- python-selinux. CodeDeploy is a service that we are likely to reuse over time as new services get added to our system. Configure nodes hosts: created_nodes become: yes become_method: sudo gather_facts: false tasks: - name: "Wait for SSH banners" local_action: wait_for  -a 'ARGUMENTS', --args='ARGUMENTS' The ARGUMENTS to pass to the module. 67, group. name: Add required local accounts hosts: testservers user: root vars_files: vault. roles: - management  14 Sep 2015 As I continue down the Ansible journey to automate all things it isapparent that Windows is a second class citizen in some regards. --become-user=BECOME_USER. [privilege_escalation] #become=True #become_method=sudo #become_user=root #become_ask_pass=False [paramiko_connection] # uncomment this line to cause  2016年1月19日 ansible-playbook をいつもみたいに流してたら DEPRECATION WARNING が出るようになった : Instead of sudo/sudo_user, use become/become_user and make sure become_method is 'sudo' 8 Jul 2017 Whats the difference between become_user and remote user in Ansible (2)?. [root@web1 ~] # cat /etc/ansible/become. -k, --ask-pass Prompt for the connection password  15 Apr 2017 If Ansible modules are the tools in your workshop, playbooks are your instruction manuals, and your inventory of hosts are your raw material. become: set to 'true'/'yes' to activate privilege escalation. tasks: ansible-playbook -i inventory /kvm/inventory playbooks /configuration/apache . the value for the key hosts is webservers), the value for tasks is a sequence of  becomecmd = '%s %s echo %s && %s %s env ANSIBLE=true %s' % (exe, flags, success_key, exe, flags, cmd). tags: [common]. For a full list of available play  30 Oct 2017 become_method=None,. But it wouldnt work! When I chaenged it to. [原因] Ansibleではsudoコマンドを直接利用するのは、現在非推奨になっているため。 [対応方法] 以下の様に書き換える事で無事解決した。 なお、become_methodのデフォルト値はsudoなので、この場合はbecome_method節を  28 Jun 2016 The proper way to do this would be to use the postgresql_user Ansible module and the become , become_user and become_method directives, like so: - name: Create a PostgreSQL database user postgresql_user: name=project password=project role_attr_flags=CREATEDB state=present become: yes  --ask-su-pass ask for su password (deprecated, use become) --ask-sudo-pass ask for sudo password (deprecated, use become) --ask-vault-pass ask for vault password --become-method BECOME_METHOD privilege escalation method to use (default=sudo), valid choices: [ sudo | su | pbrun | pfexec | doas | dzdo | ksu  4 Jul 2016 Does NOT imply become: yes , to allow it to be set at host level. module_path = module_path <<<<<<< HEAD def __str__(self): return ('connection: %s, forks: %d, become: %s, become_method: %s ' 'become_user: %s, check: %s' % (self. become_user self. 9. become_user = 'root' # Set global verbosity self. cfg, set to 'sudo'/'su'/'pbrun'/'pfexec'/'doas'. This playbook will handle all of the server provisioning you need to do for your environments. cfg, set to sudo  8 Oct 2015 We want to use Ansible to control a system, but the system we wish to log in to is not controlled by us, and has very strict permissions. 9 May 2016 Playbook config: If you got the following errors: Then visudo and disable requiretty: Using multiple ansible modules such as setup, shell # Authors: shawn. cfg,  Yes that is possible, the documentation states that in an example: become directives. constants. run operations as this user (default=root). K, --ask-become-pass Ask for privilege escalation password. tags: [web]. become_method = options. com/become. - hosts: webservers. Playbook - 2: --- # Installing Httpd Server and Starting it (structure. Testing the become password stored in a vault file and get the error "incorrect sudo password" without "become_method: sudo" in the playbook. ansible 2. core. privilege escalation method to use (default=sudo), valid choices: [ sudo | su | pbrun | pfexec | doas | dzdo | ksu | runas | pmrun ]. module_path = ansible. - name: checkout repo git:  4 May 2017 become: yes. yml. SUDO password:. cfg in source control for all of the possible latest values. These can be used to configure how the escalation will occur. e. Insight. md #1445712 become_method=su fails waiting for privilege escalation prompt. roles: - kvm. 25. 2. ansible. > ansible-playbook -vvvv --flush-cache  31 Jan 2018 24. py remote_user = ec2-user become = True become_method = sudo become_user = root nocows = 1 library = library We are now ready to start using the library. 