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▫ Provide 3 pharmaceutical quality control laboratories (within 4 months). Situational Analysis of the Medicine Evaluation and Registration System of Afghanistan. . د درملو او روغتيايي محصولاتو د تنظيم The development of the Concept Note for National Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory. 26 Jun 2017 KABUL, Afghanistan – Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan's (CSTC-A) Chief of Combined Joint Medical Branch, U. 260th meeting of Registration Board was held on 28-29th June, 2016 in the Committee Room, Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, G-9/4, Islamabad. The FDA gained authority to regulate ingredients in cigarettes and other tobacco products in 2009. Amendments to that regulation that came into force in March 2016 ensure that seizure or restraint of funds is authorized where there is a suspicion of money laundering. 58 Retweets; 24 Likes; Dipankar Handique जयंत एस. Bandits, Borderlands and Opium Wars: Afghan State-building Viewed from in the drugs trade. Medical Devices Agency. LAHORE (Monitoring Desk): Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) has approved up to 4pc hike in price of registered drugs. Authority (NMHRA) has been led by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) technical working group, which consisted of executives and experts from both inside and outside the MoPH, including technical officers and health  29 Oct 2017 The suspended companies include 817 from Afghanistan and 113 from abroad. 18 May 2015 Interestingly, 80. The FATF Recommendations are recognised as the  5 Jan 2017 Without a legitimate and functional government agency to oversee the operation and regulation of cultivation, bribes will just be paid to Afghan security forces instead of the Taliban. regulations, Background, 2013-06-14. GIZ is coordinating the intervention on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). IV. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan established National Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) to ensure availability of safe, effective and quality medicines for the people of Afghanistan. (MRA) Directory. Mujib Ar-Rakhman Hamkani and Nourshah Kame Wal, two healthcare and medicine officials from Afghanistan, have shared with Sputnik some of a commission on healthcare, physical education and youth in the Parliament of Afghanistan, explained to Sputnik that most drugs on Afghan shelves are  13 Nov 2017 Near the start of Washington's Afghan adventure in 2002, the US military, the CIA, and the country's American-supported president, Hamid Karzai, had little interest in or next to no knowledge of the drug problem. 23 Dec 2017 Dr. 16 acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. In a notice issued by the Central Drugs  Suspended and revoked licences for manufacturers and wholesalers of medicines. S. interests in Afghanistan and to the integrity of the Afghan state itself. 2 Jul 2014 interest in financial sustainability and regulatory matters,. International Organization for Standardization Certificate. And even then, if opium production in Afghanistan was able to be legalized and regulated, illicit production would most likely  31 Dec 2014 KABUL, Afghanistan — Early this year, officials in Washington extolled a rare success in the fight against the drug trade in Afghanistan: The authorities there had imprisoned a leading opium trafficker on the United States' kingpin list, Haji Lal Jan Ishaqzai. All stakeholders are however  99, 148, 259,409, 427 in Afghanistan (see Afghanistan, cancer care) intelligence units, 16 in Jordan (see Jordan health system) in Lebanon (see Lebanon, cancer of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), 171 Cytotoxic and adjuvant medicine, 19 D Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP), 240 E Egypt 496 Index. forces to be operating in proximity to Afghan forces, so the U. $600 (MoPH confirms the documents and based on that  17 Mar 2015 The Afghan drug trade poses an immediate and urgent threat to U. The Member States and the Commission shall immediately inform each other of the measures taken under this Regulation and shall supply each other with any other relevant  and the regulatory and other systems in place to deter and punish money laundering (ML) and the financing of terrorism (FT) The assessors would like to express their gratitude to the Afghanistan authorities for their hospitality . Environment and. Identification: Medicines Regulatory Authority. Th e first one is the drug in-vitro evaluation including conformity of drug active  Pharmaceutical Product. GOAL: Reduce the demand for illicit drugs in Afghanistan and increase the provision of treatment for users. It works to  Private Pharmacies in Afghanistan. Before going to Afghanistan  13 Mar 2018 Public Health Minister Firozuddin Firoz, introducing 'A' license agreement for chain pharmacies here, said the plan had been prepared by the National Medicine & Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) and approved by the Presidential Palace. Th e bio analytical method assessment of the studied drug product, carried out in our laboratories, covers two aspects of evaluation. 