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Application for bank guarantee

It is issued by the Bank upon the request by the bidder expressing the Bank's commitment to meeting the claim of the beneficiary in case the bidder withdraws from the bid during the bid period or fails to accept the award when he/she is declared a winner. This is an application for the trade service(s) specified below. No:. Details / Purpose of Guarantee. Ad-Hoc BG. Typical applications stipulate a specific  We also offer bank guarantees through our online service. At the request of the Market Participant, the Bank hereby modifies its bank guarantee no. Ensure you do not use the return or enter keys. <BRANCH ADD>. Banker's Guarantee Application Form. To request a guarantee, the account holder contacts the bank and fills out an application that identifies the amount of and reasons for the guarantee. Counter Guarantee. 7-205-03. Type of Application. I/We request ANZ to issue amend select (instrument) a with the following details: In favour of (beneficiary's name). Name & Address of the Beneficiary. Print. APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE (BG) / COUNTER GUARANTEE (CG). W. OR. I. Home > FORMS > Bank Guarantee · Sort by Filename · by Size · by Date · Folder . (Document Reference No. Address. BG under existing facility limit. 1 - Required documentation. S. Payment guarantee by virtue of written request only covers actually supplied goods. dated issued by. If you are replacing an expiring BG. RBL Bank Ltd. (“Minimum Price”) they are prepared to bid for the lot and produce a bank guarantee for an amount of [HK$. Bank's Standard Format. Please click to download: Application for Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit. Original copy Bank Guarantee. The bank  issued Guarantee Orders/Commitments and Letter of Credit/Collection Orders. 2014-05-12. Your company can also request a bank guarantee from the other contracting partner so that you can be sure that your partner will be able to act as provided by the agreement. Payment Guarantee. To: Hang Seng Bank Limited ("Hang Seng"), Trade Services. CHE/. Other conditions may apply. In this  Application for a Bank Guarantee or Amendment of a Bank Guarantee. : Applicant: Luzerner Kantonalbank. ^ You may not  to his bank for a bank guarantee to be issued in favour of the Beneficiary – the party who will receive the guarantee. At ENBD we value your time and we are confident that  REQUEST LETTER FOR ISSUING BANK GUARANTEE. Telephone Number. APPLICATION FOR A BANK GUARANTEE. 21 Jun 2007 If 'Other', please specify. Please note – when filling out this form please use the tab and arrow keys to move between the relevant fields. In order to help us approve your application and to proceed with a post pay mode contract registration at your nearest Contact. Registered Bank Reg. Receive the requested guarantee  Advantages of Bank Guarantees. BusinessNet Professional application, to enter into a respective contract for issuing bank guarantees or letters of undertaking thereto,  As per required vide your above referred letter, I am now submitting herewith original Bank Guarantee of Rs. Email Address. 3. Business Identification No. BG Plus: PKG A PKG B PKG C. RM10. Personally identifiable information about customer is treated as strictly confidential and may only be disclosed in cases prescribed by the Credit Institutions Act. ………………. The applicant instructs the Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (hereinafter "bank") to issue a bank guarantee (hereinafter bank guarantee) according to the information below: Currency/Amount:. Kautionsgeschäfte. Application for a bank guarantee. Dear Sirs,. The Counter-Indemnity states, among other things, the rights and obligations . If I/we at a later time should request an amendment to the guarantee, the  Before submitting a request, the Client should read the Rules and Regulations for the issuance of Bank Guarantees and letters of Credit , which specify the standard conditions on which Citi Handlowy issues bank guarantees. Amãna Bank,. Information of obligations related to post pay mode contracts secured by bank guarantee for the e-toll system in Czech Republic. The fee is calculated and charged before the issuance of bank guarantee. Performance Bid/Mobilization Advance. (Ngultrum only) from your Bank for Earnest Money. The Bank shall be under no obligation to effect any application or instruction which might, in the Bank's opinion, be contrary to any law regulation directive sanction or request of any jurisdiction or if the Bank knows or has reason(s) to believe that a breach of security, fraud, criminal act, offence or violation of any law or  Key features of the abstract bank guarantee. The Trade Finance functionality can be used if you are entitled to authorize Trade Finance orders within the. a bank guarantee where the right of objection and defence arising from the underlying transaction is expressly waived) requests payment in conformity with the terms of the guarantee, payment shall be effected immediately and  Request Letter for issue of Bank Guarantee (on letterhead of Applicant Company). LC Application Form (Part-1), Download. We hereby apply for the following type of BG (please tick where applicable): Financial. 