18 Apr 2017 ISSUE TYPE. cfg configured module search path = Default w/o overrides python version = 2. become = options. You may wish to consult the ansible. [root@web1 ~] # ansible-playbook /etc/ansible/become. become_user: root. Deprecation warnings can be disabled by setting. com/ansible/ansible/blob/stable-2. 2016年3月11日 1. SUMMARY. become_method: (at play or task level) overrides the default method set in ansible. become_method self. playbook. Found #8650, which was rejected as Possible Misunderstanding. We've paired Terraform with Ansible and Chef previously for creating our cloud resources, but have recently been  13 Oct 2017 ansible-playbook myplaybook. hosts: all. become: true @@ -101,7 +101,7 @@. This is growing into a minimal Ansible reference of sorts, since Ansible's own docs have nothing like a reference. type "smart" or "ssh" self. options. - python-psycopg2. 9 Oct 2017 1: raise RuntimeError("Cannot get path of ansible modules") self. docker. We want to use Ansible to control a system, but the system we wish to log in to is not  2015年5月20日 になったらしいので今後は become を使った方が良さそう。 ちなみに become_method というディレクティブも追加されていて、例えばsudoではなくsuを使って権限変更をしたい場合には :point_down: のように書けばいい。 - hosts: all - become: yes - become_method: su. become: yes. j2 dest: /etc/monit/restart_passenger - name: Make  24 Jul 2016 The obvious way to automate the process is to use ansible, which has extensive support for EC2 as dynamic inventory and docker modules. 65, default=ansible. become_method: sudo. check, strict=False) self. privilege escalation self. С Ansible 1. 7 Apr 2017 Issue. 29 Jul 2016 Since Ansible 1. become = True  10 Apr 2017 Here are some initial examples of Ansible playbooks. become_user = options. become_method = ansible_cfg['BECOME_METHOD'] self. Comment 4 errata-xmlrpc 2017-08-01 20:19:51 EDT. attribute import FieldAttribute 38 from 89 docker_extra_args=('ansible_docker_extra_args', ), 90 91 # become 92 become=('ansible_become', ), 93 become_method=('ansible_become_method', ), 94  def __init__(self, targets): ansible_cfg = cfg['ansible'] self. We have this same issue too. __path__[0] else: self. deprecation_warnings=False in ansible. Prompt for the  1 Nov 2017 + Windows become_method: runas now works across all authtypes and will auto-elevate under UAC if WinRM user has "Act as part of the operating system" privilege - please refer to /usr/share/doc/packages/ansible/CHANGELOG. executor. roles: - mariadb. playbook_executor import PlaybookExecutor from ansible. Alas, this is not an available become_method. 3. Each entry on the list is a YAML dictionary with specific parameters: name: Required. 5 Mar 2016 Ansible 2 is out, and that means it's time to upgrade the previous article on Running Ansible Programmatically for Ansible 2, which has significant API . ANSIBLE VERSION. http://docs. loader = DataLoader() self. I am working on getting an ansible server to manage about 100 or so CentOS 6 servers. become = True self. 3 is already available for Fedora 26. - libselinux-python. A commit references this bug: Author: lifanov Date: Tue Apr 18 17:51:44 UTC 2017 New revision: 438787 URL: https://svnweb. --become-user BECOME_USER. Run operations as this user (default=root). 13 (default, Apr 15 2017, 01:13:03) [GCC 4. freebsd. user, 在远程以哪个用户身份执行。 become, 切换成其它用户身份执行,值为yes或者no. variable_manager = VariableManager() self. Inspiration https://github. win_chocolatey: name: curl proxy_url: http://proxy-server:8080/ proxy_username: user with \"escaped\" double quotes proxy_password: pass with \"escaped\" double quotes - name: Install a package that requires 'become' win_chocolatey: name: officepro2013 become: yes become_user: Administrator become_method:  --become-method BECOME_METHOD. All have an unprivileged user  15 Jun 2017 The simplest way to reproduce seems to be: ansible -a : localhost, -b --become-method=su --become-user=root -K. strategy: This directive sets the execution strategy to be used for the play. name: Common role that pertains to all servers hosts: testservers user: root become: yes become_user: ansible become_method: su vars_files: vault. Ansible использует директивы become , become_user и become_method для достижения эскалации привилегий. SSH password:. outputs a list of matching hosts; does not execute anything else. 66, help='run operations with become, nopasswd implied (default: %default)'). (default=N/A)\n -b, --become run operations with become (nopasswd implied)\n --become-method=BECOME_METHOD\n privilege escalation method to use  24 Dec 2017 If you use our venerated :slight_smile: Ansible playbook to deploy Plone and run into this error: fatal: [xenial]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "module_stderr": "", "module_stdout": "/bin/sh: 1: /usr/bi… 22 Jun 2017 Comment 3 commit-hook freebsd_committer 2017-04-18 17:52:04 UTC. conf 2015 talk - Splunk Configuration Management and Deployment | Erik Horton | IT aficionado / hobbyist. class: "{{ class }}" iam_profile: DockerHost_EC2_Role - hosts: "tag_class_{{ class }}" become: True become_user: root become_method: sudo roles: - docker. io provides an IDE-like code browsing experience on the web. Bug Report. In order to keep our ansible repository code DRY we are  become; become_method; become_user; become_ask_pass; become_allow_same_user If you have installed from pip or from source, however, you may want to create this file in order to override default settings in Ansible. Leverage the power of Python and Ansible to optimize your network Abhishek Ratan. yml -k --ask-su-pass. The next two lines, become: true and become_method: sudo, tell Ansible to execute commands as root. The ARGUMENTS to pass to the module. variable_manager=variable_manager,. DEFAULT_BECOME,. check_mode = boolean(options. passwords = {} self. when: ansible_os_family != "Windows" and ansible_pkg_mgr == "yum". -C, --check. 1 Compatible FreeBSD  New directives¶. 3 includes a number of improvements to make it easy to control Windows hosts and deployments. Status: stable 8 months ago. when: ansible_pkg_mgr == "yum". - hosts: all. modules. tasks: - name: touch file. listhosts=None,. Privilege escalation method to use (default=sudo), valid choices: [ sudo | su | pbrun | pfexec | doas | dzdo | ksu ]. become_user: deployer. The next bit specifies how the server should get modified. Ansible. Since the problem described in this bug report should be resolved in a recent advisory, it has been closed with a resolution of ERRATA. Hi, After upgrading to ansible-2. 0 I hited a regression: the "become_method: su" is unable to proceed (timeout). become_method = = 'dzdo' : exe = self . A potential future version based 20 May 2017 This will work --- - hosts: all become: yes tasks: - name: Check existence of /tmp/hosted shell: test -e /tmp/hosted register: hostedfile ignore_errors: yes - name: Ensure NTP (for time synchronization) is installed. - python-dev. 3 is a complete disaster, or the CentOS 7 package is a complete cluster. 20. Does NOT imply become: yes , to allow it to be set at host level. or sudo su - <user> -c <command>. Ansible will use sudo to become a privileged user, and execute a placeholder task - hosts: all become: true become_method: sudo vars_files: - vars/ssl_key. - hosts: kvm. --become-method=BECOME_METHOD. OS / ENVIRONMENT. html. 2016年12月16日 ansible 命令帮助文档[DEPRECATION WARNING]: Instead of sudo/sudo_user, use become/become_user and make sure become_method is 'sudo' (default). addoption('--ansible-become-method', ! 68, action='store',. ansible-playbook -i inventory common. Feature Idea. Вы можете применить их к целой пьесе или playbook, установить их в включенном playbook или установить их для конкретной задачи. 0 using ansible playbook and I am getting the below error I tried to by giving ES_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms1g -Xmx1g" "stdout_lines": ["MAX_LOCKED_MEMORY is set - ES_HEAP_SIZE must also be set"], "warnings": ["Consider using 'become', 'become_method', and . future release. com and others import json from ansible. 28. become_pass: prompt = '[dzdo via ansible, key=%s] password: ' % randbits. . - hosts: management. yaml'],inventory=inventory,. 3. 9からsudoディレクティブは非推奨に  20 Aug 2016 Ansible is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of # MERCHANTABILITY or . Whereas the value of the previous keys were scalars (i. becomecmd = '%s -p %s -u %s %s' % (exe,  Jun 13, 2016 • 7 mins read tutorial python docker ansible automation ansible-python-api. Name of the user account which will be used to run the Ansible tasks using the "become" method. Details; Builds 1 for CVE-2017-7481. raw: apt-get install python-minimal aptitude python-pexpect -y. when: ansible_pkg_mgr == "urpmi". A playbook by The goal of each play is to map a group of hosts to some well defined role, through actions within the play Ansible calls tasks. 7. -a 'ARGUMENTS', --args='ARGUMENTS'. OPTIONS. become: set to 'true'/'yes' to activate privilege escalation. become=become, become_method=None,. Ansible 2. display  19 Jan 2017 python-devel. md for further changes - added ansible-inventory and ansible-config  15 Jan 2016 @Wassim I'm not sure this is the same issue, but I am reminded of this problem when a user's ansible couldn't connect but his manual ssh could. 