26 Aug 2013 ABDUL HASEEB KHAN to move for leave to introduce a Bill to amend the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan Act, 2012 [The Drug Regulatory Authority of . the Afghanistan embassy in that country, the non-resident embassy may endorse the certificates. forces could strike in defense of the  concerning restrictive measures directed against certain individuals, groups, undertakings and entities in view of the situation in Afghanistan . 30 Jul 2017 the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a U. 3 Each producing country must establish a government agency responsible for a licensing system for licit opium poppy cultivation. . “These companies were  20 Feb 2007 In recent months, we have seen several articles and reports advocating the legalization of opium in Afghanistan. The drug economy as a new regulatory system in post-war Afghanistan can only be overcome by. Medicines Regulatory Authority. 8 million and regulations. The strikes marked the “first significant use” of legal authorities granted August  29 Jun 2015 President Ashraf Ghani's government has worked to rein in the sector, and Pakistan's drug regulatory authority said cross-border co-operation was improving. Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). The United States and international anti-money laundering agencies should continue to apply pressure on regional banks and the regulatory agencies that oversee  The Regulatory. reliance on opium production to boost the economy posed a huge political problem: regulation over poppy  All finished pharmaceutical products procured with Global Fund funds must also at all times comply with the national regulations and relevant quality standards established by the national drug regulatory authority in the country of use, following its standard practices for registration or other forms of authorization. the following countries were classified as low-income economies: Afghanistan, Bangladesh,. Air Force Col. Do we need to rethink our relationship with risk? Martin believes we do. Partners in the project are the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the International Criminal Police  24 Jun 2014 In 2002 the home affairs select committee called on Britain to initiate a debate at the United Nations on alternatives to drug prohibition – including legal regulation. Curtailing Afghanistan's opium poppy harvests is essential to the country's long-term security and political health, international donors say. AISA. Noor Shah Kamawal, CEO of NMHRA explained the hiring process of staff for this  presented to the MC and NMFB of MoPH, which made the final decisions on all aspects of the policy and duly approved it for implementation. 11:27 PM - 8 Nov 2016. • Determine and report on whether the audited entity has taken adequate corrective action to address findings and recommendations DOD CN: DOD Drug Interdiction and. He said the 16 chain pharmacies would be created  consultants and oversight bodies are: • Mohammad Zafar Omari, SPS/Afghanistan Chief of Party. The Afghanistan Synthetic Drugs Situation Assessment was prepared by the UNODC. “almost opium free”. Ghulam Rasool Dutani, Director Pharmaceutical Evaluation & Registration Division, DRAP. 5107 likes · 398 talking about this. Policy Implications 15. 1. Afghanistan. Although Afghanistan's Law on  21 Nov 2017 Afghan heroin is not fueling the deadly U. Taliban operations are largely funded from opium profits; the UN's drug control agency estimates that in 2008, the trade was worth as much as $470 million (PDF) in annual tax and  The issue of how to combat the Afghan drug trade will be viewed through the lens of the. The aim of this meeting was to have an open dialogue between WHO and humanitarian health partners on how. Directed CDSCO to facilitate Afghan Drug Regulatory Authority in developing their regulatory framework. DRUG REGISTRATION AND IMPORT/EXPORT CONTROL DIVISION. 15 Oct 2015 Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has provided opportunities of thefts on public level, as the government put its burden on medicine manufacturing companies of examining medicines. Jody Ocker (left) and Dr. 4% indicated that the Afghan drug regulatory authorities need to convince pharmacists that registered locally manufactured generics are of  1 Dec 2012 Ministry of Public Health website at http://moph. In this section. NMHRA is aimed to ensure availability of effective and safe medicine and healthcare products with high quality and fair prices. The Indian side requested Afghanistan to provide comments on the draft MoU for its early finalisation. International Narcotics. After all, mistakes can cost lives. However, in Afghanistan as in many low-income countries, capacity to determine and monitor drug quality using methods such as dissolution testing needs to be established to empower national authorities to take appropriate action in setting up legislation and regulation. Congress to give regulatory authority over tobacco to the FDA promises to  15 hours ago New Delhi, Mar 22 (KNN) With an aim to further improve ease of doing business, government of India announced that all pharmaceutical companies can exports drugs and medical devices without obtaining any sort of clearance from drug regulatory authority. HPP ensured the delegation met with the Turkish. Garrison, Jr. ) The 2009 decision by the U. MIAN RAZA RABBANI to move that the House may discuss the foreign policy of the Government with particular reference to Afghanistan and the  to a Directorate of Civil Aviation & a Civil Aviation (Regulatory) Authority & Integrated Corporate Human Resource Strategic Development: Capacity Strengthening of the Aviation Sector of Afghanistan. I understand why some politicians are reluctant to take up this debate. 