6% – 2. In most cases, bank guarantees are not particularly difficult to obtain. This payment. Contact us to check if we can carry the foreign country and bank risk on your behalf. Letter from Beneficiary (if available). payment for goods, provision of a service, etc. Types of Guarantee : O  Page 1 of 2. Amount (currency and amount in figures). I/We hereby authorise you to debit my/our above account for any charges incurred under this application. APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE (BG). Československá obchodní banka, a. standby letter of credit, as described above, using the wording you have specified above or any amended or replacement version of that wording that we agree with you, or that you authorise (the Guarantee). Please select the trade service(s) you require, complete the required information and provide  However, businesses do receive the vast majority of guarantees. The Rules and Regulations can be found in the “Applications” tab. Type of guarantee. Customers who require a cash-backed Banker's Guarantee, please click the button below  Please find below guidelines for completion of the APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE. 2. Contact Person. (if known). If you are applying for a new BG. If your company is not yet a  I/We request RAKBANK to issue a bank guarantee (in the form acceptable to and approved by the Fatwa and Sharia Supervisory Board of RAKBANK) as per the details noted above in RAKBANK's standard form or in the form agreed between me/us and RAKBANK. ). The BG application is a:. Point (CP), please  Tender or Bid Bond: this guarantee is required by a company for participation in a tender. Alternatively, you can submit your application form and a copy of the guarantee format to any of our Trade Document Counters or DBS branches. Provided they hold to their account adequate assets, there should be no reason why a Bank will reject an application to issue a Bank Guarantee for bona-fide business purposes. To: HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. After examining and approving the Principal's application, the bank draws up a contract with the. Date ………………………………… Subject: Request for approval to withdraw the Bank Guarantee used against the payment of import duties and VAT for raw and essential materials imported  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. I/We hereby request you to issue on my/our behalf and for my/our account a bank guarantee as per the following conditions. pdf 34 Kb - Jul 14 2016 10:37:06 AM · Business Advantage Card. 5 to the Electricity Market Rules, whose provisions are transcribed below and fully  A number of instances have come to the notice of the Commission where forged / fake bank guarantees have been submitted by the contractors/ suppliers. DATE :. Dear Sir(s),. In case of bank pledge the bank makes the payment if in addition to request from Guarantee recipient it has also received Guarantee requestors consent or a court ruling that such a payment must be made. Please debit my/our above account for all commission and charges and margins if any in connection with issue of above Guarantee and subsequent amendments thereof, if any. 00 per request. Both. H. If the project receives Lending bank's positive feedback for providing the loan,the SME submits the final  25 Jul 2010 Performance Bank Guarantee) provides that the Guarantor. YES. Page 1/4. (Rupees only) bearing No. In Arabic. We request you to issue the below mentioned Bank Guarantee as per the details given below. Branch Name. A letter of credit can be used to pay not only for the delivered goods  DRAFT OF THE LETTER TO BE GIVEN BY THE CLEARING MEMBER FOR RELEASE OF BANK GUARANTEE FROM CAPITAL MARKET SEGMENT AND ADDITION Pursuant to our request the bank has issued to you an amendment letter dated ______ agreeing and confirming to make the said guarantee available as a  Application processing fee for the approval of bank guarantee issuance: One-off of the approved amount of issued bank guarantee, but at least HRK 500. Performance Bond: Alawwal Bank (the guarantor) undertakes, at your request (as applicant),  First National Bank – a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. Beneficiary Contact Name. Organizations concerned have also not made any effective attempt to verify the genuineness / authenticity of these bank guarantees at the time of submission. Please submit this online form if you are requesting the release of a Bank Guarantee which you have provided previously to council to meet a requirement of a condition of a development consent. Replacement of Lost  LC Application Form (Part-2), Download. Type of Bank  I/We acknowledge and agree that cash deposits or fixed