE manufactures rugged electric motors for the toughest applications in the oil and gas industry. We offer DC electric used drilling rigs for sale, DC electric land drilling rigs for sale, DC electric oil rigs for sale and electric Schramm drilling rigs for sale. 1000 HP @ 980 RPM; 750 Volts AC 750, Amp rating 1050. Pumps, Traveling Equipment, Mud Systems, AC or DC Drives and Control Systems,. The modular design allows for  Electrical Drives Systems (a. AC. General Electric 752 DC Traction Motors With a V-80 Parmac Hydromatic Brake and Ross Hill Top Drive: Canrig Model 6027 AC 275 Ton Top Drilling System. 5 Fl API d-E. Offered in both horizontal Learn more. The simpler AC As an example, rather than create a four-acre pad for each well, the rig makes it possible to drill four wells from the same pad. Conversion Software. GE has established a worldwide network of authorized  components of typical generator and drive control switchboards as used extensively on drilling rigs. com . TSC facilities include a 85000 square feet manufacturing plant for drilling equipment and expendables, a 30000 square feet manufacturing plant for rig AC/DC Drive System and a 20000 square feet central warehouse in  1 Jun 2015 Many drilling contractors have been able to keep more of the Tier 1 rigs (with AC drive and often top drives and self-mobilization systems) working while the Tier 2 rigs (silicon-controlled rectifiers [SCR] that can be retrofitted with top drives and self-mobilization systems) and legacy rigs (mechanical) are  Today's new drilling realities require more power than conventional wells and have given rise to the development of the AC/DC SCR drill rig powered by multiple generator sets. 4,000. Variable- frequency AC drive with digital control system. Model, 6027 AC. •explosion-proof equipment of wireless communication (radio stations);. The motors are designed to be highly  Read more IDS builds drawworks and power-control systems for drilling rigs. these motors have been engineered. CARE's focus is on offering  GE builds thousands of AC and DC traction motors in its Erie. main motors. F-1300×2. •meteorological equipment set. Drill line drum. Drillmec designs solids control solutions to enhance drilling rates and reduce costs through the efficient removal of drilled solids, remarkably minimizing the environmental impact. Efficiency is improved because fewer engine/generators are needed and horsepower is tailored to  31 Mar 2011 While DC Systems have dominated the oil industry up until just a few years ago and are not becoming obsolete, AC Drive Systems have been used more and more on recent projects. hp. We offer: www. AC rigs are in short supply relative to the horizontal rig count. 1 kW to 25 MW, for voltages 230 ÷ 11 kV. Since shipping its first DC drilling motor in 1955, GE has pioneered the electrification of the drilling rig and  Mud System: Two (2) Tanks, 1000 BBLS (Available with 3RD Mud Tank) Block/Hook: 350 Ton Combo Top Drive: 350 Ton AC Electric Top Drive with VFD Drive/TD CIP in SCR house. drilling rigs of their kind, GE's integrated delivery of power generation, propulsion, C-Series vessel control and position mooring systems includes AC drilling  Land Rigs. AC and DC Drives for Oil Drilling. 1 3/8' DRILL UNE DRUM. • Rig Walking Systems. 2 000. The center height and installation dimension of the  Complete Rig Packages 1000HP - 2200HP - Let us design the perfect fit for your needs - call or inquire today! We supply a full line of drilling rig packages: skid-mounted drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs and trailer-mounted drilling rigs. Our Oil Land Drilling Rig include diesel electric AC/VFD or DC/SCR drive rigs, mechanical drive rigs, and combination drive rigs, from 1, 000 HP to 6, 000 HP. 3. Wide speed adjustable range and control technique can reduce greatly transmission structure. • Up to 1000 hp  mechanical drive; direct current (DC) generator and motor; alternating current (AC), silicon controlled rcctificr (SCR), direct current (DC) motor. Power. The steel cable (drilling line) used in draworks can be used to hoist and lower hundreds of thousands  In recent years there has been a positive trend in the offshore sector toward the use of AC drilling drives rather than the once popular SCR (DC) based systems. Drilling rigs are equipped with digitally controlled DC or AC transducers. P. (3) units driving SR-4 Cat1875 kva, 600V, 60Hz AC generators and (1) driving Marathon 1875 kva, 600V, 60Hz AC generator. 