17 Dec 2005 For the better implementation of this article, the Committee may establish regulations, in particular those governing applications for and the granting, content, scope, withdrawal and suspension of licenses. IDU injecting drug user. School of Pharmacy. Scoop Provides up to the minute New Zealand News. In this issue: News from Competition Authorities of Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Mongolia, Competition in the Pharmaceutical Sector, Going after Bid-Rigging Cartels, Summary of OECD June 2017 Competition Committee meetings held in Paris and Fighting Cartels in Public Procurement: Policy and Practice. Number of Days to. Agency. 3. Registration of Pharmaceutical Products/Substances Under the Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations, pharmaceutical products must be b) An authorized person for the application, contact telephone and facsimile. Hamid show in our book Militants, Criminals, and Warlords: The Challenge of Local Governance in an Age of Global Disorder, taxation is not only about money—it is about instilling authority and providing governance. laundered. 2) Provide additional information, such as certificates from the US Food and Drug. A world awash in heroin; Islam's authority deficit · Reluctant marvels The runaway Afghan opium trade—worth around $60 billion at street prices in consuming countries—is arguably the hardest problem. 28 Jun 2007 And much of it from one unruly region of Afghanistan. Department of the Treasury, Alcohol. 7. 26 Based on information provided by the Drug Regulation Committee (DRC) of Afghanistan, January 2016. ” TA No. 13 Dec 2014 Fawad Ishaq, while speaking on the occasion, urged the Afghan government to recognize only those medicines and drugs, which was certified by Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) Pakistan, to prevent export of spurious drugs to Afghanistan . and Afghan forces conduct a series of strikes in northern Helmand province against Taliban drug labs to target the revenue streams of the terrorists. 30 Mar 2017 The Indian side informed that Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has shared a draft MoU with National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA). South Asia. Afghanistan is a major drug trafficking and drug producing country: It is the world's. Initial problems  In addition, children in Afghanistan are engaged in the worst forms of child labor, including in armed conflict and forced labor in the production of bricks. Brexit Implications for the UK Pharmaceutical Industry. Private Hospital License. The MHRA was formed in 2003 with the merger of the Medicines Control  13 Dec 2017 Background: National Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) functions to regulate medicine and Healthcare Products in Afghanistan. HIV human immunodeficiency virus. 22 Apr 2016 Background. V. af/Content/Media/Documents/Afghanistan- "On Production and Import of Medicines and Pharmaceuticals" of 19 February 2007, and the Regulation investment license obtained from the Afghan Investment Support Agency, and an activity license for. Background: Globally, medicines remain inaccessible and unaffordable in low and middle-income countries, where national medicines regulatory authorities are often weak. Research and . Today the Golden Crescent - Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan - has overtaken the Triangle as the world's leading region of heroin production. Meanwhile, the National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority warned the firms to  19 Jul 2017 HE Dr. ✓ Includes direct links to country's Essential Medicines List (EML), if one exists and when available online. यादव Pallav Mishra HarshVardhan Agarwal Priyabrata Chand Manoj Rattan Smruti Rishbh Gupta Madhusudan Sharma. Obtain the License. (16-17). Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS)  National Essential Medicine List of Afghanistan Technically and financially, medicines and other medical supplies and commodities constitute one of the main components of health services. Government has issued notification to medicine manufacturing companies and medicines exporters to examine their . ▫ Licensing. 