4. To accomplish our objectives with regards to storing our secure credentials in S3  15 Mar 2018 CHAPTER 1. become_user  _text import to_bytes 36 from ansible. playbook_executor import PlaybookExecutor . parsing. yml - name: perform apt-get update and upgrade become_method: sudo apt: upgrade: dist update_cache: yes - name: ensure that packages are installed become_method: sudo apt: name: "{{ packages }}" state: present - name: install  privilege escalation self. become_method: su. cfg file. options = Options() self. org/changeset/ports/438787 Log: sysutils/ansible: fix prompt for become-method=su PR: 218724  Related directives include become_user, become_method, and become_flags. roles: - useraccounts. ---. 2017年8月6日 Ansible这个工具在现在运维中用的越来越多,它可以方便的批量执行命令,上传文件,配置playbook初始化一些新机器非常快速方便,当然除了我们命令行使用外,我们还可以通过ansible提供 from ansible. yml tasks: - name: Placeholder task name shell: echo Placeholder  29 Jun 2016 I use Ansible to provision and manage my small collection of servers and when version 2. This variable  19 Nov 2016 In our Ansible playbook we can add a role for Monit Passenger, some variables for it to use, then a pretty simple main task: name: Copy the Passenger restart command file into place become: yes become_method: sudo template: src: restart_passenger. -b, --become. 2. 69 3 Oct 2016 #!/usr/bin/env ansible-playbook --- - hosts: localhost #remote_user: root become_method: sudo tasks: - name: Install Git package: name=git state=installed become: yes - name: install the 'Development tools' package group package: name="@Development tools" state=present when: ansible_distribution  2016年8月2日 Consider using 'become', 'become_method', and 'become_user' rather than runnig sudo. listtasks=None,. -k, --ask-pass. One common use is  17 Aug 2017 Playbook - 1: --- # Basic Yaml (basic. First, there's the key tasks. --become-method=BECOME_METHOD privilege  19 окт 2015 В этой статье рассмотрим некоторые важные особенности, установим и настроим Ansible на сервере под управлением Debian Wheezy и напишем наш первый playbook! «Instead of sudo/sudo_user, use become/become_user and make sure become_method is 'sudo' (default)». 1. addoption('--ansible-become', ! 63, action='store_true',. elif self . yml -v No config file found; using defaults PLAY [us-west-2]  ISSUE TYPE. 2017年1月12日 默认/etc/ansible/hosts, 需要指定hosts分组 -f FORKS, --forks=FORKS # 指定并发进程的数量 -C, --check -D, --diff -l SUBSET, --limit=SUBSET --syntax-check --list-hosts -v, --verbose # -v, -vvv, -vvvv # 提权选项 -b, --become --become-method=BECOME_METHOD # sudo(default)/su/pbrun/pfexec/runas/doas  8 May 2016 The following playbook instructs Ansible to apply to all hosts configured in hosts . become_method. 64, dest='ansible_become',. Specifically, the only way we can run commands on the system is with sudo su - <user>. --become-method BECOME_METHOD. I think I hit something similar to this recently and ended up putting these lines in ansible. yml -k. setting become_user does not set become. To get around this problem, we can make use of Ansible's ability to populate an in-memory inventory, using the add_host module, with information it generates while . --become run operations with become (nopasswd implied) --become-method=BECOME_METHOD privilege escalation method to use (default=sudo), valid choices: [ sudo  27 Sep 2015 This post will help you get up and running with Ansible with the end goal of deploying Splunk universal forwarders to both Windows and Linux. COMPONENT NAME. syntax=None). - - - - hosts: all become: yes become_method: sudo roles: - aws-cli. 12 Jan 2018 Want to standardize and automate your whole Docker Swarm management? Are you inspired by our article Creating a High-Availability Docker Swarm on AWS and now wish to reduce the repetition every time you need a swarm? Well, we've got you covered with the help of Ansible. If "ansible_become_pass" is changed to "ansible_sudo_pass", it works without "become_method: sudo". 4 SSH loses connection before proceeding to the next task. convert_bool import boolean 37 from ansible. 2015年7月29日 19. rc != 0. 2系にあげて ansible-playbook を実行したことろ下記の警告が出ました。 sudoディレクティブはもうすぐいらない子になるから、bacomeディレクティブを使いましょう 的な感じかな。 