43M API 7K. AC and DC motor drives, generator controls, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Electrical. 7. 00  Drilling Motors. GE Transportation appointed EA Mechanics as… November 08, 2017. One (1) Full Circle-on-the-floor cantilever beam leg drilling mast with a maximum clear height of 152'-0” x 30'-0” wide base and a . 4200. E1500, AC-SCR-AC / DC, 1,500, 350, 16,400, 5,000, 14,760, 4,500. Cooperation between. c. Over 200 field service professionals  control system and power compensation technology in in DC motor driven rigs, thus a better drilling performance can be acquired. Make, Can Rig. Application Paper. MUD PUMPS, BOMCO E1000 (1,000 HP) 1 Electric motor GE-745 WBOMCO E1000 (1,000 HP) 1. As a result, number of complete drilling rigs being manufactured in 2007 reached 28 compared to 2 rigs in 2005. 1. Voltage Distortion on a Drilling Rig. MH RamRig. Designed in light-weight, compact modules, our drawworks provide optimal performance, control and safety under the most extreme climate conditions. ISOONP IC-SODZ . As per China ① “ZJ” means Drilling rig; “XJ” means workover rig; The world popular AC-SCR-DC drive technology is used. SUB STRUCTURE: (N) Model: BHL Self-Elevating Drill Floor Height: 30 ft. Great. They take international advanced insulation processes and special measures protecting the bars from braking. The power drive system available in SCR (AC-SCR-DC) or VFD (variable Frequency Drive, AC-DC-AC) system . Drillmec offers a complete range of triplex mud pumps from 1000 hp to 2400 hp diesel or electric AC – DC powered both rated 5000  Rig Inventory. Electric drive. Rig Monitoring Instrumentation for mud monitoring, drilling  11 Apr 2017 Mechanical, AC & DC Drawworks from 250 – 2000 Horsepower. 20. Drawworks: Superior 1,000 UE 1,000 H. 147. THE OUTGOING  -SCR-DC. The incoming transmission lines would be laid very rapidly by TSECL, exclusively for the Drilling rig, for which plan would be made in advance. Drawworks. DC electric-drive drilling rig ( AC-SCR-DC), and AC electric-drive drilling rig (AC-DC-AC). GE Drilling Motors –. MAST. TOP DRIVE, TESCO – 500ECI900HP – Electric portable AC with VFC cabin (1,100,000 lb) Drill torque: 39,000 ftxlb. Performance: 229 tons, 1000 HP with BOP 13 5/8” x 5M, DPs 3 1/2” and 5”, BOP control unit 340 U. DC/DC rig to SCR include the following. Special Requirements of Drilling Machine and its Solution. Stewart & Stevenson designs and manufactures a full line of mechanical, AC & DC drawworks for drilling, workover and well servicing rigs. Pa. 16 . Our inventory includes both oil and natural gas  Drilling Rigs. 1600, 5-SCR, maximum continuous power 5 x 2,000-Amp, output volts 600-volts. Our model SDM-800DC DC drilling motor is an identical match of GE752 traction motor. manufacturing facility. . Rig 44. Our truck-mounted drilling rigs  Featured products. The process confirms that the modules will perform flawlessly as required for during drilling operation. Max pull fast line : 485 kn. TD RATING. The PACE 750 and PACE 1000/1500 designs have slightly different specifications although Nabors is keen to standardize  been adopted in the AC VFD drilling rig, both the quantity and technology are The advantage of AC VFD drilling rig is the AC motor brushless, no . 1 250. Usually  (AETI), is helping operators upgrade mature or traditional offshore rig systems with AC VFD power systems. RIG OIL 122 – 550 HP Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig £1. Each system could accomplish the  Let us help you upgrade a Tier III DC rig to a Tier. RIG MASTER P300. Deadline anchor. Drawworks adopts hydraulic disc brake and the EATON auxiliary brake,etc. Application Background. Technical discussion was held with BHEL (OEM of the drilling rig) representatives regarding the project and BHEL  well stimulation & fracturing | cementing | well intervention & coiled tubing | rig systems | power generation | drive systems & switchgear railcar movers | specialty 34 | rig systems. DC. 1 ea. The OWI IRONMAN Rig Package is a complete package consisting of an OWI AC Drawworks, with Independent Rotary Drive, Top Drive, Mud Pumps, Pit System, Substructure and Derrick, Walking System, Caterpillar Power Systems and can include any combination of support equipment the customer desires. We supply a full line of Oil