deposits pledged to the Bank to support this application will only be released to me/us upon receipt by the Bank a written discharge letter from the Beneficiary or after the expiry date or claim period of this Bank Guarantee (BG);; You are hereby authorised, whether  We hereby instruct you to: (a) Keep the guarantee at your counters from where we shall, through a duly authorized person or the person carrying the copy of this request acknowledged by the bank, collect the same. : AMBIZ/E/BG/01-2018). … Bank guarantee issuance and loan application process , Supporting Tools , Subject to the satisfaction of the eligibility check result, the SME prepares loan agreement following the instruction of the Lending Bank. Name & Address of the Applicant. Bid/Tender Bond (Enclose a copy of Invitation Letter). 5) To be advised through. upon a Letter of Indemnity in form and content acceptable to the Bank to be given by me/us in the Bank's favour, hereby request the Bank to: (Please tick where I/We hereby authorise you to debit my/our above account for any charges incurred under this application. Guarantees. To. Amount. Colombo 3. It is a flexible and secure solution for applying for bank guarantees, enabling you to obtain up-to-date information on your company's guarantee portfolio. 4. Before signing and presenting the above documents for issuance, we kindly recommend you to discuss the deal with  Tokuda Bank issues bank guarantees to certify the solvency of customers to customs, business partners, contractors under agreements, participation in tenders and procurement procedures in application process for licenses or in all instances where the contract terms of the bank's clients require a bank guarantee. F. No. In submitting the application (“the Application”) to the Lands Department for the intended purchase of the lot, the Applicant is required to offer the minimum price. For Private Limited companies and LLP only: Bank Board resolution^. The usual guarantee amount is between 1% and 5% of the tendered amount. Bank employee will contact you within 1 business day. Bank Guarantee Extension. Bank guarantee (BG) is used to strengthen and/or secure an obligation under a commercial contract. In consideration of RAKBANK agreeing to issue the  I/We agree to indemnify Danske Bank (the bank) against all consequences of the guarantee (including a standby letter of credit) which the bank may issue to the herein named guarantee beneficiary in accordance with this gua- rantee application. Amount increase and 4. ……………………………. /BP dated . According to customers request, bank will forward issued guarantee signed by e-signature to email address  Application and Indemnity for Issuance of Bank Guarantee. /-. C. T. ▫ Request a correspondent bank to issue a counter guarantee in favour of the beneficiary on behalf of the Bank and in accordance with a  We, [name and address of the bank issuing the Application Bank Guarantee], understand that [name of the Applicant] (hereinafter referred to as the Investor), with its seat in. Bank, Branch, for faithful compliance of conditions on release letter issued u/no. e. . Secure your business activities with a bank guarantee. You are requested to please grant Commencement Certificate at your  14, item 60 as amended). In consideration of our request to you, AmBank (M) Berhad ('the Bank') to issue the Bank Guarantee ('BG'), for our account and in accordance with our application, we irrevocably and unconditionally agree to  Customers with an existing trade credit facility with DBS, please apply with DBS IDEAL. *This is limited to bank guarantees up to $250,000 that are 100% secured by a term deposit. 00. In consideration of The Commercial Bank (Q. g. APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE. >>GTRF>CNS. Applicant's Name and Address. Dear Sirs. If necessary, sign the guarantee agreement at your nearest Swedbank branch. Under Section 36. I/We, as the Applicant, hereby request Hang Seng to issue on our behalf a guarantee/performance bond (the “Guarantee”) on the following terms and conditions:. I/We. (IČ): 00001350. 5. Sub: Issuance of Bank Guarantee. Type of Guarantee : Type of Business : Name of Beneficiary : Amount : Contract No. ISSUANCE OF LETTER OF GUARANTEE - APPLICATION. Applicant. The account holder will simply  Directory List for //. Please complete this form, referring to the inserted guidance notes for  REQUEST TO ISSUE BANK GUARANTEE. After examining and approving the application, the bank executes an agreement with the customer with the required terms and conditions. 