公式ドキュメント によると、1. (ansible-test) $ ansible-playbook -i hosts playbooks/sample_playbook. [DEPRECATION WARNING]: Instead of sudo /sudo_user , use become /become_user and. com/linux/ubuntu trusty stable state:  2017年4月26日 output_file=None, tags=None, skip_tags=None, one_line=None, tree=None, ask_sudo_pass=None, ask_su_pass=None,. com/ansible/become. Ansible is installed via Pip so if you don't have Pip installed, name: Add Java8 repo to apt apt_repository: repo='ppa:openjdk-r/ppa' tags: - install become: yes become_method: sudo - name: Add WebUpd8 apt repo  15 Mar 2016 Does NOT imply become: yes, to allow it to be set at host level. The bug is know and a fix has been 5 Apr 2017 For the last year or so, the majority of our new projects at Made Tech have used Ansible as our go-to tool for provisioning and configuring our servers with the software that runs on them. if self . yml) - hosts: centos remote_user:  9 May 2017 This is the second article in the DevOps series, and covers the installation of a LAMP stack and WordPress, using Ansible. - hosts: mariadb. roles: - common. I think the become_user directive is unnecessary as thats also the default, but I think it was the  5 Jun 2017 I've beat my head on this for 3 days now and it's becoming obvious that either Ansible 2. py ansible. 21. listtags=None,. security update in Fedora EPEL 6 for ansible. become. Full changes available at: https://github. The become and become_method items allow a change of privileges from within the SSH user's session. 3/CHANGELOG. 0. Do not make any changes on the remote system, but test resources to see what  gather_timeout = 10 # additional paths to search for roles in, colon separated #roles_path = /etc/ansible/roles # uncomment this to disable SSH key host . file : path = / tmp / sufiles state = touch. I ran a playbook, as become_user: deployer, but the playbook wouldnt run! Because I thought the hosts: all. . 26. They can be set in the inventory file or as variables and are independent: Become vars & directives are independent, i. playbook = PlaybookExecutor(playbooks=['/home/felixc/dev/ansible-playbook/test/test001_api_pb. Ansible is an IT automation tool We have also set become, become_method and become_user to run the command as root user. This is the default location of the inventory file, script, or directory that Ansible will use to determine what hosts it has . Ahos nos centraremos en Ansible, basado en el concepto de roles ( cada VM instala una serie de roles específicos). -b, --become Use privilege escalation (specific one depends on become_method), this does not imply prompting for passwords. --list-hosts. make sure become_method is 'sudo' (default). 関連リンク: http://docs. If you haven't yet, you'll want to install Ansible on the non-remote machine. - gcc. 21 Jun 2017 Ansible 2. cfg, set to sudo  1 Dic 2016 En el post anterior conocimos Vagrant. 0 added support for privilege escalation via doas (via the become virtualenv=/home/esteele/. ” — — # This is an example playbook to install Apache on Centos - hosts: myserver remote_user: ansible become: yes become_method: sudo connection: ssh import os from collections import namedtuple from ansible. In the following article,  test/units/playbook/test_play_context. at play or task level overrides the default method set in ansible. This feature will be removed in a. Ansible has DataLoader() options = Options(connection='local', module_path='', forks=100, become=None, become_method=None,. 04 LTS doesn't come with certain modules, required by ansible". inventory import Inventory from become_method='sudo', become_user='hadoop', verbosity=10, check=False) return PlaybookExecutor(playbooks=[playbook_path], inventory=inventory,  ec2. check=False,. become_user, 与bacome_user一起用,可以是root或者其它用户名  22 Nov 2017 Install Ansible. sudo=None, sudo_user=None, become=False, become_method='sudo', become_user='root', become_ask_pass=None,. All of these can be set at the Task to Play level and can be overridden at  8 Sep 2015 An introduction to configuration management with the Ansible IT automation platform including installation, configuration and playbook set up. become_method, 与became一起用,指可以为'sudo'/'su'/'pbrun'/'pfexec'/'doas'. 6 Apr 2015 group. module_utils. include_vars: vars. dataloader import DataLoader become_method=None, become_user=None, become_ask_pass=None, ask_pass=None, private_key_file=None, remote_user=None, connection=None,  15 Jul 2015 Also it's possible to use Ansible with a non-proviledged user, though, but if they would like to use priviledge on clients, it's necessary to allow to use priviledged commands If you'd like to use another way to use priviledge except sudo (su | pbrun | pfexec | runas), specify the option "--become-method=xxx". cfg : [privilege_escalation] become=Yes become_method=sudo become_user=root become_ask_pass=True. hosts, 为主机的IP,或者主机组名,或者关键字all. yaml --user=deploy --become --become-method=su --ask-become-pass Now, I wanted to specify these parameters in my ansible. gather_facts: true. com/linux/ubuntu/gpg | sudo apt-key add - " - name: Adding Docker Repo become: yes become_method: sudo apt_repository: repo: deb https://download. Sometimes Python API with Ansible Ansible code can be called using Python, using the Ansible API. 9 или новее. I've been looking at using Ansible to automate this process to prevent user  inside sample_playbook. Required. Ask for privilege escalation password. yum: name=ntp state=present when: hostedfile. ask_pass=None, private_key_file=None, remote_user=None  20 Sep 2016 ansible/aws-packer. become_method = 'sudo' self. 0 config file = /usr/home/svc/ansible/test-playbook/ansible. become_user: set to user with desired privileges — the user you 'become', NOT the user you login as. 22. remote_user: liuzhenwei. name: Adding Docker Repository "APK-KEY" become: yes become_method: sudo shell: "curl -fsSL https://download. K, --ask-become-pass. starr@rogers. diff=False,. Hello! As the title suggests, in this tutorial, we will write a python script to run Ansible programmatically. cfg. become_exe or 'dzdo'. become_user=None,. It took me a while [defaults] remote_user=deploy [privilege_escalation] become = true become_method = su become_ask_pass = true  3 Apr 2017 Due to the number of "real world" caveats in the current runas become method, it was agreed that we'd warn that it's experimental on use. cfg, set to sudo / su / pbrun / pfexec / doas / dzdo / ksu; become_flags: (at play or task level) permit to use specific flags for the tasks or role. 12345. This allows the usage of ~/ in the paths to manage directories and files relative to the user's $HOME directory. state. You can adjust these as necessary. Use privilege escalation (specific one depends on become_method), this does not imply prompting for passwords. become_user = ansible_cfg['BECOME_USER'] self. 12 Apr 2017 Run commands in the background, killing the task after NUM seconds. 27. CONFIGURATION. yml --- - hosts: us-west-2 remote_user: ubuntu tasks: - name: Update the Ubuntu system and services apt: update_cache=yes become: yes become_method: sudo. yml -K. become: equivalent to adding sudo: or su: to a play or task, set to 'true'/'yes' to activate privilege escalation; become_user: equivalent to adding 'sudo_user:' or 'su_user:' to a play or task, set to user with desired privileges; become_method: at play or task level overrides the default method set in ansible. connection,  2017年3月29日 Ansibleのバージョンをあげると見慣れぬエラーが Ansible のバージョンをばばっと 2. - - -. Many of these keys will be used in example playbooks through this book. tasks: - name: Ensure the Apache daemon has started service: name=httpd state=started become: yes become_method: sudo  ansible: unbreak become_method: su. 10 Mar 2016 (2 replies) Hi, The central IT function at my company allows developers root access to a server for a short period of time to allow us to install any required middelware and application software when we are commissioning a server. Is the update generally functional? Playbook Ansible per la generazione di un IDP con Shibboleth 3. - name: "FIX: Ubuntu 16. Here's my problem. com/divious1 . virtualenvs/wordspeak_n7 become: True become_method: doas become_user: esteele environment: USER: esteele  --become-method BECOME_METHOD. You need to add a delay ( sleep ) before the shutdown command: - name: restart server shell: sleep 2 && shutdown -r now async: 1 poll: 0 become: yes become_method: sudo ignore_errors: true - name: waiting for server to come  2017年8月31日 设置需要初始化的ansible配置参数Options = namedtuple('Options', ['connection', 'module_path', 'forks', 'become', 'become_method', 'become_user', 'check']) # 初始化需要的对象variable_manager = VariableManager() loader = DataLoader() # connection这里用ssh连接方式,本地可以用local; module_path  9 Nov 2016 Hi All, I am trying to start Elasticsearch 5. become self. diff = boolean(options. diff, strict=False) # general flags (should we move out?) # should only be 'non plugin' flags for  17 Dec 2017 In this post, we will see how learning a little bit of DevOps tools like Ansible and Apple's CI solution Xcode Server can help to manage large-scale iOS CI/CD infrastructure Although Ansible is designed for Linux, there are enough modules that can be used with macOS as well. yml) - hosts: centos remote_user: ansible become: yes become_method: sudo tasks: - name: Querying for Telnet Install yum: pkg=telnet state=present update_cache=true

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