Land Drilling Rig. gal, choke manifold 3 1/16” x 5M Rated drilling depth: 3500 m with 5” DP. and software automation products. AC generators, DC drilling motors, top drive control system, and motor control centre. with Skid  For example, a rig may be termed an “offshore” rig if it is one used for offshore drilling, but more commonly rigs are referred to as mechanical, DC/DC “Ward-Leonard” or AC/DC (SCR type), or VFD drive rig (AC-DC-AC) for the most modern rigs depending upon the type of power coupling used to provide motive force for the  WB-ZJ70D drilling rig DC drive control system is digital DC drive control system with maximum hook load 4500KN. GE Transportation appointed EA  drives system for offshore and onshore drilling rigs. can supply the rigs from 500 HP to 3000 HP which can be truck mounted, trailer moved or skid type. We successfully put into operation our first application of the MV Variable Frequency Drives in y. News. 2 500. Petroleum electric control system is generally divided into two categories,one is DC (Direct Current) equipment,which used the SCR system, AC electric control system have the following advantages: 1. Type: ZJ 40. The land Modular AC and DC Drawworks Globaltech Motor & Controls, Inc. AC-DC-AC  This is my first web, it is about the new AC (and DC) oil drilling rigs I have commissioned in the past 5 years, the first 3 years as a Field Engineer for GE and the past 18 months working for myself. Our truck-mounted drilling rigs range from 450 HP to 1, 000 HP. Electric-Drive Drilling Rig There're two models of electric-drive drilling rig, i. sells & remanufactures many types of AC/ DC Traction Motors, with the highest quality and reliability. Drawworks, Mud Pump and Rotary Table  17 Nov 2009 technology including considerable savings in equipment, installation and operating costs but concentrates on the provision of 'clean' DC power for marine vessels, offshore drilling rigs and oil production installations which utilize multiple AC variable frequency drives (VFDs) and where 'common DC bus'  Bentec's Variable Frequency Drive, an own-developed AC motor drive, provides a reliable system for drilling applications. Drilling packages can be designed as Mechanical, DC or AC, fabricated to incorporate moving systems, top drives and manufactured to work in high ambient or artic climates. The importance of power quality. Tender-assisted packages. With voltage distortion  DRILLING RIGS. 1500 HP ELECTRIC DRIVE AC. A low prov and achi. GE AC M. Well Control Equipment, and many other drilling equipment and  Manufactured in 2015. GH 2000 EG. • Individual Rig Components: Mast and Substructures, Drawworks, Rotary tables, Mud. Used 1200HP Mid-Continent U-712A SCR Drilling Rig For Sale. S. This strong . Fully-Optimized Power. 1, AC Converter drive rigs have the advantage of low speed start and maintenance, it has good  The components and structure of drilling rig conform to API Spec 4F, 7K, 8A, and acquires the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram. 3000 (300). 7 ft) Height under rotary beams: 5 m (16,4 ft) Set Back: 137 mt. Parker Drilling Company Rig 257. Electric drive or diesel engine drive. 00; RIG OIL 106 – 650 HP Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig £1. F-1300×1. ICPE ACTEL's expertise. DC drive with digital control system. Electric control mode. RIG LAYOUT · MAJOR EQUIPMENT INVENTORY  Drilling rig packages. E1000, AC-SCR-AC / DC, 1,000, 250, 13,120, 4,000, 10,496, 3,200. Driven by two AC VF motor. Is this actually true? Is AC a better deal or a sleeping dog best left alone? DC rig operations have been in existence for many years and have proven reliable so, why the interest in AC? Nabors Drilling is introducing a new series of programmable AC electric (PACE) rigs. Click HERE for 1000 HP SCR Rig Inventory  Rig Skidding Systems - in both linear and Bidirectional types. Regional Development. I know it's ugly, I just figured out how to make this thing called a Web work! We offers fleet of modern, quality, diversified Onshore Drilling Rigs (Land based Rigs) for Oil & Gas drilling projects in the Middle East. ICPE ACTEL (Research Institute for Electrical Engineering-Electric Drives) and ELECTROTEL S. controls and driller's cabins. Ross Hill, Model No. Electric motor GE-745 WBOMCO E1000  Our combined resources have over 100 years of experience in the design, fabrication and delivery of drilling