23 Oct 2017 There is a great potential for pharmaceutical exports to Afghanistan, but ad hoc rules controlling drug prices are an impediment. General David Petraeus said on Thursday he had expanded the authority of his top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. This framework was adapted to support me to identify and to describe the good practice and the situation in Afghanistan. The federal government, in turn, is blaming the Punjab government  He assured that he would get the resolution for establishment of the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) passed by the Punjab Assembly in 72 hours, if the government resolved the Sheikh Zayed hospital controversy. US Department of State (DoS) In the 1990s, the Taliban centralized authority in Afghanistan and further increased opium . Regulatory Impediments. Psychotropics in Afghanistan. Registration Fees. The incarceration hinted at a newfound willingness  4 Mar 2011 “upperworld” has an interest in allowing the country to relapse into the chaos of civil war; they therefore seek to achieve standstill agreements with subversive forces (neo-Taleban and other insurgent groups). “To promote and facilitate export of pharmaceuticals from India, CDSCO has taken various measures including waiver of NOC from its port offices. ​. 1 day ago Now, this has been extended to exports to any country across the world, the circular issued by the regulatory authority said. 16. 10. gov. INCB. 20 Apr 2015 drug quality is warranted. Leader of the House Syed Nayyar Hussain Bokhari told the House that the government was ready to legislate  22 Sep 2016 The Ministry of Public Health also developed the National Medicine and Health Products Regulatory Authority , which has created an effective framework for controlling drugs and medical products to ensure they meet the necessary quality and standards. 1 week - 4 months. Press Releases, Analysis, Opinion Pieces, all published the instant they are available. David Lee,Director for Technical Strategy and Quality, Center for Pharmaceutical. The meeting started with recitation of the Holy  22 Nov 2017 U. Agency for International Development by the Strengthening. opiate epidemic to any significant degree. In May 2015, Afghanistan issued Cash Courier Regulations establishing a cross-border currency reporting requirement. One of its members was David Cameron MP. in, or originated from, Colombia, and law enforcement authorities in Afghanistan believe that “Colombian . He began his international career in Afghanistan in January 1996 with Phamaciens sans Frontieres . However, to maintain a steady flow of American money and aid, which it was increasingly dependent, the Afghan government had to enforce the culturally and economically history of opium in Afghanistan to demonstrate that drug control, as a reflection of the and conflicts with regulatory authority. • Ahmad Farid Sarwary SPS Regulation/Legal officer in Afghanistan. George W. 2736, Afghanistan National Medicines Services Organization, Background and Members, 2012-11-06 3247, Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ATRA), Background, 2018-01-22. occur under INCB supervision and guidance. 22 March 2018; MHRA; Decision; Part of a collection: Licences to manufacture or wholesale medicines  S/he also works in close collaboration with the UNDP Afghanistan Programme and Operations teams to ensure required UNDP Country Office support is also UNICEF/UNFPA country offices, national drug regulatory authority and customs when required; and process and monitor required national procurement for the SRs  The US Food and Drug Administration is placing heightened emphasis on risk assessment. The Misuse of. Bush in 2002, two-thirds of spending (See the FYI box on page 223. Ways Forward. But have we gone too far? NSF International's Martin Lush believes we have. Also, Afghanistan's labor inspectorate is not authorized to impose penalties for child labor violations, and the Government lacks sufficient programs to eliminate the worst  25 Sep 2014 Afghanistan unfortunately will not be able to join the small group of countries that produce licit opium for medicinal purposes. Is ICH Q9 (Quality Risk Management) fit for purpose, or is it just poorly applied? Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Mrs Ashraf Jahan on Wednesday put Chairman Export Processing … Continue reading · Print Friendly, PDF & Email. Technical assistance for DAB and other regulatory and supervisory bodies to work with non-banking  The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is an executive agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe. 24 Dec 2013 In an attempt to deal with the rapid rebound of opium production after the Taliban ban on opium cultivation in 2000, Afghan authorities, with UK oversight, focused repressive policies on heroin processing and trafficking and hurriedly introduced compensated poppy eradication programmes. Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). For instance, the 'new frontiers' emerging in post Taliban Afghanistan have been internal ones, as warlords compete with one another and the embryonic central authority to establish their own regional 'mini-states'. This paper argues that the drugs economy has been an important part of the story of borderland transformation in Sheghnan. Pharmaceutical Technology How to Write To Regulatory Agencies When Things Go Wrong. ✓ Lists the MRA of all ICP Countries and includes direct links to their web sites, when available. “Afghanistan's Drug Industry: Structure, Functioning, Dynamics, and Implications for Counter-Narcotics Policy. Article 8: Possessing Needed Amounts of Narcotic Drugs. Bangladesh. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (IEIS)—a strong association with a mission similar to ANMSO— as well as the Turkish Ministry of Health, Medicines and. Submitted to the U. Stanley McChrystal, to  30 Jan 2018 KABUL/PESHAWAR (Reuters): Afghanistan said on Tuesday the Taliban would have to be defeated on the battlefield after Us President Donald Trump rejected the idea of talks with the . Authorized Agency. The move comes as part of crackdown on poor quality medicines and drug smuggling, according to the Public Health Ministry. 2. But FDA's regulatory efforts have  15 Mar 2018 Afghanistan · Angola · Azerbaijan · Cambodia · Cameroon · Central African Republic (CAR) · China · Democratic Republic of Congo · Equatorial Guinea · Ghana · Guyana · Honduras · Kazakhstan · Kyrgyzstan · Laos · Liberia · Libya · Malaysia · Myanmar · Nigeria · Papua New Guinea · Peru · Republic of  15 Feb 2012 The Chief Minister of Punjab has stated categorically that the registration of drugs and their pricing and licensing mechanisms were being controlled by the federal drug regulatory agency, even after the enactment of the 18th Amendment. Dr. Federal Drug Control Spending, 2005–2010 (millions of dollars) Source: Data from the U. Authority (NMRA). [1] Gross revenue from drugs is equal to about 15 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP). Because of drugs, borderlands . European Commission. Availability of quality medicines not only  Afghanistan, world's largest producer of opium; poppy cultivation increased 10 percent, to 201,000 hectares in 2016, while eradication declined significantly; Benin, transshipment point used by traffickers for cocaine destined for Western Europe; vulnerable to money laundering due to poorly enforced financial regulations. Chair of Supervisory Committee: Professor Louis P. Supply of. Nicholson noted previous authorities required U. This National Drug Action Plan outlines Afghanistan's intention to pursue a balanced, comprehensive . The Senlis Council, which has been quoted by mainstream media as an authority on this subject, has published a report with dangerous conclusions, which are . , if applicable. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an independent inter-governmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system against money laundering, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. 21 Nov 2017 The US and Afghan air forces launched a series of strikes on narcotics laboratories in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, marking the beginning of what could be a long, expanded air war there under US President Donald Trump. Ferozuddin Feroz Minister of Public Health praised the activities and achievements of National Medicine & Health Products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) and wished for their further success and achievements. DRUG OFFICE. Noor Shah Kamawal (right), National Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (NMHRA) Executive Director  How to Start a Business in Afghanistan. 2 International control mechanisms. Norio Kasahara. Guidance Notes on. Heroin is  Afghanistan is the number one producer of opium (the raw material for heroin), producing over 90 percent of the world total. government agency, and defaulting on a $15. 6. The vision of the MoPH is GDPA will continue to provide the functions of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority. Administration, other stringent regulatory authority countries, etc. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Benin medicines regulatory authorities (NMRA) are established which aim to ensure, monitor and. 2010. Tagged Blocking of export, EPZ authorities, Franklin Law Associates, High Court of Sindh, import, Pak-Afghan border, petition, Reliance Petrochemicals, Stock Verification  Staff ReportISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari Friday issued the renewed Drug Regulatory Authority Ordinance (DRAO) 2012, reports SAMAA. Vision of  National Medicine & Health Products Regulatory Authority-NMHRA-Afghanistan. He also demanded to waive off registration fee in Afghanistan . Management, Arlington Washington. "The (Afghan) complaints are not going into the filing cabinet," said Muhammad Aslam, head of the government-run Drug Regulatory Authority of  He strengthened the Pharmaceutical Supply System, and the National Drug Regulatory Authority. 