0. The Manager,. Postfach 3567. Customer (for private individuals - given and family  „Swedbank“, AB may issue bank guarantee remotely. In the light of the above we, the Bank, acting pursuant to an application by the Guarantee Beneficiary, irrespectively of the contractual validity and legal effects, hereby undertake irrevocably and unconditionally to pay to the Guarantee Beneficiary any amount indicated in the application for payment  Tender/Bid Bond Guarantees. B page 1 of 2. We request NVVN to specify the format of the demand letter which should indicate the default of. upon a Letter of Indemnity in form and content acceptable to the Bank to be given by me/ us in the Bank's favour, declare that the above information is correct. Guarantee. (Article 61). Guarantee advised through an overseas bank via SWIFT. Guarantee Expiry Date (dd/mm/yyyy). Advance / Release of Retention Money/ Security Deposit amounting to Nu… "Credit" means the standby letter of credit which the Applicant has requested the Bank to issue in substantial compliance with the instructions in the Application and the Bank's usual practice or any bank guarantee which the Bank is authorized to issue in lieu thereof or a counter-guarantee or supporting letter of credit which  In event where the effective date of the Bank Guarantee needs to be backdated (i. For Bank's Use Only. And in. 1. In case of conflict, terms of this application shall prevail to the extent of conflict. (if any) :. Document Required. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. M M Y Y Y Y. If the beneficiary of an abstract bank guarantee (i. Draft text of the type of the guarantee to be issued. 480, Galle Road,. Min : RM53. RE : APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE. The client who orders the guarantee submits an application to its bank requesting that the latter guarantee the performance of a contractual obligation (e. APPLICATION for Bank Guarantee/Bond ("Guarantee")  APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF BANK GUARANTEE. ______, submitted an application for participation in the procedure of awarding funds for fostering direct investments (hereinafter referred to as the  3 Using your indemnity guarantee facility and requesting a bank guarantee. All requirements / conditions to  Application for Withdrawal of Bank Guarantee Used for Raw and Essential Materials imported. Mashreqbank psc. Thimphu. Register the collateral (except in cases when the collateral consists in cash or term deposit). I/We place on record that at my/our benefit you have, in terms approved and accepted by us, agreed to issue the following Bank Guarantee in English. security of knowing that payment is guaranteed; Take advantage of business opportunities right away – we can provide a cash-covered bank guarantee within 3 business days once the application is received*. A Bank Guarantee will only be released where: Final Occupation Certificate has been  We are obliged to pay a sum fixed in a guarantee letter, if a guaranteed obligation is not fulfilled. An Authorised Financial Services Provider. If you are extending an existing BG. 1) Guarantee Issuance Conditions. In it, Tatra banka undertakes under certain conditions to pay your business partners the agreed amount should you fail to fulfil your obligations. Fax Number. ] (“the Guaranteed Sum”) as security for discharge. Partner-No. APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF A LETTER OF GUARANTEE. a. YES BANK LIMITED. Beneficiary's Bank Name. Application for. Bank. Customers can apply to the Bank to issue BG in favour of a Beneficiary. Tender/Bid Guarantee. In response to your invitation to respond to your RFP for implementation of Collection and Payment. Arabic. THE MANAGER. Request for Proposal (RFP) for self and submit the proposal for Implementation of Collection and. These guidelines have been created keeping in mind your requirements and this will assist you in your queries regarding the completion of the application form. Sample of Banker's Guarantee Format from Beneficiary. 29 Sep 2015 Application for a Bank Guarantee. What is a Guarantee? When BOV issues a guarantee upon the request of the Customer, it binds itself to pay a specified sum to the intended Beneficiary. Fast-tracked application*. 00 (regardless of type of guarantee). Since the bank undertakes to pay monetary compensation to the recipient when issuing a guarantee, the bank has to  are to provide Customers with professional Trade Finance services which include personal meetings with Customers and issuance of Bank. Request to an overseas bank to issue their Guarantee in favour of the beneficiary via SWIFT. Branch. JSC “Baltic International Bank”. Reduction in tenor and amount. CUSTOMER'S DETAILS. Date (dd/mm/yyyy). ANZ Reference  Enjoy greater liquidity with a Bank Guarantee from CIMB Bank. Place: Date: D D. Type of Bank Guarantee. Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS. Note: Please complete the following blank(s) and make the appropriate election by ticking the relevant box(es). BANK GUARANTEE/BOND APPLICATION FORM. G'Tee Ref. Guarantee' form and give it to  APPLICATION FORM FOR BANK GUARANTEE(S). We request you to issue a letter of guarantee on behalf of us with the below mentioned terms and conditions. No 1929/001225/06. Amendment to existing Guarantee or Undertaking reference number: ______. Bank agrees that it shall not require any proof in addition to the written demand from NVVN, “made in any format”, for honouring the guarantee. Dear Sir,. Special conditions: All banking charges outside Vietnam are for  A documentary letter of credit is a commitment of the bank issued at the request of the buyer to pay the seller of goods a certain amount, after the latter has submitted documents to the bank, which comply with the conditions and terms of the letter of credit. Possibility to receive business partner`s commercial loan whose costs are lower than costs of credit institution credit facilities. To apply for a bank guarantee, go to our Corporate eServices using the link below. dated earlier than the date of this application), we hereby certify to the best of our knowledge that we have not defaulted in our performance from the effective date till to date. Dear Sir/ Madam. TO: AFFIN BANK BERHAD. - Bid submission in Official Gazette or in other public medium - If guarantee is for abroad: Parts of Tender/Bid documentation that concerns the  RE : APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE-i. Guaranteed fulfilment of contractual obligations without making pre-payment. Currency. 6002 Luzern. Any person or corporate entity with an account held at a mainstream bank can apply to issue a Bank Guarantee. I/We would like to request for Bank Guarantee for Bid Security (EMD) / Performance Guarantee / Mobilization. Bank Guarantee Application, Download  In consideration of your bank's compliance with my/our request for closing the outstanding balance of the above - mentioned bank guarantee , I/We do hereby agree to indemnify and hold your bank harmless from closing the above mentioned bank guarantee. Guarantee to be issued on Behalf of: Issuance through a Third Bank. By signing below, I/we accept the Terms and Conditions applicable to this product and also agree to indemnify you as detailed overleaf. Currency and  (indicate the name and address and other particulars of the Bank) (hereinafter referred to as 'the bank') at the request of the OSP hereby irrevocably and unconditionally guarantee to the Authority that the licensee shall abide by all the terms and condition of the Registration Letter including not using leased lines for making  We request Nykredit Bank to issue a guarantee with the following terms and conditions: 4) Guarantee to be issued via: Letter S. Usually the beneficiary does not need to prove the violation of the guaranteed obligation to the bank. English. Bhutan Insurance Ltd. pdf 22 Kb - Jul 14 2016 10:37:06 AM · Existing Client Application. Preferred overseas issuing/advising bank and branch details. Principal - the Counter-Indemnity. Guarantee Application. Beneficiary's Bank Address. pdf  The bank guarantee is not returned in the following cases: if the third country national continues to reside in the areas under the effective control of the government or in the areas not under the effective control of the government, after the cancellation of his/her residence permit or the rejection of an application for a  Sign up for a phone consultation here or fill out the application. Financial Guarantee. I/we hereby do request for an issuance of Bank Guarantee for Nu. Faster access to your bank guarantee when you provide 100% cash security. New Application. I/We hereby declare that the transaction the details of which are specifically mentioned in this request letter does not involve, and is not designed for the purpose of any contravention or evasion of the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act or of any rules, regulation, notification, direction or order made  Application for Bank Guarantee/Performance Bond. I/We agree that this application is subject to the terms and conditions stated below in this application, the Counter-Indemnity and/or Blanket Counter-Indemnity and other relevant  Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Please be good enough to issue us a Letter of Guarantee as per the following details. Photograph of. Date of Application: Applicant (Name  Application for a Bank Guarantee or Amendment/Cancellation of a. Application form for Bank Guarantee. (b) Dispatch the guarantee, at our risk and cost, to our Address as mentioned above, by courier or registered  Annex no. Solutions , M/s. Registered in the Commercial Registry kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B: XXXVI, Insert 46. … Bank Guarantee (BG) undertaking by the bank ensuring that your liabilities will be met. 7) Form of guarantee: ☐ Demand guarantee ☐ Conditional  BANK GUARANTEE APPLICATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS. having their registered office at. Please issue on my/ our account and at my/our responsibility, a Letter of Guarantee as detailed below: Full name and address of Applicant. Bank Guarantee. If HSBC does not have a relationship with the bank local to the beneficiary that you have specified, or you have not  (ii) if [it]/[they] fail[s] to procure a replacement [letter or letters of credit]/[bank guarantee or guarantees] in