rigs and structures. The Drawworks is an important part of a drilling rig. Driven by (2)-1,000 H. Abstract—The ac and dc drives commonly used on land and offshore drilling rigs produce extremely high levels of harmonic distortion. ○ DC-driven drilling rigs is equipped with the advanced AC-SCR-DC power system in the world, drilling rigs can  For more than 20 years, GE's horizontal and ver For more than 20 years, GE has supplied thousands of AC traction motors for land and offshore drilling rigs world-wide. Rating: Breakout Torque, 60,000ft/lbs (81,400nm)  For all your onshore and offshore drilling operations Baldor and ABB have you covered with our extensive line of motors created specifically for the drilling industry. •Ward –Leonard systems. As AC technology permeates the drilling industry, its benefits have become  Better drilling performance of drilling rig can be obtained by the application of VFD technology. 40 years in offshore and onshore drilling Drilling electric drives systems. 5″ Driven by drawworks or a series wound DC traction motor. Control Consoles, networking, instrumentation, consoles and panels and motor control centers. S It API 4-E. Gan Chuan, Gao Chenghai. 00; RIG OIL 120 – 850 HP Drilling Rig £1. On a DC drilling rig, alternate current (AC) produced by one or more AC generator sets is converted into direct current (DC) by means of a silicon-controlled-rectifier (SCR) system. Rating: Hoisting, 275 Tons (244,200 daN. Drive can be combined with the Bentec AC motor to create a perfectly aligned configuration able to meet all high power drilling requirements on rigs. The drawworks electrically driven by heavy duty DC or AC motors, with working speed continuously  It can offer six series of drilling rig packages, which are listed in the following inventory with more than sixty varieties of drilling equipment and parts. Traveling Equipment: and DC (SCR) rigs are becoming economically obsolete. 24 May 2016 The difference between Direct Current and Alternating Current Drilling Rig Electric Drive System. IG MASTER 850. of 5” ø (Triples) Mast is API 4F-0167 Monogrammed and Certified. Benefits of AC Technology. 7 Aug 2013 These drillers, which control only about one-third of the overall land-rig market, make up about half of the unconventional shale-drilling market and about 85% of the industry's AC-drive rig fleet. 21. It has the same footprint and is interchangeable with it. D. We've integrated VFD and SCR systems for the drilling and marine industries since 1975. 6. AC or DC. We specialize 5GE752ARB3A High Torque horizontal DC Land Rig Drilling Motor, single shaft, series wound, left hand leads facing non-drive end with plug in connection in junction box. GE's high horiz. H. We are successful in speed and torque control AC/DC electric motors in power ranges 0. DRILLING RIGS. 16500ft. ) for offshore or onshore oil / gas drilling rigs. The Special Features of our Solution. Granting full operation and control of  24 Apr 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Jusman SitohangThis is a Power System, basicly a theory of Converter and inverter. Module. Submersible Shallow Water - Barge Drilling Rig - Caspian Sea (ABS & RMRS  been suggested together with an example of a remote power quality monitoring systems has been introduced. ROTARY TABLE, 27 ½” Fargo Manufacturing Inc (1,100,000 lb). Low in. DESCRIPTION. Power rating approx. 5. Deep horizontal drilling is a growing practice around the world and in areas of North America such as the Barnett Shale in Texas, the Haynesville  BHL NEW 1500HP AC x 750,000 lbs. TRUCK-MOUNTED DRILLING RIG. Drawworks rated power (hp). The wire-rope drilling line winds on the drawworks drum and extends to the crown block and traveling blocks, allowing the drill string to be moved up  drilling rig electrical components, rig power systems. TSM 8000. The rigs are being built in North America, the Middle East, and in China, and moving into many markets. Mud pump. Drive way. With this Option of SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifier for DC Rigs, VFD – Variable Frequency Drive for AC Rigs, MECH – Mechanical or Hydraulic Drive for Mechanical Rigs • Engineered with  GE 752 Series DC traction motors;. Choose an Industry Leader. 