8% of the respondents agreed that Afghanistan should establish a national brand substitution policy and further, the majority of the respondents 90. If you notice an issue with this AHWP, APEC. When Pakistan transitioned from a drug-producing country to a drug-transit country and the  6 Oct 2010 The Government of Afghanistan was committed to fighting drugs, and it had done much in past years, but had much left to accomplish, and because Also before the Committee was the report of the nineteenth session (4 December 2009 and 17-21 May 2010) of the Commission on Crime Prevention and  2871, Afghan Banks in compliance with U. Goodhand, J. • Wahidullah Karwar, SPS Supply Chain Systems Senior Technical Advisor in. Norwegian aid to Afghanistan will hopefully influence the . ▫ Eliminate the $1,000 charged by GDPA for permission letter submitted to. 13 Nov 2013 KABUL - Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose to record levels this year with a 36 per cent increase compared to last year, according to a new survey launched today by the United Nations drug and crime agency and the Afghan Government. and opium. This policy document will be followed by an implementation plan that will set out strategies, objectives, activities, and expected outcomes/outputs to implement all agreed components  6 Apr 2015 In the future, Focus will expand this resource to include the bodies responsible for medical device registration. Ministry of Public Health. The National Unity Government has also formed  18 Oct 2012 The Upper House of parliament approved the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) Bill 2012 on Wednesday, bringing an end to a dispute between the there 336 drone attacks were conducted in Pakistan in which 2,300 people have been killed, while 96 cross border attacks were launched from Afghanistan. For those involved in the opium economy, different regulatory regimes are associated with different risks. Mr Shinwari claims that high container detention charges, a monopoly of shipping lines and the absence of a shipping line regulatory authority in Pakistan make the process  A very brief statement of a national drug policy was proposed by the World Bank in 1993: The aim of the National Drug Policy is to ensure that effective and safe medicines Legislative and Regulatory Framework Legislation and Regulations Drug Regulatory Authority The Law and Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry 109. ICH Q9, Quality Risk Management was adopted by . The authority will OTTAWA: U. The nation's only libertarian, civil liberties, public interest law firm. Pharmaceutical Technology  The pharmaceutical industry has always been risk-averse. • Mohammad Basir SPS Regulation/Legal officer in Afghanistan. Authorized regulated drug manufacturers  The project to fight trafficking from and to Afghanistan is being financed by the European Commission. Other actors with far less power—the US embassy in Kabul, the US Drug Enforcement Agency,  16 Nov 2017 Afghanistan's opium cultivation and production both hit record levels in 2017, despite an increase in opium eradication by the government. The tour  the Norwegian Medicines Agency, the Norwe- gian Institute for Alcohol and . Within the strategies in Afghanistan, we addressed several gaps as lack of patient centered approach, lack of educational programs for the health professionals, lack of Drug Regulatory Authority and  15 Mar 2018 The agency is first seeking comment on a number of issues, including potential unintended consequences, such as the creation of a black market for higher nicotine products. Psychotropics. Responsible Department Directorate of Curative Medicine. From there, he has served in various positions across the globe mainly in Pharmaceutical Procurement Supply management,  7 Nov 2017 On October 29, Noor Shah Kamawal, director of the National Medicine and Health Product Regulatory Authority, announced that the licenses of some 817 local and 113 foreign medicine import companies have been cancelled on charges of smuggling and counterfeiting. Results 976 - 1000 of 1028 The pharmaceutical regulatory situation in Afghanistan is generally considered to be weak with most of the activities in the private sector and, to a l arge extent, physicians joining as trainees to the Noor Hospital and to those working in outpatients clinics, and is a priority for the health authorities. U. Carrying narcotic prescription drugs for personal use on foreign travel is also regu- lated by the regulation. III. to come to terms with alternate legal sanctions represented by the Islamic Shariat and government regulations as government functionaries project their authority into the region. The three UN drug control  Embed Tweet. Medicine Regulatory Authorities  17 Jan 2015 these authorities aim to ensure that only safe and efficient medicines of good quality are put on the market. 2nd Meeting of JWG on TCI  Brief of the Assignment. Earlier this year, the Consortium developed a health position paper (please see additional information for paper) to remind all stakeholders of the dire situation in the health sector. 34, Afghan Beverage Industry (ABI) . ▫ MOPH Pharma Tasadee corporation Plan. That calculation indicated that 47% to 55% of all opium produced in Afghanistan is made into heroin for export, according to the agency — though the effect the  7 Jul 2015 Devise implementation plan for creation of National Medicines Regulatory. regulatory authorities on the border (Roit- man, 2005)  Most scrutinized literature was collected from diff erent sources such as Afghanistan Pharmaceutical Directorate. EC
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