accordance with subparagraph (i) above, pay, or procure the payment of, to the Beneficiaries (for application in accordance with the rules of the Scheme) the Minimum Replacement Amount on the date falling not less  This application and the standby letter of credit or bank guarantee or bond to be issued pursuant to this application (the “Undertaking”, including the same as amended, extended or renewed from time to time) are subject to the governing rules specified in this application. The Chief Executive Officer. All pertinent contracts to be used as support for the Bank Guarantee. Stamp duty. RM53. Format of Guarantee - please select one of  To apply for a guarantee, the Customer shall submit to VTB Bank the following documents: Bank Guarantee Offer/Letter in 3 (Three) copies which can be based on samples referred to in this Section (The Offer/Letter shall be executed on Company letterhead, signed by authorised persons and bearing the Company's seal,  This application and the Guarantee or Bond to be issued are subject to any other agreement(s) previously signed and delivered to OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited, Hong Kong (the "Bank") by the applicant of this application (the "Applicant"). I/We hereby request you to issue on my/our  BG is transmitted to an appointed correspondent bank by authenticated SWIFT (MT760 or. Bank Guarantee Approval Form. Commission. It must be submitted to the beneficiary along with the offer. ) (the “Bank”) issuing a bank guarantee at the request of the applicant including a tender /bid bond, performance bond, advance payment guarantee, retention guarantee, payment bond / guarantee, labour and shipping guarantee or a bank  A bank guarantee is ideal for those in industries such as property development, building, contracting or retailing. issued in favour of GME on (date) by explicitly incorporating the new bank guarantee in the format of Annex. Guarantees as for one's own debt are mainly used in Finnish  Application for Bank Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit. FOR BANK USE ONLY. ______. 19 Oct 2009 NOW, THEREFORE,. Counter Guarantee Application Form, Download. I/We hereby declare that the contents of this Indemnity have been  Terms and Conditions, The client has to submit Guarantee Application Form to the Bank. Security Deposit. Amount of Guarantee. MT799), requesting the bank to advise the beneficiary and/or add its own confirmation; or. + 6% GST. I/We, as the Instructing Party, request the Bank to issue or procure the issuance of the Guarantee in accordance with the above instructions. - Contract for business cooperation or pro-invoice - order - Template for guarantee letter. Bank Guarantee Validity Extension Form, Download. 6) ☐ To be issued by Nykredit Bank's correspondent against Nykredit Bank's counter-guarantee. Please issue guarantee as per. To request a bank guarantee under your Facility, you must complete and sign an 'Indemnity And Application for. Radlická 333/150, 150 57 Praha 5. This application is also subject to any agreement  A Bank Guarantee is an alternative to providing a deposit or bond directly to a supplier or vendor. Date: ______ Branch …………………………. Please select the trade service(s) you require, complete the required information and provide any instructions related to the trade service(s). Please issue a Bank guarantee as per the details given below. (hereinafter called the 'Bidder') wish to respond to the said. Tenor. s. 0% p. You may use your Facility once we tell you that the relevant terms in your Letter of Offer have been met. Bank guarantee issuance fee shall be calculated and charged quarterly in advance, but at  Bank Guarantee Release Request. Attached Format. Date(DD/MM/YY). OF BANK GUARANTEE. Expiry Date. Claim. (In Words. Customers using internet bank for business have possibility to present guarantee application and sign guarantee agreement remotely using e-signature. 6. In case of the first request the bank makes a payment, if Guarantee recipient has submitted the first written request that  Non-Financial Guarantee. Application for issuance of a bank guarantee. /dld/FORMS/Bank Guarantee/. Client (Company and business  APPLICATION FOR BANK GUARANTEE (BG). pdf 31 Kb - Jul 14 2016 10:37:06  We shall pay you immediately upon your written request, regardless of any abjection on the part of the Licensee or any other party, the amount(s) you demand, which will not exceed in aggregate the above mentioned amount, either by wire transfer to your account with any bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or via any  Framework agreement for the issuance of bank guarantees, counter guarantees and standby letters of credit. Non-Financial. To: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Singapore Branch. Financial Guarantee RM53. (This service is only provided to the juristic persons which have credit facility with the bank). --------------------------------        




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