00; RIG OIL 125 – 1200 HP Mechanical Drilling Rig £1. Power loops. SOOOMAHZ'DP & ASOOMS'DP. Drilling rig design and fabrication, delivered on time and on budget from Red Deer, Alberta to anywhere in the world. Electrical adjustable speed drives, both AC variable frequency (VFD) and DC SCR types, are standard equipment onboard offshore drilling rigs/ships, land rigs and offshore oil. S ' DRIVEN BY  Features of DC-driven drilling rigs: ○ The basic parameters of drilling rigs follows the regulations regulated by the industrial standard SY/T5609-1999 the Types of Petroleum Drilling rigs and Basic Parameters. The most widely used system on new rigs or large marine rigs is the AC-SCR system. drilling rigs. 3200 M 5' OP. 1475. • Freestanding or externally guyed mast. Our AC drilling motors are similar with GEB22 drilling motors but with more  type of rig used, the drilling practice adopted, other factors beyond human control (for example the Site preparation: A drill rig is heavy and because of the high loads involved, the site should be properly levelled . AC-DC-AC. 2+2R. Specifications Drilling Range: 14,000' with 4-½" Drill Pipe. (Battery or UCAP). 26 Apr 2012 As one of the leading global providers of land drilling power systems, AETI offers a suite of drilling rig electrical products and services including: AC VFDs, generator control switchgear, motor control centers, and power houses for land drilling rigs; SCR drilling systems including Analog and Digital DC drives  Kenai Drilling Rig Fleet. Our products are manufactured to API guidelines  SPN Well Services' fleet consists of 12 drilling rigs that include AC/DC drive systems and mechanical SCR and an inventory which includes top drive and kelly rigs. 708120. C. Supply frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz or DC bus. 10 stands of : 6" DC 10 stands of : 9 1/2" DC. High mount ability of drilling rigs electrical equipment: Abstract: The ac and dc drives commonly used on land and offshore drilling rigs produce extremely high levels of harmonic distortion. Hoisting systems. stewartandstevenson. DC/DC. SIMOVERT Masterdrives. 1 500. Eddy current brake type. Our quality systems are the result of decades of drive engineering, service and rig building experience. 9. 0. For the past three decades, drilling equipment has been DC driven by Silicone Controlled Rectifier (SCR) systems, which converts AC to DC and enables motors to run at variable speeds. AC-SV. Major operators around the globe rely on the superior quality of Stewart & Stevenson rigs . Wire rope : 38mm dia. Nominal drilling depth (41/2″DP). E&P companies realize the value of the new AC programmable walking rigs and premium. • SCR/DC, VFD/AC, Mechanical. Drillship Semisubmersible Jackup Rig Land Rig Thousands of GE's AC and DC drilling motors are used to drive drawworks. 2700hp VFD Land Drilling Rig. Hoisting speed, rotational speed of rotary table, and strokes of mud pump can be adjusted as per needs owing to adopting advanced VFD full digital control technology in AC variable frequency  This specification covers the requirement for design, manufacturing, supply & commissioning of AC VFD POWER CONTROL system for drilling oil rig application along with commissioning 230 V Phase-Phase AC power supply shall be supplied from AC PCR (MCC house) for DC PCR lighting and space heaters supply. Compared with DC AC-SCR-DC, drawworks is changed to single-speed gear transmission from four shift of chain transmission,  As with mechanical rigs, AC auxiliary power must be provided through addi- tional engine/generator sets. 24 Jun 2013 AC-powered systems offer advantages in terms of improved top-drive motor speed and enhanced torque, compared with direct current, or DC rigs. OUTGOING DC POWER AND RIG AC LOADS ARE TO BE INSTALLED IN PANELS WHICH SLANT DOWNWARD TO RELIEVE STRESS ON. Year after year. II rig with AC equipment or a Tier II rig to a Tier I rig fully equipped with AC power so that you can reach that next level of performance and safety to improve your day rates. 2001. GH 2500/3000 EG. and/or d. CE certificate. CAODC members account for nearly all of Canada's drilling contractors and some 98 per cent of Canada's service rig contractors. TPH's analysts  24 Apr 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Jusman SitohangOil and gas rig (electric motor) need variable speed and torque, how to control speed and Time Rolling compared the DC(DC-SCR-DC) drive rigs and AC converter drive rigs comprehensively, AC (AC-VFD-AC)converter drive rigs are recommended due to the following advantage of AC Converter drive rigs. Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) Software. Its main function is to provide a means of raising and lowering the traveling blocks. Drawworks gearshifts. T0 RATING. With an optimum structure and high-level integration, the whole rig requires a small working space. ○ K type mast is  1500 HP Diesel Electric Land Rig (Location - Uralsk, Kazakhstan) Drawworks: Continental Emsco C-1 Type II 1500 HP, grooved for 1 3/8 in drill line with two (2) GE 752 series wound DC traction motors Baylor 6032W auxiliary brake, make-up and break-out catheads. E2000, AC-SCR-AC /DC, 2,000, 500, 22,960, 7,000, 19,680  DC control modules. Because in the field we use TSC engineers, manufactures and distributes its own products to drilling contractors around world. The rigs can be Power transformation: diesel engine + coupling transmission+ chain compound, while independent AC variable frequency motor or DC motor for rotary table  Drilling Rig Drive Systems The BDC 2000 SCR Drilling Control System is a digital 2000 HP DC drive control system with a maximum hook load of 5000 lbs. Air cool hydraulic disc brake : . 4. Workover Rigs Our product line includes onshore  20 May 2017 Electrical engineering, switchboard design, PLC controls and SCR systems for drilling rigs. To help you in building rigs, we have created complete packages of our offering and certified them. Amps. Each motor is carefully designed to match the demands of land-based and offshore oil and gas drilling applications. (a DC SCR drive system). The performance enhancements that can be expected when converting the. URBO-drilling equipment is proud of . The mechanical horsepower requirements for the prime movers must be determined from an  Drives and Controls Services. Independence, with the newest technology and a fast moving AC rig fleet, is set to vastly outperform others in the  2 hooked to AC-PCR & DC-PCR through bus tie or bus coupler. DC (AC) drive with digital. Our pioneering technological advancements in rig manufacturing, such as drawworks components and AC/DC control systems, serve oilfield service companies locally and internationally . GH 4000 EG. Engineering & design. 2. We supply a full line of AC and DC drilling motors for SCR and VFD electric drilling rigs. It consists of the complex drilling control system, mud pump control system, MCC and power supply system, TV monitor and talkback system, and computer  22 Oct 2015 SSG is a modular, scalable, and provides voltage and frequency support to the AC or DC bus in generator power systems from 3kW-4MW. Fund, Investing in the future, European Union  RIG 1E DC. 00; RIG OIL 127 – 750 HP Carrier Mounted Drilling Rig £1. The main rig movers are diesel engine driven AC generators with enough power for operating the rig. , based on 40 years experience of R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing. Rating: Continuous Torque, 30,000ft/lbs (40,700nm). M&I (Ross Hill Type) a rating of 1,600HP Driven by two (2) GE 752 style AR DC electric motors per pump. Hoevenaars, Member, IEEE, Michael McGraw, Member, IEEE, and Kerwin Rittammer. A brief history. •Converters with thiristors. Practical work will be undertaken in our training facility on our fully functional Ross Hill SCR system with 600V. Large AC Drive Systems are now in operation on Deep Water Drilling Vessels, Fixed Platform Rigs and Land Rigs  10 May 2008 Today's world would seem to dictate that a changeover is needed from DC powered operations to AC for drilling rigs. For different types of ac and dc top drives on onshore and offshore drilling rigs. You will find a good variety of DC electric drilling rigs for sale at Henderson Rigs to fit all of your drilling operation needs. 3 750. This leaflet is co – financed by the European union from the European. Model×number. Repeated damage to one or several  Our offering to you covers low and medium AC voltage variable frequency drives, DC drives, PLCs, HMIs and motors. Substructure, Height: 6 m (19. With voltage distortion often exceeding 20%, equipment associated with the drilling operation can experience erratic operation and equipment damage. Drawworks come in many varieties and can include AC, DC or mechanical operations. 10. SIMOREG DC Master. •Magnetic amplifiers. •Frequency converters electric drillings  We supply Variable Frequency Drives and soft starters to suit specific application needs